We all know Aruba has warm weather, one thing you can’t forget about when traveling to the island is sunscreen. But what are the best sunscreens for Aruba you should look for?

In this article I’ll suggest the best sunscreens for Aruba after the recent ban of sunscreens containing harmful chemicals.

The Best Sunscreen in Aruba

Besides broad spectrum protection, high sun protection factor (SPF) and water resistance, you should look at other important factors when considering a sunscreen.

The best sunscreen for Aruba should be all of the above, including reef safe (no harmful chemicals), and safe for your own skin. 

Sunscreen Ban in Aruba

The government in Aruba announced the transition for a ban on sunscreens containing harmful ingredients as of January 1, 2019 and in full effect in 2020.

The harmful chemical that is banned is called Oxybenzone.

Oxybenzone is used in many traditional sunscreens as the main ingredient to block the suns dangerous rays from your skin.

However, oxybenzone is not the best choice when it comes to protection. Because it’s harmful to the corals and marine life. And it’s not healthy for your body.

Aruba Reef Safe Sunscreen

Consider buying reef safe sunscreens for Aruba.

Avoid sunscreens that include Oxybenzone, or other harmful chemicals. Instead look for sunscreens that use Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as the active ingredient to block sun rays.

If you’re looking for the best sunscreen for Aruba, you should pick one that doesn’t include the ingredient Oxybenzone.  

Local Sunscreens in Aruba

Most sunscreens suggested in this article are available for sale on Amazon.

However, if you want to buy local sunscreens on the island and support local business in Aruba, here’s a few suggestions.

I Love Aruba Sunscreen

There’s I Love Aruba shops on the island that sell souvenirs from Aruba, including sunscreens.

Not only do they sell sunscreens, I love Aruba also has  with this logo on it has now started a line of sunscreen products, including aloe and after sun skin cream.

They are for sale at local supermarkets and gift shops near the hotel area.

Different i love Aruba sunscreens.

Aruba Aloe Sunscreen

Aruba Aloe sunscreen is formulated pure Aloe grown on the island and different vitamins. They also have after sun lotions you can use to stay hydrated for prolonged sun exposure.

Aruba Aloe has a production facility on the island with a store next to it. All aloe sunscreens are available for sale at local supermarkets or gift shops in the hotel area.

Let’s start with the brand name sunscreens you can find at your local store or online at Amazon that are reef safe. No oxybenzone, which is banned in Aruba. And you can safely use it without harming the ocean. marine life and your own skin. 

  1. Sunscreen For Active Travelers

Think sport sunscreen is perfect for active travelers who plan to spend a lot of time in the sun doing activities at the beach.

It does not contain harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, paraben, avobenzone or any other dangerous UV chemical absorbers.

Think sport is water resistant for 80 minutes, reef friendly and biodegradable. It has a SPF 50+ and it provides broad spectrum coverage.

Think sport is available for sale on Amazon.

  1. Sunscreen That Smells Delicious

Hint Sunscreen has a subtle fruit scent for those who love their sunscreen with a fragrance.

Scents are available in: pineapple, grapefruit or pear.

No paraben or oxybenzone are included in Hint Sunscreen.

It’s a spray on sunscreen that works with a compressed-air system with no propellant chemicals, this provides a natural feeling when applied to your skin. It dries fast and no greasy residue.

Hint Sunscreen has broad spectrum protection and SPF 30. It’s also water resistant.

I found Hint Sunscreen for sale online at Amazon.

  1. Sunscreen For Water Sport Enthusiast Lotion

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is perfect for travelers who plan to do water sports activities while on vacation in Aruba.

It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

This sunscreen is reef friendly and is free of oxybenzone, octinoxate or paraben. It’s has aloe to help protect and moisturize your skin.

It also has a handy clip to make it easier to carry around no matter where you go.

Rocky Mountain sunscreen is available for sale on Amazon.

  1. Sunscreen To Protect Kids

Banana Boat is among one of the best known brands when it comes to sunscreen.

It’s reef safe, water resistant and made without oxybenzone or octinoxate.

