Aruba’s beaches rank among the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Soak up the sun, play in the sand or swim in the ocean.

Don’t know which snorkel gear you should buy for Aruba, or where to buy them from? 

There’s plenty of different snorkeling equipment, but getting quality snorkel gear is important and it should fit good. Renting snorkel gear can be expensive, and may not fit properly. Buying snorkeling gear is a great investment for future snorkeling trips on vacations. 

Buy Snorkel Gear Aruba

In this post I will show you some snorkeling equipment you’re going to need if you plan to go snorkeling in Aruba.

Full Face Snorkeling Masks

Full face snorkeling masks combine the snorkel and mask into one.

These masks allow you to breathe through your nose or mouth, while you’re in the water.

Full face snorkeling masks are easy to wear – just snap the snorkel in place over your head and pull the adjustable straps in the back to for a good fit.

If you wear these masks correctly you will hardly experience fogging up.

Full face masks have a simple and effective water-clearing mechanism of purging water out, if any does manage to come in. You can purge water out of the masks without covering your hands using the snorkel, or the need to lift your head over water.

They can be even used for kids as well as by adults.

Full Face Snorkeling Masks With Camera Mount

Do you love to take underwater pictures or videos?

Consider buying a full face snorkeling masks with an action camera mount to lock your GoPro on it (also works with other brand name cameras).

These masks are designed for traveling convenience, because the snorkel on the top can fold and easily to fit in your suitcase.

Snorkeling with an underwater camera is fun, because you can always watch back your recordings.

Prescription Snorkels Masks

As you get older, your eyes don’t stay the same. But your eyesight shouldn’t be the reason you can’t enjoy the underwater beauty of Aruba.

There’s a solution for you – prescription snorkel masks, it can truly revolutionize the way you see when snorkeling and they don’t cost a fortune!

You can correct the lens strength of each sides of the masks to your needs, before ordering.

Snorkeling Gear Sets

Snorkeling sets are great if you’re just starting out, or just looking for a great deal on snorkel gear.

They usually include a carrying bag containing all the necessary equipment to snorkel.

There are different type of snorkeling sets you can pick from, it all depends on the size and brand name – a good fitting snorkel is important!

Snorkeling Fins

If you don’t pack fins because of the luggage space, you will love the these compact fins that solve the “luggage space problem”.

I’ve walked in longer fins before and it’s not easy, but these short fins seem easy to walk in.

They are compact and made for travelling, pack’em easily in your luggage.

Mask Defogger

Most people use shampoo, dish washing liquid or even spit, which works only for some people 🙂 But I recommend the “Quick Spit Anti fog” if you want to invest in a professional mask defogger.

There’s different types of mask defoggers if you like another brand, but “quick spit is very popular”

Float Vest

Snorkeling sites in Aruba are known to be very easy to swim in, not too much waves or strong currents.

But it’s a great idea to wear a float vest if you just want that extra level of safety in the water (even for kids).

If you plan to head out in deeper waters, it’s always good to make sure you’re able to come up to adjust your snorkel, or rest without having to find a place to stand or tread water.

Buyers Tip – purchase a vest that has a bright color so you are visible from anywhere.

Would you put your mouth on a vest to blow it up when there have been so many people using the vest on previous excursions? I’d choose to bring my own!

Wet Suit

If you’re worried about sunburn, you can get good quality sunscreen that doesn’t harm the ocean life, or just wear a lightweight wet suit.

This is not required for snorkeling, but if you prefer to be protected from the neck to ankles from brushing up against anything in the water, wetsuits are great!

Neoprene Socks

Neoprene socks are a great way to prevent blisters if you plan to wear fins, or just a form of protection for your feet against when walking on rocks before going into the water. 

There’s different neoprene socks by different brand names.

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Living in Aruba is great!

It gives me the unique opportunity to explore the island at my own pace, when I want, and my journeys always lead me to find new places most tourists (and locals) don’t know much about.  

This time I made it to the other side of the island, to Boca Grandi Beach.

It’s not a new place for me, also not to those who have traveled to Aruba for years. However, this time I discovered new things to do here that made me fall in love all over again with this beach.

Let me tell you..

It’s not like any other of the beaches in Aruba, or in the world even.

Boca Grandi is known for one of the best kitesurfing spots on the island.

This beach is different.

It’s off the radar for most tourist and locals.

There’s no palm trees, but grape trees (edible, grows seasonally).

