All you need to know about what and when to do the most fun activities on Aruba.

These are the best Aruba tours for cruise ship passengers  when you’re on the island.

Aruba Tours For Cruise Ship Passengers

All recommended activities on this article includes pick up at the Aruba Cruise port, and drop off at the cruise port, after the tour ends. The Aruba cruise excusrions offered here are unique and one of a kind!

1. Go Horseback Riding at Wariruri Beach

One of the best horseback rides in Aruba that I personally recommend is a horse riding tour to Wariruri beach.

This trail is good for beginners and experienced riders, because the trail has both countryside and beach rides, which offer the best of both worlds.

Horseback riding to Wariruri beach is available in two time slots, either morning tours, or afternoon tours.

Morning tours are best for riders who want to see the beauty of Aruba before the sun gets too hot. The afternoon tours are best if you want to experience the island’s beauty during downtime and right before the sunset.

Horseback Riding Tours – $105.00

Ride a horse in the country side of Aruba towards a hidden bay at Wariruri Beach.

Morning Tours at Wariruri Beach.

Afternoon Tours at Wariruri Beach.

2. Explore The History of Aruba With Local Guide

When we travel to a new country, we want to know its traditions, culture, people, food and get to know the history of the island.

This private tour does just that! It’s one of the best Aruba cruise ship tours to book when visiting the island.

Visit iconic trademarks on the island including but not limited to: Alto Vista Chapel, The California Lighthouse, Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruines, Natural Bridge Ruins and Ayo Rock Formations. 

Aruba History Tour – Half Day Tour

Visit the most important historical landmarks in Aruba, including the Alto Vista Chapel.

Price: 2 passengers  – $170.00 Extra passenger – $75.00

More Tour Details Here.

3. Full Day Adventure Tour + Lunch Included

Take a private tour with a local guide that will take you to the most exciting and fun places on the island, including:

A tour at Aruba Aloe Factory, where you will learn about the island native plan Aloe and how this popular company transforms it into sunblock, soaps, and various other products.

Experience a glass blowing show at Murano Art Studio, you can also learn got to blow glass art.

Explore one of the oldest gold smeltery on the island, Balashi Gold Mills.

Taste some local rum and Aruban made liquor at a Local rum maker in Aruba.

Visit the Ayo Rock Formation.

Lunch is included in the tour.

Encounter Aruba – Full Day Tour

Private guided tour to explore filled with fun and adventure with lunch included.

Price: 2 passengers  – $300.00 Extra passenger – $125.00

More Tour Details Here.

4. Snorkel Trip + Swim With Turtles

Another Aruba excursions from cruise port is the private snorkeling tour on the north coast of the island.

This is a 2 hour private snorkel trip on with your own personal captain that will take you to the popular snorkeling hotspots including, but not limited to – Boca Catalina Bay, Malmok bay, SS Antilla shipwreck.

You can expect to see beautiful fish, sea stars and marine life, if you’re lucky you might spot and swim next to a turtle!

Morning Snorkeling Tour at North Coast of Aruba

Go snorkeling at the most popular spots for spotting unique fishes, sea stars, even turtles!

Price – $49.00 per person (minimum 2 people) 

5. Rent a Car & Explore The Island. 

If you want to explore the island on your own without a guide, one of the best things to do is rent your own vehicle, and head out to the iconic spots, beautiful beaches and grab some authentic local dishes where the locals eat.

You can rent different vehicles on the island.

Are you thinking of heading to the country side of the island, and visit the Arikok National Park and swim at the natural pool? You’d be better off renting a jeep.

A midsize car is a good choice when roaming around the island to iconic landmarks like the California Lighthouse, or going beach hopping at Palm Beach all the way to Baby Beach.

Book Your Car Today!

Rent Your Car, Jeep, ATV or UTV Now! Free Pick up & Delivery! Lowest Rates!

Request a Rental Quote Here.

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Are you looking for the best horseback riding in Aruba that even beginner riders can join in on the fun? 

Finding the right horseback riding tour in Aruba for your riding skill level can be a challenge, if you don’t know which are the best tours to choose from. 

In this article I will give you the best advice on horseback riding in Aruba that will help you get paired with a horse that suits your riding experience – even if you have no riding experience.