The spray on sunscreen applies quick and easy. It stays on your skin in 7 different conditions including: sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and even 100-degree heat.

It has an SPF 50+ and broad spectrum protection.

Banana Boat Simply protect kids is available sale online at Amazon.

  1. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Coral Isle is a sunscreen that is reef friendly.

It’s free of oxybenzone, octinoxate, paraben fragrance and gluten.

The active ingredients to block the suns rays are: Avobenzone and Octocrylene. It’s not made with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, like other mineral sunscreens.

Coral Isle is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and has an SPF 50. It’s dermatologist-tested and fortified with aloe to help protect and moisturize skin.

You can find Coral Isle sunscreen for sale online at Amazon.

  1. Unscented Sunscreen

Badger sunscreen uses zinc oxide, a safe mineral as active ingredient to block sun rays.

It’s free of oxybenzone, octinoxate and other chemical active sun screening agents.

The sunscreen has an SPF 15, broad spectrum protection, water resistant for 40 minutes and biodegradable.

Badger sunscreen is also unscented.

You can buy Badger Sunscreen online at Amazon.

  1. Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin –  

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen contains no chemical ingredients or fragrances that irritate your skin. This makes it ideal for travelers with sensitive skin.

It has an SPF 30+, broad spectrum protection and water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

Besides skin sensitive, it’s also reef safe – there’s no oxybenzone or octinoxate.

Zinc oxide is the mineral that provides protection against the sun.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen is available on Amazon.

How Much Sunscreen Should You use?

Sunscreen should be used as directed by the product manufacturer.

The general rule of thumb is to apply 15 minutes before you go in the sun. And you should re-apply sunscreen every 60-80 minutes, or each time you come out of the water. 

Other Ways To Protect Against The Sun

UV swim rash guards are one of the best alternatives against sunburns in the water.

Price For Brand Name Sunblocks in Aruba

If you decide not to pack sunblock what can you expect to pay for sun block in Aruba?

Prices will be $15 or more for average sized sunscreens.

Keep in mind that items purchased in a resort store have a higher price tag.

Final Thoughts

The sun in Aruba is strong. Even if it’s cloudy or you’re under a palapa, if you don’t wear sunblock you can get slightly sunburned, depending on how sensitive your skin is. 

Avoid any sunscreens with oxybenzone, look for reef safe alternatives.

The best sunscreens use Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as the main ingredients to block harmful sun rays from your skin.

Did you know it’s now possible to get handmade local arts and crafts close to the cruise port?

This article gives you a little taste of the unique things you can do at this new art gallery kiosk in Aruba.

New Art Gallery in Aruba

The new art gallery is owned by Cosecha and it’s located inside a kiosk on the welcome plaza, right in front of the cruise port in Oranjestad (open 7 days a week 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM). 

Cosecha is an organization that represents local artisans by displaying their arts and crafts in their art galleries in Aruba.

This new kiosk functions both as an art gallery and an information center for other art galleries in Oranjestad & San Nicolas.

Local certified arts & crafts near the cruise port.

The kiosk is located at the welcome plaza, in front of the cruise port.

Purely Aruban Artwork

You feel the genuine Aruban identity transmitted by the local arts & crafts as soon as you step inside the kiosk.

Cosecha represents almost 70 local artisans in different aspects of art including mosaic, photography, hand painting, jewelry, handmade bags, driftwood, plastic and so much more different type of arts and crafts.

All the arts and crafts sold by Cosecha are genuine and authentic that are certified by a national seal of craftsmanship called “Seya National”.


The seal of craftsmanship received with every purchase

The arts are unique and one of a kind. And the artwork is switched up in  the gallery once in a while to display different artisans.

Local Art in Aruba

Aruba’s artwork dates back to rock art and body painting performed by the native Indians inhabitants back then, way before tourism became a trend.

Today the tradition is carried on by native artisans that use raw ingredients found around the island to create unique crafts and colorful paintings.

Aruba is multicultural.

Different origins live on the island

Artisans with heritage from different countries around the world have taken their traditions and adapted these influences to reflect the “Aruba way of life”.