White sand, miles of it, and dunes covered in green flora and all of this beauty surrounded by clear blue waters.

boca grandi beach in aruba

Beautiful sand dunes at boca Grandi beach…

It’s not easy to reach Boca Grandi, but if you dare to make the journey, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful scenic views and a private beach to call your own for the day.

In this article I explain how to get Boca Grandi, the top things to do here besides kite surfing just in case you decide to explore Aruba and find this “undiscovered beach”.

And some other helpful tips to make your experience here one to remember.

Where is Boca Grandi Beach?

It’s far from the hotel area, but not hard to find.

The bus doesn’t pass here. Taxis can drop you here,  but this is an expensive ride, compared to renting your own car or jeep in Aruba.

If you decide to rent a car, drive from the hotel area back to the airport and keep driving on the highway to the south side of the island. Stay on this highway following this direction through Pos Chiquito, Savaneta, San Nicolas until you reach Sero Colorado (it’s the same drive to baby beach).  

You will drive on the giant bridge in the background on your way to boca Grandi…

When you approach the entrance of Sero Colorado, you’re going to see a giant red anker.

The road to the left of the anchor leads to Boca Grandi beach, and the road to the right leads to baby beach.

The drive from hotel area to boca grandi can be 30 – 45 minute depending on traffic.

Before Boca Grandi Stop & Learn About The Red Anchor

Before you reach Boca Grandi Beach you’re going to notice a giant red anchor.

It’s not just any anchor.

This anchor laid on the bottom of the ocean near the coastal waters of Boca Grandi for decades, until it was accidentally discovered by members of a tugboat crew who worked for the nearby refinery on the island in 1970’s.

This anchor not only marks, the entrance to Boca Grandi Beach, but this anchor is also an important part of history for the island.

It’s dedicated to all seamen who worked in the refinery after it closed for good in 1985.

The anchor is approximately 10 feet 6 inches wide and 15 feet 6 inches tall and manufactured in Germany in the 1960’s.

This picture will be iconic.


When you see this anchor, you know you’re close to boca Grandi, stop and get closer to this anchor, it has history….

The anchor continues to be “a must see” and one the most photographed landmarks on the island, by both locals and visitors alike.

Follow the road to the left of the anchor to drive to Boca Grandi Beach (the road to the right of the anchor leads to Baby Beach).

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Spend The Day At The Beach How You Really Want!

Boca Grandi beach is not the traditional tourist beach, it’s mostly isolated with no amenities.

The stretch of beach here is over 1 kilometers of soft sand that turns slightly pink everytime the waves touches the shores.

Imagine what you can do on this beach that is generally undiscovered…

  • Relax, unbothered, like there’s no tomorrow
  • Sun bath and get tan
  • Have a picnic or lunch here
  • Long beach walks, and find great clean areas to swim
  • Hike
  • Read a book, undisturbed
  • What’s your favorite thing to do on the beach? You can do it here!

Boca Grandi is windy, the currents are known to be strong here, swimming is not advised in the deep blue, but staying on the shores is advisable and safe.

If you want shade from the sun, sit under one of the man made shacks.


There’s a few of these shacks on the beach…


Shade from the Caribbean sun…

There’s no supermarkets near Boca Grandi (only a small kitesurfing school with a small beach bar).

If you plan to spend a day, or at least a few hours at this beach, come fully prepared with food, water and drinks.

Before you go to the beach in Aruba, make sure you have checked off your list of must have items when on the beach.

Walk The Beach and Find Your Next Souvenir

Walk on miles of sand and discover the beach!

There’s no telling what you’ll find on your walks. You might see a gang of goats or if you get lucky our local donkeys roaming near the dunes or walking from a distance.

Or just walk around the dunes and see the island from a different perspective.

This is how beautiful is looks here at boga grandi…


Can you imagine yourself standing between beautiful dunes…


Boca Grandi beach is different, it’s unique, it’s beautiful…

If you have a great eye for “what can be” you can walk into cool driftwood, and organic materials that washed up on the shore that you can use for souvenirs.

You never know what you’ll find.

It’s always curious to find out what the ocean brings to shore….

This is what I found on one of my walks…


Walk the miles of white beach and find something awesome…

Learn How To Kitesurf (or Just Watch For Fun)

Boca Grandi Beach has on-shore winds, strong currents and plenty of small waves.

There’s a kitesurf shack on the beach, and they offer lessons. If you’re interested in a lesson or rentals don’t hesitate to ask around.

Just incase kitesurfing is not your thing, watching from the sidelines is also interesting, as surfers fly across the ocean.

Isn’t this view a beautiful one?