I recommend horseback riding tours to Wariruri Beach. It’s a scenic riding trail, good for both beginners and experienced riders. Tours starts at $105 per person.

The Best Horseback Riding in Aruba

Honestly, I can’t think of a prettier place to go horseback riding than Aruba. 

The island isn’t known for horseback riding, but Aruba has one of the most perfect terrains and trails for riding, so it’s worth booking a tour to experience it first hand. 

So how do you go about finding the best horseback tour for you, and your family?

Start with your level of riding experience, if you know how to ride a horse, you can select a tour that rides to the natural pool, or alongside the rockier side of the island’s coastlines.

If you are a beginner rider, I would advise you to ride alongside the countryside, the beach, and the sand dunes  that don’t require too much riding experience.

Aruba has one of the best horseback riding experiences in the Caribbean.

Go Horseback Riding in Aruba at Wariruri Beach

One of the best horseback rides in Aruba that I personally recommend is a horse riding tour to wariruri beach.

This trail is good for beginners and experienced riders, because the trail has both countryside and beach rides, which offer the best of both worlds. 

Horseback riding to Wariruri beach is available in two time slots, either morning tours, or afternoon tours. 

Morning tours are best for riders who want to see the beauty of Aruba before the sun gets too hot. The afternoon tours are best if you want to experience the island’s beauty during downtime and right before the sunset. 

Book a tour and go horseback riding in Aruba with us!

Prices For Horseback Riding Tours in Aruba

The prices for horseback riding in Aruba are different at every company.

On average, the price depends on the length of the tour, and if it’s a private tour.

Book Now! 

Morning Horseback Riding To Wariruri Beach – $105.00 per person.

Afternoon Horseback Riding to Wariruri Beach – $105.00 per person.

Morning & Afternoon Tours To Wariruri Beach

The best tours to start with as a first time rider in Aruba are at Wariruri Beach. You can book a morning tour, or join an afternoon tour.

Check out our horseback riding tours to Wariri Beach.

No products found which match your selection.

Frequently Horseback Riding Questions

If you’re new to horseback riding in Aruba, I’m sure you have a couple of questions, before you decide to book your horse riding adventure on the island. 

So here’s a list of frequently asked questions about horseback riding tours in Aruba.

Do You Offer Free Riding Lessons?

The Wariruri beach tour includes free riding lessons if you are a complete beginner. 

One hour before the start of the tour, you will get a free riding lesson to teach you how to ride a horse. The tour guides are experienced and know how to match you with an appropriate horse that suits your riding experience. 

What Is Included in The Wariruri Horseback Riding Tour?

Transportation is included. This included pick up and drop off at your hotel. 

Free riding lessons are included, starting one hour before the tour. 

Helmets can be provided, if requested before at request when booking the tour.

Free water is also included. 

The tour is about 3.30 hours, including pick up and drop off.

Join our afternoon horseback riding tour to Wariruri Beach for a scenic ride alongside the island’s coastlines before sunset. Tours start at $105.00 per person.

What Type of Horses?

The horses in our tours are paso fino horses. 

They are in good shape and well taken care of.

The safety and wellbeing of our horses is top priority.

Meet our Paso fino horses shown on the image below.

Meet our friendly full breed Paso Fino Horses.

Is There a Weight Limit For Horseback Riding?

Our paso fino horses can only allow up to 250 lbs.

What type of clothes do you need to wear?

To have a comfortable horseback riding experience in Aruba, I advise you to wear good and proper shoes, and avoid riding in slippers.

You can wear long pants, but it is not required to wear jeans, as the sun in Aruba can get hot.

Private Tours Are Also Available

If you are looking for a more private tour option because you are a beginner rider, or looking for a more private and romantic setting while horseback riding in Aruba, please feel free to request this personally by contacting me by using the contact form below.

Prices for private horseback riding tours starts at $180.00 per person.

Request a Private Tour

The Top Tours in Aruba

No products found which match your selection.

Are you going to Aruba with a toddler soon, but don’t know how to keep the little ones entertained?

No worries. I have recommendations for things to do in Aruba with toddlers.

Things To Do in Aruba With Toddlers

This list of recommendations has activities that includes animals, water parks, beach time and playgrounds.