According to many artisans, Aruba is an island with magical places that inspires them to creatively to represent Aruba’s heritage in unique ways.

There’s a diverse range of undiscovered artwork and artists on the island.

Take a look at the following pictures that illustrate the local artistry…

Recycled bottles turned into artsy creations.

Scenic painting of the Alto Vista Chapel, a must visit spot!

A creative representation of traditional Aruban homes.

The traditional houses are also available as scale models made out of clay.

Sea bird on the beach, enjoying the island breeze and cruise ships.

Where To Buy Art in Aruba

There’s plenty of basic art pieces on the island, but if you want unique and handmade afts in Aruba look for art galleries from Cosecha.

Besides the new kiosk in front of the cruise port, you’ll find two art galleries by Cosecha in Oranjestad & San Nicolas.

The art gallery and store in Oranjestad is located on Zoutmanstraat #1. And the second art gallery and creative center is located in San Nicolas on Bernard van de Veen Zeppenfeldstraat #20.

Read this article to find out more about Cosecha art gallery store in Oranjestad here.

What To Bring Home from Aruba

Head over to one of Cosecha’s art galleries and shops if you’re in Aruba and want to get something handmade by local artisans.

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More Recommendations

Finding activities that are not exclusively catered to tourist may sound like a challenge, since Aruba is tourism oriented.

The island has plenty of activities for visitors, but if you know where to look, you’ll find non touristy things to do in Aruba.

If you’re looking for suggestions on local things to do in Aruba, you’re in the right place!

5 Non Touristy Things To Do in Aruba

Here’s a list of activities you can do that most visitors miss out on.

This list has suggestions that are season sensitive, depending when you visit Aruba, you can join the fun.

  1. Camp Like a Local

Camping is one of the most popular activities for locals during Easter holiday.

Similar to spring break in the US, camping season in Aruba is the time when locals enjoy a break from work, school, daily stress and just relax on the beach. 

Tents and gazebos on the beach, families and friends get together and spend quality time together.

Domino is the game to play during camping.

Camping is an old tradition. A part of the Catholic religion in Aruba celebrated during Lent. 

It started before tourism in Aruba became a trend.

The season starts one week before Easter, and continues one week after the holiday.

Camping is regulated by the Aruba government and monitored by the police. If you want to camp outside of Easter holiday, you have to ask for a permit at the local police station.

During camping season, you can pass by the camp sites, get to know and chat with the locals.

Camping is not for everyone, but if you enjoy the outdoors and sleeping under the stars, this might be for you.

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  1. Befriend a Local in Aruba

Want to get away from the tourist zone in Aruba and get a touch of the local feel?

One of the best things to do in this situation is to befriend a local.

The locals make this island so special.

Our Aruban hospitality is warm, friendly and happy.

When you get to know a local, chances are big that they will show you how they live, meet their families, eat a home cooked meal and show you around the island.

Many visitors have the best vacation experience in Aruba when they spend time with locals.

If you spend time in Aruba without befriending locals, you’re missing out on long lasting relationships every time you come back to the island.

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  1. Join a Carnival Parade

Carnival is celebrated all over the world, but in Aruba it’s one of a kind!

As the first week of January kicks in, the carnival season starts with a torch parade with several other day & night parades until March.

The tradition started way back in the 1950’s, and has carried on until this day. 

2019 was the 65th edition of the Aruba’s carnival.

During carnival season, you see thousands of participants in beautiful decorated costumes and gigantic floats. They move to the rhythm and beats of calypsos and road marches composed by local bands.

I was part of Carnival 65 with TOB Group.

Besides parades during carnival, there’s also music competitions, queen elections and festivals.

Carnival in Aruba attracts thousands of visitors.

Tourist are known to watch the carnival parades, but how about switching it up and actually participating in the parades, between the locals?

It’s more fun if you’re in the parade compared to watching it from the sidelines….

  1. Hike Trails in Arikok

You might not have hiking on your to do list when in Aruba, but that is exactly the point – non tourist activities!

Why not hike to only national park (Arikok) in Aruba?

Arikok is a natural reserve that covers nearly 20% of Aruba. With such a large undiscovered terrain, you’ll probably have the entire park to yourself.