Learn the art of kite surfing in Aruba from the best instructors…

Remember This Before You Visit Boca Grandi Beach

Boca Grandi Beach is surrounded by white sand dunes, and flora, so it’s important to conserve this piece of nature.

Remember this before you visit boca grandi (or any beach on the island)…

  • Do not drive on the sand or dunes (explore them by foot)
  • Keep the beach clean (no plastic, glass or cigarette on the beach)
  • Park the car before the beach sand starts and walk over the dunes to the beach.

Help keep our beaches sparkling like a gem.

Don’t drive on the sand or dunes.

Keep our beaches clean!


Please do not drive on the beach or dunes…it’s illegal!


Aruba is more beautiful when it’s clean…

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There’s a new beach to explore in Oranjestad. It’s a beautiful bay called “bushiri beach Aruba”, a wide space that was created after an abandoned hotel was dismantled.

Keep on reading to find out more about the history of this old hotel, and the before and after of bushiri beach in Aruba.

History of Bushiri Beach Aruba Resort

Bushiri Beach Resort opened its doors over 36 years ago, and was the first and only all inclusive resort in Aruba.

It was a beautiful beachfront resort featuring 155 rooms, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, fitness center, two bars and a popular restaurant at that time called Tabasco!

This is how bushiri beach resort looked in its glory days…


The first all inclusive resort in Aruba.

Bushiri Beach Resort was also a hotel trade school that offered many students in-house, on the job training, for the hospitality industry and culinary arts.

It was one of the most vibrant resorts on the island back then, unfortunately, the resort closed its doors.

Since then it stood there, for years, falling apart day by day…


The old resort, fully deteriorated.

Bring Down The Building

Bushiri Beach Resort stood there for over a decade and became an abandoned building. It wasn’t a nice site to see when driving on Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard.

There were plenty of plans to invest money to renovate, and create a new hotel, malls and other commercial buildings. But none of these projects were realized.

The island government approved the dismantlement of Bushiri Beach Resort in 2016.

As of 2017 demolition works started, and a nice stretch of beach was being slowly revealed…


The dismantlement of Bushiri Resort was a historical moment.

It took several months to completely bring down the resort.

Some of the materials from the deteriorated building were salvaged and will be recycled and re-purposed.

Explore The New Bushiri Beach

The clean up was well worth it, because there’s a new view to enjoy, pure blue ocean and miles of white sand.

Direct access was created to this bay since the hotel was removed.

It’s a wide open space, perfect to watch the sunset at the end of the day, or get a glimpse of cruise ships making their way to the port in the morning.  

Local fishermen are also known to fish on this beach.

Here’s a view of bushiri beach…

bushiri beach Aruba

This is just beautiful, don’t you agree?

Bushiri beach looks beautiful, but what will it become in the future?

The intention was to create a beach for cruise passengers, but it’s not suitable for swimming yet.

Until the beach gets developed for swimming, it remains a beautiful site to admire when taking longs walks on the beach near Oranjestad.

Other Beaches Close To Oranjestad

There’s plenty of beaches to swim or snorkel close to the cruise port in Oranjestad.

About ½ mile from the cruise port lies a beautiful strip of beach called Surfside.

It’s a quiet beach, perfect if you’re seeking relaxation or fun things to do.

Read more – Fun Things To Do At Surfside Beach.

You can also walk, or take public transportation towards druif beach, manchebo beach, eagle beach or palm beach.

Here’s a view of eagle beach…

Miles of beach sands…

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When I go to the beach, I make sure to pack all the “items to bring to the beach” in my car and just drive to one of the many hidden gem oceans on the island.

It sounds so simple, but that’s because I live in Aruba….

But for you it’s different, before you come to Aruba, looking to enjoy some serious beach time, you’d like to know which “items to bring to the beach” you need to pack in your luggage!

I already own some of these items, and that’s why I recommend them. However, some of them are still on my to buy list!

Top 15 Items to Bring to the Beach in Aruba

Besides a bathing suit (or beach shorts), a book to read and alcoholic drinks – a lot of people don’t know which items to bring to the beach.

If you don’t know what to pack for Aruba, scan this list to find out what you’re missing for your upcoming beach getaway.

1 – Drink Water

First of all it’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you’re going to spend the day at the beach.

Don’t bother packing bottled water in your luggage, and don’t worry about buying water at the local supermarket.

Just skip the plastic bottle, because they can be dangerous to Aruba’s environment if they blow away  -so just Buy and fill your own durable bottle with the high quality tap water Aruba has.

The water in Aruba is very safe to drink.