You’re going to have a fun to do list for your kids by the time you’re done reading this article.

1. Philip’s Animal Garden

Take your kids to one of the most exotic animal garden on the island – Philip’s Animal Garden.

This animal garden focuses on rescuing exotic animals in Aruba and Caribbean region.

What’s inside the animal garden?

You’ll see snakes, cows, tigers, birds, alligators, camels, monkey, alpacas, eagles and various other species of wild animals.

It’s safe. And entertaining for a toddlers.

2. Butterfly Farm

Walk between hundreds of butterflies and green lush gardens at the islands only butterfly farm.

You can walk the gardens unguided, or follow a tour that includes information about the butterflies, how the farm works, and cool stories.

There’s also a gift shop, fish pond and benches to relax.

Anyone will be amazed after visiting the butterfly farm, especially the kids.

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3. Ostrich Farm

Far from the hotel area, in the country side of the island, you’ll find a farm with large birds better known as ostriches.

Believe it or not. Aruba has an ostrich farm and it’s worth visiting.

If you decide to go, take a tour around the farm, which includes a visit to the incubator and hatchery for baby ostriches. And a trip to the tall birds waiting for you to hand feed them.

Take your kids to the countryside to get to know Aruba’s ostriches.

4. Donkey Sanctuary

Yes. Aruba has donkeys.

Usually they roam around the countryside, but if you want to see donkeys, go to the only donkey sanctuary in Aruba.

The donkey sanctuary is a non-profit organization that has a simple mission – take care of donkeys in Aruba.

Kids can help the volunteers feed the donkeys. Or you can just watch the volunteers from the porch as they take care of the animals.

Plan a trip to the sanctuary and discover more to a donkey than what you thought you knew. Entrance is free! 

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5. Baby Beach

When on vacation in Aruba, you’re definitely going to spend some time at the  beach.

Nearly all major hotels on the island are close to the beach, but not all beaches in the hotel area are suited for toddlers.

If you want to bring your little one where they can enjoy calm and shallow waters, go to Baby beach.

Baby beach is located in San Nicolas and it’s perfect for smaller kids.

You can go out in the beach for a long distance and still touch the sandy bottom. And the waves are very gentle at Baby beach.

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6. Water Show At Paseo Herencia Mall

What are you planning to do in the evening with your kids?

I recommend taking a walk on the high rise hotel strip, alongside popular shops, restaurants and visit the mall – Paseo Herencia.

Here you’ll find various activities for kids, including a water show.

The water show is daily and starts at 8:00 PM at the Paseo Herencia courtyard.  

Local dancers move rhythmically to music, and the water show in the background is also move in sync to the beats.

The mall also has pony rides for kids, small carousels and little gift shops.

Spend a relaxed evening at the mall with your family and enjoy the night.

7. Atlantis Submarine

Show your kids the underwater world in Aruba without going snorkeling, but in a real life submarine.

Get up and close with the tropical fishes, corals and natural formations more than 130 feet below water.

The submarine tours the water of Aruba towards different spots including shipwrecks and beautiful underwater sites.

It’s not everyday that you hop into a submarine, but it’s worth it.

Kids must be 4 years or older to enter submarine.

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8. Palm Island

Palm island is little man made island located in the Aruban waters.

The private island is only a 5 minute ferry ride away. On the island you’ll find various activities: snorkeling, buffet, open bar and a water park, including a shallow pool for the kids.

Plus they have a bunch of activities to keep the kids entertained – face painting, a small playground and slides.

It’s a perfect place to take the little ones to play and enjoy.

9. Aruba Water Park

If you want to avoid ferry rides and stay on land, but still visit a waterpark, go to Aruba Water Park.

It’s located next to one of the highest mountains on the island – Hooiberg.

There’s a big playground for kids, swimming pool and slides for toddlers.

Aruba Water Park is a fun place to take your kids to play and splash with water, instead of the pool at the hotel.

The best part is children under 3 years old enter free!

10. Neptali Children’s Play Ground

Take your kids to play inside of the largest playgrounds on the island – Neptali Park.

It’s a community playground located in the downtown area, close to the airport.

Neptali is a popular spot for parents to bring their little ones and enjoy the afternoon.

