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If you’re like me, you love sunsets. They tell a story. A different tale each day. Capturing Aruba sunset pictures is a way remember magical moments.

I have 5 Aruba sunset pictures that might bring back memories.

All pictures have been taken and submitted by Aruba Travelers on Instagram.

Before you see the pictures…

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Aruba Sunset Pictures

It’s rewarding to stand in the middle of the beach and watch a sunset.

Hearing waves crash in the background.

Feeling a warm peaceful feeling inside.

Sunsets are special, I tell you.

I’ve watched sunsets by Tamarijn near Druif Beach numerous times. The sun sets so beautiful in the horizon. It never gets old.

No words can explain it.

You have to be here to experience it first-hand. 

Horse-Back Riding Into The Sun

Horse-back riding tours are popular near the Malmok beach and Arashi beach area.

I never went on one yet. I feel safer on the ground than on a horse. However, after seeing this picture. I think I might have to finally get the courage to ride a horse.

Purple is Beautiful

This sunset reminds me of Purple Rain by Prince.

This purple sky sunset is a great way to end a day on the beach.

Dreamy Sunsets

A weekend at the beach is what every one needs.

Hanging in hammock underneath a palm tree.

Can you imagine yourself here, right now?

Aruba’s Palm Tree City

Each day the remaining sunlight is different. Giving all sunsets an unique tint.

This is what you will be staring at in the evening on Aruba.

Take some Aruba sunset pictures if you have a camera.

Taking sunset pictures like these 5 ones isn’t easy.

So, if you want some guidelines read how to take good sunset pictures in Aruba.

Or click here to watch more pictures of Aruba here.

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I’ve received beautiful pictures of Aruba from vacationers using Instagram.

I selected the best ones for your viewing pleasure and vacation ideas!

Let’s start with the first one.

Scroll down to see what you’re missing out on…

Beautiful Pictures of Aruba

It’s best to leave the hotel early to explore what Aruba has to offer.

But, before you hit the streets, fix yourself a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast with a beach view is priceless!

Aruba Beach Pictures

After you eat, you’re ready to explore Aruba.

Start your journey from the north-side of the island.

Turn on your camera and snap a few Aruba beach pictures.

Write Aruba in the soft sand.

While the crashing waves slowly erase your drawing.

Then walk alongside the shores of Boca Catalina and the sharp terrain of Tres Trapi.

Until you reach Malmok Beach area and see the I love Aruba sign.

Further up, close to Ritz Hotel, the beach is dotted with surf shacks.

If you’re interested, you can always book some lessons and catch some waves.

If your seeking relaxation and peace, book a yoga class near Palm Beach area.

However, it might not be what you expect, because it has a twist to it.

It’s yoga, standing up on a paddle board.

This is one of the new activities on the clear blue waters of Aruba.

If you want to take the road less traveled, visit Renaissance island.

It’s a private island near the coast of Sonesta Reef.

Maybe you’ve heard of it already, because it’s popular.

But what’s causing all the hype on this private island?

It’s because of the cutest flamingos you’ll ever see!

Take pictures of the flamingos to add to your gallery of beautiful pictures of Aruba.

Besides beautiful pink birds, Aruba has an amazing underwater life.

So, when you get a chance, go snorkeling and swim with yellow grunts.

At the end of the day, Aruba is one happy island, so have fun when you get here.

Have a drink, jump in the pool and stay cool!

This concludes the collection for Instagram pictures of Aruba July 2016 edition.

If these Aruba pictures don’t make you want to visit the island as soon as possible, you should keep looking for more on my Instagram page until one does. 😀

Check out the Instagram March 2016 edition for more beautiful pictures of Aruba 

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Our followers on Instagram tagged us in a bunch of pictures during the month of March 2016. They have shared some beautiful Aruba Instagram pictures with us that we just had to re-post on our account. The month of March came to an end, so we had to make a blog post to round up all the beautiful Instagram pictures we have been tagged in by our followers.

Here are the Aruba Instagram pictures that we liked most and hopefully you will like them also.

Beautiful Aruba Instagram Pictures

picture by @christinejj29

Do you think you can build this sand castle? When on vacation in Aruba build with your kids. They will remember this forever. If this sand castle seems hard to replicate, be creative and try to make your own version. You never know what you and your kids might come up with on the beach.

picture by @anna.m.granberg

Ever wondered what paradise looks like? Well the image above is self explanatory. After you’ve built a sand castle with your kids find some shade under a palapa or palm tree at your resort. If you’re staying at the Divi-Divi all inclusive resort you may enjoy the stunning views from their rooms.