Hiking the trails of Arikok is an activity that will separate you from all the other visitors on the island.

It’s the place to go to if you want to find out what’s hidden at the countryside and connect with nature.

There’s over 29 rugged miles of rocky trails available for hiking at Arikok.

Hiking tours under guidance of a park ranger are highly recommended. But if you’re brave enough to take on the jagged and rocky terrain, you’re in for a surprise.

There’s several beautiful sites, natural wonders, and beaches to explore inside Arikok.

Beautiful landscape in Arikok.

As a local, I enjoy hiking at Arikok and connecting with nature every time I get the chance.

Related Article – Follow my recent hiking journey inside Arikok and I Discover Aruba’s Country Side.

Take your mind of the commercial attractions on the island and hike the sands. You’ll be rewarded by amazing views and will discover  new things along your hiking trail.

  1. Cheer for Local Sport Clubs

If you’re looking for out of the ordinary activities in Aruba consider cheering for a local sporting club and watch a game!

The most popular sports in Aruba are soccer and baseball.

Drive around the island and you’ll find several fields where you can watch a game.

One of the most popular fields to watch baseball is “Veld di Winston”, which is located on the main road through the district of Santa Cruz.

Don’t worry about getting weird looks when showing up at the field, because locals appreciate visitors who are interested and support sport in Aruba.

Want to know when baseball games are on in Aruba?

Search on Facebook for a page called “Baseball Aruba” and get to know where and when.

Don’t be surprised if you see an agent scouting local talents to sign to international teams. Because the island has talented players who can make it in the big leagues.

Here’s a list of recent Aruban players who made it to the major league baseball in the US :

  • Eugene Kingsale
  • Calvin Maduro
  • Sidney Ponson
  • Radhames Dykhoff
  • Xander Bogaerts

Watch a local game, maybe you will witness a young aspiring player that will be playing in the future for the mayor leagues.

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More Recommendations

Hiking is not the first thing on your mind when you vacation in Aruba, but a cooling dip in turquoise waters and drinking rum punch at the beach bar sounds more like a tropical get away, right?

Although this looks like the way to go when in Aruba, there’s much more to experience than white beach sand and colorful drinks. Because miles away from the swaying palm trees is a stark and barren country side most visitors never get to see known as, Arikok National Park.

One usually visits Arikok with jeep tours, but this time I took the road less traveled and hiked the sands!

If you already did the jeep tour through the national park or never been before, let me show you what I found on my hiking adventure.

Discover The Country Side

As the sun started rising, I stood on a hill north coast of the island, overlooking Rancho Daimari, one of the oldest and largest coconut plantations in Aruba.

Rancho Daimari was named after a nearby secluded beach named Daimari bay, located within the Arikok National Park. 

This view is just, wow!

Hiking the sandy paths and rocky trails of Daimari, I noticed phenomenal natural wonders only found off the beaten path in Aruba.

As I got closer to the coastline of Daimari, I could smell the sea salt in the air, and feel the hard blowing wind everyone comes to love once on the island.

The coastline of Aruba is beautiful.

Exploring The North side Coastlines

Alongside the windward coastlines one will encounter local flora and fauna. The North side of the island is dotted with cactus and over 50 different species of tree’s. Cacti are important to the survival of different animals, especially for birds, because the fruits they produce are a main source of food. 

Walking further down the coastline you encounter Dos Playa, one of the many different bays, locally known as boca’s.

Boca’s are small inlets connected to the ocean at the beginning of dry riverbeds.

Standing near a boca is a spectacular sight – watching waves crash against the rocky shores that have done so for hundreds of years before we were born.

Dos Playa Beach.

The trail alongside the coast line after Dos Playa leads to a large sand dune.

Sand dunes are important for several birds known to nest and is a habitat for many animals living inside of the national park. The sand dunes are protected by law, and it’s not allowed to drive on them with any motorized vehicle.

Hike the sands in Aruba

Don’t drive on Aruba’s sand dunes.