The park has swings, slides, monkey bars, and a bunch of other fun toys for kids.

Take your kids to play in the outdoors with new local friends.

5 Extra Tips For Going To Aruba With Toddler

Now that you have your list of activities for toddlers in Aruba, consider these following tips when on Aruba vacation with toddler.

  1. Book a hotel that has a pool for kids.
  2. Book a hotel room with a kitchen – you can easily prepare a meal when you want to, instead of spending money at restaurants.
  3. Not all resorts have babysitters, if you’d like a night out alone, ask the front desk for local & trusted babysitter recommendations.
  4. Buy a blow up pool & on Amazon for your toddler, blow it up, put it in the shade, fill it in with water, and watch your kids entertain themselves in front of you as your relax in paradise. You can also buy inexpensive toys for the beach and pool on Amazon.
  5. Don’t forget to pack sunscreens for your toddler, the sun in Aruba can be hard on kids. You can find sunscreens for kids on Amazon.

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More Recommendations

Finding activities that are not exclusively catered to tourist may sound like a challenge, since Aruba is tourism oriented.

The island has plenty of activities for visitors, but if you know where to look, you’ll find non touristy things to do in Aruba.

If you’re looking for suggestions on local things to do in Aruba, you’re in the right place!

5 Non Touristy Things To Do in Aruba

Here’s a list of activities you can do that most visitors miss out on.

This list has suggestions that are season sensitive, depending when you visit Aruba, you can join the fun.

  1. Camp Like a Local

Camping is one of the most popular activities for locals during Easter holiday.

Similar to spring break in the US, camping season in Aruba is the time when locals enjoy a break from work, school, daily stress and just relax on the beach. 

Tents and gazebos on the beach, families and friends get together and spend quality time together.

Domino is the game to play during camping.

Camping is an old tradition. A part of the Catholic religion in Aruba celebrated during Lent. 

It started before tourism in Aruba became a trend.

The season starts one week before Easter, and continues one week after the holiday.

Camping is regulated by the Aruba government and monitored by the police. If you want to camp outside of Easter holiday, you have to ask for a permit at the local police station.

During camping season, you can pass by the camp sites, get to know and chat with the locals.

Camping is not for everyone, but if you enjoy the outdoors and sleeping under the stars, this might be for you.

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  1. Befriend a Local in Aruba

Want to get away from the tourist zone in Aruba and get a touch of the local feel?

One of the best things to do in this situation is to befriend a local.

The locals make this island so special.

Our Aruban hospitality is warm, friendly and happy.

When you get to know a local, chances are big that they will show you how they live, meet their families, eat a home cooked meal and show you around the island.

Many visitors have the best vacation experience in Aruba when they spend time with locals.

If you spend time in Aruba without befriending locals, you’re missing out on long lasting relationships every time you come back to the island.

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  1. Join a Carnival Parade

Carnival is celebrated all over the world, but in Aruba it’s one of a kind!

As the first week of January kicks in, the carnival season starts with a torch parade with several other day & night parades until March.

The tradition started way back in the 1950’s, and has carried on until this day. 

2019 was the 65th edition of the Aruba’s carnival.

During carnival season, you see thousands of participants in beautiful decorated costumes and gigantic floats. They move to the rhythm and beats of calypsos and road marches composed by local bands.

I was part of Carnival 65 with TOB Group.

Besides parades during carnival, there’s also music competitions, queen elections and festivals.

Carnival in Aruba attracts thousands of visitors.

Tourist are known to watch the carnival parades, but how about switching it up and actually participating in the parades, between the locals?

It’s more fun if you’re in the parade compared to watching it from the sidelines….

  1. Hike Trails in Arikok

You might not have hiking on your to do list when in Aruba, but that is exactly the point – non tourist activities!

Why not hike to only national park (Arikok) in Aruba?

Arikok is a natural reserve that covers nearly 20% of Aruba. With such a large undiscovered terrain, you’ll probably have the entire park to yourself.

Hiking the trails of Arikok is an activity that will separate you from all the other visitors on the island.

It’s the place to go to if you want to find out what’s hidden at the countryside and connect with nature.

There’s over 29 rugged miles of rocky trails available for hiking at Arikok.