What do you do with the kids while you’re relaxing under a palapa? Leave your kids swim near the sea shore. You can keep an eye on your kids, because the shore is close to the palm trees and palapas at the Divi-Divi resort.

picture by @dbolognese

Enjoying the shade while your kids are playing in the sea? Call them in for a delicious bowl of fresh fruits. A healthy snack is just what they need to stay fresh for the rest of the day.

picture by @tracy_gibb

A day at the beach sounds like fun, but how about strolling in the downtown area with the family? Take the free electric tram that leaves at the cruise port to explore the beautiful colored buildings and their architecture. Walk downtown, explore some shops, buy some cool gifts for the kids and souvenirs to take back home.

picture by @kayjdkay

What better way to explore the island with a jeep tour? Book a jeep tour and surprise your family for a fun time around the out-back and rugged part of the island. There is plenty of options to choose from. You can have a tour guide drive you around, Or you can drive a jeep while the tour guide drives ahead of the fleet of other jeeps or rent your own jeep to discover the island on your own.

Don’t forget to snap some pictures with your phone so you can tag us by using #vacationsbyaruba for some beautiful Aruba Instagram pictures.

picture by @cait1787

Whether you choose a jeep tour or to discover the island on your own, make sure to pass by the baby natural bridge. This natural bridge was formed after the original one collapsed a couple of years ago. There is a shop near the baby natural bridge where you can buy some refreshments, souvenirs, ice cream to cool down. They even have bathrooms you can use for less than 1 dollar.

picture by @flightventures

Why not have a couple of drinks at a beach bar near your resort after you explore the island with your family,? Relax, enjoy the Caribbean breeze and reminisce about all the awesome sights you have seen during the day. Of-course your bartender can make some colored look a like drinks without alcohol for your little ones.

picture by @kirstenmichele 

After you enjoy a couple of cocktails at the beach bar, stroll along the beach to enjoy a perfect beautiful sunset. The sun sets in Aruba around 6:30 – 6:45 PM. Have the kids go with you as they run and splash near the sea shore. Bring your camera or phone with you to take pictures of your sunset, because you will never experience an exact one like it ever again. If you’re not sure how to take sunset pictures we’ve gathered up some tips for you to make good sunset pictures. Try them out and upload them to your feed for some cool Aruba Instagram pictures.

picture by @arukamba

How do you like this gorgeous picture of the Divi Phoenix at night? It’s perfect! While your kids are in the hotel room watching TV or playing bard games, take a walk outside alone to admire the beauty of your resort at night. Many resorts have spectacular lighting that are very eye-catching when viewed from a distance.

picture by @tpfmariah9999

Are you and your family morning people? If so, hop in the rental car and drive to the coast of the island to enjoy a spectacular sunrise at the alto vista chapel. While you’re there enter the chapel to say thanks for being able to take a beautiful vacation. Before you leave pass by the peace labyrinth in the back of the chapel for some peaceful contemplation and to admire Aruba’s beautiful coast.

How did you like these 10 beautiful Aruba Instagram pictures? Hopefully they inspired you with a bunch of things to do with your family during your vacation in Aruba.

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Do you love to see pictures of Aruba? Of course you do, who doesn’t!? We have 5 awesome pictures of Aruba from travelers who shared there “holidays to Aruba Instagram” pictures with us that we have re-posted on our own Instagram page.

Holiday to Aruba Instagram picture #1

This picture is all about having fun in the sun.

Do you enjoy this amazing shot by @natovd as much as we do?

Holiday To Aruba Instagram Picture #2

Aruba has the top beaches in the Caribbean.

And they attract the most beautiful women. Picture by @fwt

Holidays To Aruba Instagram Post #3

When you visit Aruba you never want to go back home – I promise you!

Especially if you’re with your loved one like @kelseabxoxo.

Vacation To Aruba Holiday Instagram Picture 4

The joyful @enjayelle travels around the world and did this amazing yoga pose in Aruba.

Holidays to Aruba are the days you’re going to remember the most.

Visit Aruba and celebrate life on this magical island.

Holiday To Aruba Instagram Picture #5

Everyday of the week feels like the weekend on Aruba especially with a few cold beers and the whole beach to yourself.

Ask @mrwhipruns he knows how to have fun on the beach.

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