After hiking for over an hour, I made it to Moro, one of the other Boca’s, but unique because it has two inlets and there’s a giant limestone rock in the middle formed like Aruba, when you see it from above. Locals know this place as Klein Aruba, Dutch for Small Aruba.

A well needed break after hiking for about an hour.

Inside Arikok National Park

Arikok is dessert like, with high hills, big rocks and secret caves.

The national park was established in 2000 to protect and preserve almost 34 square kilometers of flora, fauna, geology, and historical remains in Aruba.

Inside Arikok one will find two of the tallest hills on the island, Arikok Hilltop and Jamanota Hill, which is 188 meters, the highest point in Aruba. Standing on this hill gives you a panoramic view of the island, you won’t find anywhere else. 

Arikok National Park has a visitor centre, housing a large variety of educational and informational programs. The visitor centre is the starting point of all guided tours and over 29 miles of hiking trails.

Entrance inside the national park from the visitors centre is $11.00

Enjoying Natural Pool

Finally, after passing Moro, I made it to Natural Pool, to cool off from the blazing heat. 

The natural pool is one of the most sought after attraction by locals and visitors who end up exploring the national park. Most people know the natural pool as Conchi, but the real secret name is, “turtle pen” , because sea turtles used to swim in the pool before it became popular.

If you’ve never been to the Arikok National park, or only experienced it in a jeep tour, I recommend you to get to know the park by hiking the sands.

Standing on top of a giant rock at the natural pool.

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Four New Possible Ramsar Sites in Aruba

Nature in Aruba gets another win after four new areas on the island were signaled for possibly being officially claimed as ramsar sites.

What is a ramsar site?

Ramsar sites are protected wetlands that have a high biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Aruba only has one official ramsar site which is the Spaans Lagoon.

The four locations which can possibly be ramsar sites are:

  • Bubali Plas
  • Isla Di Oro (Mangel Halto)
  • Reefs in Oranjestad
  • Reefs in San Nicolas.

Why is it important to protect these areas as ramsar sites?

Because experts indicated that these areas are important to feed the animals that live in this habitat. To put it in perspective, there’s over 200 bird species living in Bubali Plas (great place for bird watching). All over the island you will find more species of animals, so protecting them is very important. 

Talks About Marine Park

Aruba is surrounded by amazing blue oceans and a marine environment that’s unique around the world.

To protect the island’s unique underwater environment, the government wants to implement a marine park.

What’s a marine park?

A marine park is a new law that will help conserve Aruba’s ocean and the marine species (including corals) that lives within and rely on these habitats.

The new marine park will be implemented soon in Aruba, it’s almost official.

The law to officially make this happen is now at the government advisory board which is in charge of the legislative process, according to the minister of environment.

At least three zones were already mentioned to be protected:

  • Druif beach
  • Boca grandi
  • Rodgers beach
  • Mangel halto
  • Isla di oro.

Of course a the list of protected fora and fauna will be updated with new species.

New Farming Project In Aruba

Aruba is making the first step in revolutionizing the farming industry in the Caribbean.

The minister of primary sector held a press conference this week to announce they have approved Vertical Designs Aruba (VDA) to build a vertical farming project in Aruba, using Affinor Growers company’s vertical farming technology.

Who is Affinor Growers?

Affinor is the only vertical farming technology company offering solutions for both indoor controlled growing and the greenhouse agriculture industry.

They are going to build a farm using vertical growing technologies. This will allow them to produce crops (romaine lettuce, spinach, strawberries and other local procuce) year around on land that, previously, could not be utilized for farming (considering the islands climate).

This project moves Aruba a step closer to producing its own fruits and vegetables, and not be depend on importation anymore.

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More Details About The Fast Ferry Project

It looks like we will be able to visit our neighbouring islands (Bonaire & Curacao) in the near future, because the stakeholders for the fast ferry project are pushing for it be possible.

Price wise the fast ferry is interesting. According to stakeholders the cost of the ferry can be almost half the cost of what the airlines charge to fly between the islands. 

If the price really comes down to half the price this will make it affordable if you have a big group wanting to visit Bonaire or Curacao (which is going to be a different experience, very unique mode of transportation).