Hiking tours under guidance of a park ranger are highly recommended. But if you’re brave enough to take on the jagged and rocky terrain, you’re in for a surprise.

There’s several beautiful sites, natural wonders, and beaches to explore inside Arikok.

Beautiful landscape in Arikok.

As a local, I enjoy hiking at Arikok and connecting with nature every time I get the chance.

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Take your mind of the commercial attractions on the island and hike the sands. You’ll be rewarded by amazing views and will discover  new things along your hiking trail.

  1. Cheer for Local Sport Clubs

If you’re looking for out of the ordinary activities in Aruba consider cheering for a local sporting club and watch a game!

The most popular sports in Aruba are soccer and baseball.

Drive around the island and you’ll find several fields where you can watch a game.

One of the most popular fields to watch baseball is “Veld di Winston”, which is located on the main road through the district of Santa Cruz.

Don’t worry about getting weird looks when showing up at the field, because locals appreciate visitors who are interested and support sport in Aruba.

Want to know when baseball games are on in Aruba?

Search on Facebook for a page called “Baseball Aruba” and get to know where and when.

Don’t be surprised if you see an agent scouting local talents to sign to international teams. Because the island has talented players who can make it in the big leagues.

Here’s a list of recent Aruban players who made it to the major league baseball in the US :

  • Eugene Kingsale
  • Calvin Maduro
  • Sidney Ponson
  • Radhames Dykhoff
  • Xander Bogaerts

Watch a local game, maybe you will witness a young aspiring player that will be playing in the future for the mayor leagues.

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More Recommendations

Hiking is not the first thing on your mind when you vacation in Aruba, but a cooling dip in turquoise waters and drinking rum punch at the beach bar sounds more like a tropical get away, right?

Although this looks like the way to go when in Aruba, there’s much more to experience than white beach sand and colorful drinks. Because miles away from the swaying palm trees is a stark and barren country side most visitors never get to see known as, Arikok National Park.

One usually visits Arikok with jeep tours, but this time I took the road less traveled and hiked the sands!

If you already did the jeep tour through the national park or never been before, let me show you what I found on my hiking adventure.

Discover The Country Side

As the sun started rising, I stood on a hill north coast of the island, overlooking Rancho Daimari, one of the oldest and largest coconut plantations in Aruba.

Rancho Daimari was named after a nearby secluded beach named Daimari bay, located within the Arikok National Park. 

This view is just, wow!

Hiking the sandy paths and rocky trails of Daimari, I noticed phenomenal natural wonders only found off the beaten path in Aruba.

As I got closer to the coastline of Daimari, I could smell the sea salt in the air, and feel the hard blowing wind everyone comes to love once on the island.

The coastline of Aruba is beautiful.

Exploring The North side Coastlines

Alongside the windward coastlines one will encounter local flora and fauna. The North side of the island is dotted with cactus and over 50 different species of tree’s. Cacti are important to the survival of different animals, especially for birds, because the fruits they produce are a main source of food. 

Walking further down the coastline you encounter Dos Playa, one of the many different bays, locally known as boca’s.

Boca’s are small inlets connected to the ocean at the beginning of dry riverbeds.

Standing near a boca is a spectacular sight – watching waves crash against the rocky shores that have done so for hundreds of years before we were born.

Dos Playa Beach.

The trail alongside the coast line after Dos Playa leads to a large sand dune.

Sand dunes are important for several birds known to nest and is a habitat for many animals living inside of the national park. The sand dunes are protected by law, and it’s not allowed to drive on them with any motorized vehicle.

Hike the sands in Aruba

Don’t drive on Aruba’s sand dunes.

After hiking for over an hour, I made it to Moro, one of the other Boca’s, but unique because it has two inlets and there’s a giant limestone rock in the middle formed like Aruba, when you see it from above. Locals know this place as Klein Aruba, Dutch for Small Aruba.

A well needed break after hiking for about an hour.

Inside Arikok National Park

Arikok is dessert like, with high hills, big rocks and secret caves.

The national park was established in 2000 to protect and preserve almost 34 square kilometers of flora, fauna, geology, and historical remains in Aruba.

Inside Arikok one will find two of the tallest hills on the island, Arikok Hilltop and Jamanota Hill, which is 188 meters, the highest point in Aruba. Standing on this hill gives you a panoramic view of the island, you won’t find anywhere else. 