Durable water bottle

2 – Don’t Forget Sunscreen

When you’re going to the beach, you have to make sure you’re protected against the sun. Because you don’t want to end up with a sunburn during your vacation.

I experienced sunburn once, and never again would I like to feel it, so remember to buy and pack your sunscreen.

things to bring to the beach

Ocean Potion Sunscreen

3 – Wear a Wide Brim Hat

If sunscreen isn’t enough for you, pack a wide brim beach hat in your luggage for extra protection against the sun.

You’re going to be looking fancy on the beach.

There’s different types of wide brim hats, here’s a wide brim hat with good reviews on Amazon for women.

things to bring to the beach

Hello Sunshine Beach Hat.

I can’t forget about the guys, so here’s a few top seller beach hats on Amazon for men.


things to bring to the beach

Beach hat for men.

4 – Beach Towel Clips

The trade winds in Aruba can be very hard, and could potentially blow things away.

Keep your towel from blowing away when you’re relaxing in your lounge chair with inexpensive beach towel clips.

things to bring to the beach

Beach towel clips.

5 – Umbrella Hooks

If you’re planning on renting an umbrella in Aruba, you can use these simple but effective umbrella hooks, to keep your personal belongings from off the ground (like keys, camera or towel).

things to bring to the beach

Umbrella hooks.

6 – Beach Sand Coasters

Do you like when beach sand sticks to your cup?

I think no one does….

It’s annoying and makes me want to replace my drink into another cup.

Keep the beach sand away from your cup with these colorful beach drink holders.

things to bring to the beach

Colorful beach cup holders.

7 – Soft Sided Folding Cooler

When at the beach, you need a cooler that is going to keep your drinks cold. Check out this economic collapsible cooler on Amazon, that folds and fits easily at the bottom of any suitcase.


things to bring to the beach

folding cooler available on Amazon.

8 – Water Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Why not bring a portable speaker to the beach in Aruba?

Music makes for good vibes in paradise.

Download some Aruban songs by our local artists and play them at the beach. 

Take a look at one of the best reviewed and inexpensive Bluetooth speaker on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Portable water proof speaker.

9 – Waterproof Portable Charger

While most people go to the beach to disconnect from everything, others just can’t help but to stay connected to the internet.

They can’t go without posting the most recent beach picture on social media – and checking the amount of likes during the day.

A low battery is definitely a no-no if you can’t go without your phone.

Portable chargers are indispensable nowadays for most people – that’s why it’s on the lists of items to bring to the beach in Aruba.

If you’re looking for a portable charger, check out this top reviewed water proof portable charger on Amazon.

It chargers all devices (Samsung, iPhone, iPad and all tablets).

things to bring to the beach

Water proof portable charger.

10 – Underwater Camera

If you like to make underwater pictures, you’re going to need a waterproof camera.

You may be used to buying a throw away camera to save money, but if you’re going to buy one each year you go on vacation it will cost you more in the end.

But you don’t need to buy an expensive underwater camera to get great quality footage, because there’s a lot of other decent priced underwater cameras available online that do the same job as the high end camera models like the Go Pro’s.

Here’s a moderately priced underwater camera that’s on the #1 spot for new releases on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

AKASO underwater camera.

11 – Water Proof Phone Case

If you rather use your phone instead of investing in a underwater camera, you can buy a waterproof phone case.

things to bring to the beach

Waterproof phone case.

12 – Snorkeling Equipment

Why rent snorkeling equipment that has been used by everyone at the hotel, when you can buy your own for less than they will charge you to rent one?

If you’re considering bringing your own snorkel gear, check out these inexpensive pro dive snorkeling equipment set on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Snorkeling equipment set.

13 – Stylish Round Beach Towels

Round towels are the new fashion accessories for the beach.

These beach towels are better known as “roundies”. They can be used to relax on, for yoga, for kids, or just to show off the colorful patterns at the beach.

Check out some of these colorful round beach towels on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Round beach towel.

14 – Over sized Beach Floats

You’ve seen your favorite celebrities post pictures of these over sized floats on social media.

I’ve seen a lot of them on Aruba, from donuts, to pink flamingo’s, and watermelons shaped floats.

Nowadays these over sized floats have become one of the must have items to bring to the beach. The great thing about them is, they fit nicely in your luggage.

Amazon has great prices for these over sized floats. 


things to bring to the beach

Over sized donuts beach float.

15 – Portable Combination Lock Safe

When you’re at the beach, you should leave all of your personal belongings (cash, jewelry, phone) at the hotel or hidden in your rental car.