It’s estimated that the fast ferry will be in service by the end of 2019.

Maybe thinking about extending your vacation days in Aruba is a good thing for next year if you want to take a trip on the ferry.

Tony Roma’s in Aruba Closing Down

Did you hear the news? I’m shocked also.

It’s true.

Tony Roma’s in Palm Beach will be closing down after 25+ years of service.

Their last serving will be on August 31, 2018 at 11:00 PM.

It’s sad to see this place go, but there are other local places on the island that serve delicious BBQ, especially on Sundays.

New Gas Price

If you plan on renting a car and cruise around the island take note of the new gas prices.

As of August 8, 2018 the prices are now:

  • Gasoline 217.1 Aruban cents for one liter (+2.3 cent) ($4.58 per gallon)
  • Diesel 184.6 Aruban cents for one liter (-0.1 cent) ($3.91 per gallon)

Don’t know who to rent a car from? Use one of my personal car rental recommendations

Pro Am Golf Tournament in Aruba

One of Aruba’s premier golfing tournament is about to start!

The idea of the pro-am tournament is to partner up professional and amateur golfers into teams to compete in a 36-hole tournament.

The event will be held at the Tierra del Sol golf course that has a jaw dropping view of the rugged northern coast of the island.

Date of the event – August 24 – 26, 2018

Even if you don’t plan on playing, this tournament is entertaining to watch and socialize on the island.

There’s going to be brunch buffets on each of the tournament days, BBQ party and open bar.

Aruba’s Annual Culinary Week

It’s almost time again to enjoy delicious three course menus from the top restaurants on the island for a special price!

Experience fine dining without spending hundreds of dollars

Restaurant week in Aruba will take place on August 29 – September 5, 2018.

Nine restaurants will be participating at this event and all of them offer something special:

  • Tango Argentine Grill
  • Café the Plaza
  • Fishes & More
  • Qué Pasa
  • Moomba Beach
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Dragonfly
  • Nos Clubhuis
  • Hadicurari

The 3 course menus are priced at $20.00 and $26.00.

This years rataurant week is special, because part of the profits will go to an elderly home in Aruba (Maris Stella).

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Are you having issues finding discounted flight tickets to Aruba? I know the feeling you get when searching for cheap airline tickets, but find almost nothing!

I’m sharing 5 hacks you can add to your arsenal when looking for online discounted flight tickets to Aruba.

Here’s how you can maximize your Aruba travel at a minimal expense.

  1. Recruit a Person You Trust in Another City To Book For You

Find someone you trust in another city to search for flights to Aruba for you.

Yes, this works!

You can find low fare air tickets if you search from a state or city you are not currently in.

Try it for yourself, let someone you know and trust search for you.

This works the other way around also.

Booking a return flight when you’re still at home can be cheaper instead of booking it when you’re in Aruba.

  1. Download The Skyscanner App For Price Alerts

Instead of searching the web all day long for the cheapest flights possible, just set an alert to get notified by email for the best price.

There’s plenty of tools you can use to set alerts, like Google flights. But adding more than one alerts, means more chance to find cheap airline tickets.

I recommend adding the Skyscanner app to your alerts! It’s free to download on your phone and you can save big bucks on airfare.

The skyscanner app has different features, it let’s you:

  • Find the best prices and top deals
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  • Stay informed when flight prices change

Download it here if you have an android phone – Skyscanner Android App Download

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  1. Buy 2 One Way Tickets

To pull off this strategy, you need a flexible schedule.

There’s a downside to this practice you have to take into consideration – if your departure flight gets cancelled (due to weather or any other circumstances)!

If you buy your one way ticket on a intermediary website (with different airlines), you may encounter problems when trying to find reimbursement.

Because of airline policies, it can be harder for you to ask for a refund for the unrelated flight.

The best solution when buying 2 one way flights is to book direct with the same airline, so you’re in a better position for a refund, just incase.

  1. Use The Hidden City Ticketing

A friend of mine who was flying back from Aruba to Newark, managed to book a flight that was going to ultimately land in Fort Lauderdale, with a stop in Newark first.