Arikok National Park has a visitor centre, housing a large variety of educational and informational programs. The visitor centre is the starting point of all guided tours and over 29 miles of hiking trails.

Entrance inside the national park from the visitors centre is $11.00

Enjoying Natural Pool

Finally, after passing Moro, I made it to Natural Pool, to cool off from the blazing heat. 

The natural pool is one of the most sought after attraction by locals and visitors who end up exploring the national park. Most people know the natural pool as Conchi, but the real secret name is, “turtle pen” , because sea turtles used to swim in the pool before it became popular.

If you’ve never been to the Arikok National park, or only experienced it in a jeep tour, I recommend you to get to know the park by hiking the sands.

Standing on top of a giant rock at the natural pool.

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One of the best ways to drive through Aruba’s country side and see the top sites around the island is by UTV.

What Is a UTV?

UTV means utility task vehicles –  these machines are powerful 4×4 built for driving on the rocky countryside of Aruba.

You can drive on of these UTV’s

Don’t Know How To Drive An UTV?

Tour guides will show you how to:

  • Drive an UTV
  • Explain traffic rules
  • Explain what is allowed (and not) to ensure safety.

Fofoti UTV Tours

Fofoti Transfer & Tours has two awesome UTV tours available for adventure seekers that are definitely worth checking out!  

I have a special discount code you can use to get 15% off when you book online, use – VByA15

This is how you use the discount code to get 15% off!

The discount code works per vehicle so if you book more than 1 UTV you will be requested to add the discount code again to get your special direct booking deal.

Fofoti offers two type of UTV tours:

  1. Island Expedition UTV Adventure
  2. Natural Pool Adventure

Go on a off-road adventure!

Island Expedition UTV Adventure

This tour is all about sightseeing on the rocky north coastline of the island – use code VByA15 for discount

You’ll visit one of the beaches not seen by many travelers: Blackstone Beach.

See the Natural Bridge.

And the old fortress along the islands coastline better known as Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins.

The Natural Bridge.

The Gold Mill Ruins.

You’ll also visit the California Lighthouse for one of the most beautiful vistas on the island.

And you get to go for a swim after the tour at one of the most popular beaches among locals Arashi Beach.

Book Your Island Expedition Tour With 15% Off! -use code VByA15 for discount

Natural Pool UTV Adventure

This tour will take you through Aruba’s one and only national park towards one of the islands natural rock formations that you can swim, snorkel and even cliff dive from!

The Natural Pool.

The natural pool UV adventure tour also includes stops at iconic sites:

  • Natural Bridge
  • Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
  • Alto Vista Chapel – the first catholic chapel in Aruba.
  • California Lighthouse

Book Your Natural Pool UTV Adventure – Use code VByA15 to get 15% discount

Highlights Of Fofoti Tours

Both tours take about 3.5 – 4 hours.

Included in tours:

  • Hotel or cruise port pick up & drop off.
  • Bottle water, dry snacks and bandanna

Bring your own goggles to protect your eyes from the outback trail or buy one at Fofoti office. And wear comfortable clothes, shoes,  sunscreen, swimsuit underneath if you’re going to swim at Natural Pool or Arashi.

Snorkeling equipment and water shoes are not included in tour.

Here’s what you need to know about the tour sites you will discover with Fofoti UTV tours:

Natural Pool

Believe it or not, it’s a natural swimming pool formed with big rocks by mother nature.

Natural Bridge

Before it collapsed back in 2005, this was the largest natural bridge formation on the island. During the years a new bridge has formed and it’s amazing to see.

Black Stone Beach

This is one of the only beaches on the island that has small and shiny black eroded stones.

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

A building resembling a fortress on the coastline of the island used by the islands first inhabitants to mine and process gold.

Alto Vista Chapel

The first Catholic chapel on the island.


One of the most popular local beaches on the southwestern side of the island.

California Lighthouse

Old lighthouse used to warn ships for the islands coastline at night. And one of the best places to overlook the island with scenic views.

Book Your UTV Tour With 15%

This is how you use the discount code to get 15% off!

Book Your Island Expedition Tour

Book Your Natural Pool UTV Adventure

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