Click here to see my car rental rates.

But if you have to bring your personal belongings with you at the beach, it’s best that you put them in a portable safe. Not just any safe, but one that you can hang on your palapa or lounge chair.

Which makes it very difficult for someone to take your personal belongings, because it’s locked against your lounge chair or palapa!

These portable combination lock safes are also available on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Portable beach safe.

More Items To Bring To The Beach

What are the “items to bring to the beach” that you would add to this list?

Write me a comment and let us all know what you think….

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One of the best things about living in Aruba is that I can go snorkeling when I feel like it. I just grab my snorkeling gear and head out to one of my favorite snorkeling spots in Aruba…

During all my years of underwater exploring I’ve found some really beautiful places to snorkel in Aruba.

Some beaches are known for snorkeling between locals and tourist. And other beaches are hidden gems among snorkeling spots in Aruba.

I want to show you 6 (of many other) snorkeling spots in this blog post…

6 Snorkeling Spots in Aruba You Should Visit

How the idea of writing about beaches that are good snorkeling spots in Aruba came about…

I was contacted by the digital content specialist from Aruba Tourism Authority (who is now a good friend of mine) and we came up with the idea to write about some of the most beautiful beaches that are good snorkeling spots in Aruba.

Aruba is small, but the amounts places to snorkel doesn’t disappoint…

The island has more than 6 beaches, so of course the list is incomplete (until I create the ultimate guide for the best snorkeling spots in Aruba).

So to make things easy for you, I chose to snorkel at 6 of the closest beaches to the hotel area (so you can easily find them). The beach in the number 6 spot is the only one that is far from the hotel area, but worth the trip!

My journey started early in the morning as I made my way near the hotel area. You should always come prepared when snorkeling, so I made a quick stop at a Chinese store where I bought bottled waters, snacks to munch on, ice to put in the cooler and a few cold beers for later in the afternoon…

After a short drive I reached my first stop – the beach (Arashi) near the California lighthouse.

Before 3 o’clock in the afternoon I was snorkeling by the last beach on this list.

snorkeling spots in Aruba

Holding a beautiful sea star

I wrote about this snorkeling trip that was featured on Aruba Tourism Authority’s blog (and made and awesome short shore snorkeling video.

Click here to check out the 6 beaches good for snorkeling in Aruba.

Fish Identification Guide

If you like to spot fishes during snorkeling check out my “Fish Identification Guide”.

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Eagle Beach Aruba – Top Caribbean Beach

Eagle Beach is the closest you will get to paradise on your Aruba vacation.
The turquoise waters, trade winds and beautiful palm tree’s makes Eagle Beach the perfect spot to spend a day at the beach.
Did you know that Eagle Beach is voted top 10 beach in the Caribbean?
It has been stated several times in different magazines that Eagle Beach has one of the widest beaches in the Caribbean and it has gained the popularity for its sugar fine like white sands.
If you’re looking for a peaceful day at Eagle Beach you have a wide variety of choices to make.

Find a tree on the far end of the beach and bring your towels and ice box to enjoy a cold beer.

Eagle Beach has two of the most photographed Fofoti trees in Aruba.

These trees have been featured in many magazines and advertisements.

There are plenty of facilities on Eagle Beach.

You have a variety of water-sports available like the banana boat, Big Mable, jet ski or parasailing just to name a few water activities.

There are also snack trucks and locals who sell ice cream on if you want to cool yourself down from the Aruba sun.

Welcome To Malmok Beach Aruba

A few minutes away from the high rise hotels is a beach with powder soft white sand that’s perfect for swimming or snorkeling. This beach is better known as Malmok beach Aruba.

Malmok is narrow sandy stretch beach with limestone and rocky terrace.

The shallow water makes for clear visibility and is a popular Caribbean spot for snorkeling.

Catamarans and sailboats stop for a daytime snorkeling just off the shoreline.

Where Is Malmok Beach?

Malmok Beach is a little crowded with tourist and locals doing outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, horse back riding and daily workouts. .

But not a lot of people decide to go to this beach so you will practically have it to yourself.

However, there are not a lot of beach huts available here.

Things To Do At Malmok Beach

It’s a nice beach for relaxing and watching catamaran tour boats come and go.

There is amazing sea life to be explored at Malmok Beach including brightly colored fish, corals and others star fishes.

Bring your own beach chairs.

Because they don’t rent any chairs at Malmok Beach. There aren’t a lot of beach huts available so be there early to get some shade.

This is the beach you should visit if you like to relax or if you are a first time snorkeler.