He got off the flight in Newark, and saved himself over $150.00, compared to if he booked a straight flight to Newark.

Hidden city ticketing allows you to book a destination for less money, but you have to get off the plane before continuing to the end destination.

The only catch is you can’t have checked bags, because your baggage is routed directly to the final ticketed destination.

Unless you plan to go to Aruba with minimal a carry-on, hidden city ticketing can be risky.

If you can’t find find a hidden city opportunity on your way to Aruba, you can use this strategy to find a return flight. This will not work for everyone and it can be controversial, but if it applies to you, why not take advantage of it.

The best way to find these “hidden city ticketing flights” is to use this website that was made specially for that – skipplagged.com

It’s not a travel company, you can’t book here. It’s just a tool you can use to find cheap flight information. 

    1. Use Expert Flyer Program

This program is an online tool you can use to find almost anything you need to know about airline schedules, so you can make an informed decision before you buy your tickets.

What do you benefit by using Expertflyer?

  • You can check awards & upgrades for different flight classes in one convenient place.
  • You can look which seats are available on any flight before you book
  • You can set an alert for the exact seat you want for a specific flight when it becomes available (you don’t have to log in the airline website everyday and hoping to find a seat)
  • The ability to see which flights have empty business or first classes, giving you the best chance for upgrades.
  • It shows flight timetables, to see an airline’s schedule for a specified route (helpful when searching for departure times and aircraft type).
  • There’s so much more you can do with expertflyer that will give you the advantage of finding the best price on flights to Aruba!

They have a free version you can try for 5 days. But the paid version gives you so much detailed info about airlines.

ExpertFlyer.com – Find Flight Availability, Flight Upgrades & Awards, Frequent Flyer Information and more!

What You Should Remember

It’s not easy to get discounted airfare online, but that doesn’t mean cheap airline tickets don’t exist. But if you implement proven strategies that have helped thousands of Aruba visitors to score steals, you could also be saving big money on travel expenses!

Know before hand what you’re willing to pay and set price alerts to get notified immediately, this saves you time of being in front of the computer.

The Sky scanner App is awesome tool that gives you alerts on big discounted air fares and it’s free! 

Skyscanner Android App Download

Skyscanner iOS App Download

To find the best deals you’re going to need a very flexible schedule for vacation, because airlines have flash deals online, or make mistakes in the airfare, it’s a opportunity that should be grabbed right away!

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Here I am at Palm beach, sand on my back and trying to figure out what it is that Aruba visitors want to read about? We have gone all over the restaurant thing, haven’t we? We all know that this tiny rock floating in the Caribbean is loaded with an endless supply of assorted fine dining experiences.

Maybe I should talk about the beach. After all, walking these shores that are in front of me and knowing that there is a love affair going on between my feet and the bubbling surf is a nice thing. That should be interesting. Actually, that’s been done as well.

I see boats far out bouncing on the waves. They are tiny white specs hunting fish. What they don’t know is the fish will win. The hunters will love every minute of it and tell stories about the one that got away.

Water sports?

That’s not really a secret is it? So, what is it that the visitors want to know about? What is it that the repeat visitor has seen so many times that he no longer sees it?

I’m living the “one happy island” life in Aruba!

It slowly comes to me. It is the us on this island that makes us who we are. And it is the we that has taken an arid barren rock and somehow turned it into “One Happy Island”.  

If you ask me, the essence of it is that Aruba is not an island, no – it is a people. A humanity that was here before tourism and when confronted with it, took it on with open arms.  No gripes, no moans and no sour faces. Just a warm welcome and an invitation to walk our shores and hunt our fish.

The difference is that there was once an invitation to come to our homes and allow us, we, the people of Aruba to do the cooking.  

With time and the changes that come along with it, the invitation that was once so easily said is now a soft thought, and that is a wonderful thing. Why? During these times, it is highly unusual to even think of inviting a visiting tourist to your home. But we, the us, the humanity of this rock called Aruba did that.  

Maybe I’ll write about that. Would they understand that kind of acceptance by humble island dwellers of their visitors from far away? The answer to that is yes!

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