Don’t know which snorkel gear you should buy for Aruba, or where to buy them from? 

There’s plenty of different snorkeling equipment, but getting quality snorkel gear is important and it should fit good. Renting snorkel gear can be expensive, and may not fit properly. Buying snorkeling gear is a great investment for future snorkeling trips on vacations. 

Buy Snorkel Gear Aruba

In this post I will show you some snorkeling equipment you’re going to need if you plan to go snorkeling in Aruba.

Full Face Snorkeling Masks

Full face snorkeling masks combine the snorkel and mask into one.

These masks allow you to breathe through your nose or mouth, while you’re in the water.

Full face snorkeling masks are easy to wear – just snap the snorkel in place over your head and pull the adjustable straps in the back to for a good fit.

If you wear these masks correctly you will hardly experience fogging up.

Full face masks have a simple and effective water-clearing mechanism of purging water out, if any does manage to come in. You can purge water out of the masks without covering your hands using the snorkel, or the need to lift your head over water.

They can be even used for kids as well as by adults.

Full Face Snorkeling Masks With Camera Mount

Do you love to take underwater pictures or videos?

Consider buying a full face snorkeling masks with an action camera mount to lock your GoPro on it (also works with other brand name cameras).

These masks are designed for traveling convenience, because the snorkel on the top can fold and easily to fit in your suitcase.

Snorkeling with an underwater camera is fun, because you can always watch back your recordings.

Prescription Snorkels Masks

As you get older, your eyes don’t stay the same. But your eyesight shouldn’t be the reason you can’t enjoy the underwater beauty of Aruba.

There’s a solution for you – prescription snorkel masks, it can truly revolutionize the way you see when snorkeling and they don’t cost a fortune!

You can correct the lens strength of each sides of the masks to your needs, before ordering.

Snorkeling Gear Sets

Snorkeling sets are great if you’re just starting out, or just looking for a great deal on snorkel gear.

They usually include a carrying bag containing all the necessary equipment to snorkel.

There are different type of snorkeling sets you can pick from, it all depends on the size and brand name – a good fitting snorkel is important!

Snorkeling Fins

If you don’t pack fins because of the luggage space, you will love the these compact fins that solve the “luggage space problem”.

I’ve walked in longer fins before and it’s not easy, but these short fins seem easy to walk in.

They are compact and made for travelling, pack’em easily in your luggage.

Mask Defogger

Most people use shampoo, dish washing liquid or even spit, which works only for some people 🙂 But I recommend the “Quick Spit Anti fog” if you want to invest in a professional mask defogger.

There’s different types of mask defoggers if you like another brand, but “quick spit is very popular”

Float Vest

Snorkeling sites in Aruba are known to be very easy to swim in, not too much waves or strong currents.

But it’s a great idea to wear a float vest if you just want that extra level of safety in the water (even for kids).

If you plan to head out in deeper waters, it’s always good to make sure you’re able to come up to adjust your snorkel, or rest without having to find a place to stand or tread water.

Buyers Tip – purchase a vest that has a bright color so you are visible from anywhere.

Would you put your mouth on a vest to blow it up when there have been so many people using the vest on previous excursions? I’d choose to bring my own!

Wet Suit

If you’re worried about sunburn, you can get good quality sunscreen that doesn’t harm the ocean life, or just wear a lightweight wet suit.

This is not required for snorkeling, but if you prefer to be protected from the neck to ankles from brushing up against anything in the water, wetsuits are great!

Neoprene Socks

Neoprene socks are a great way to prevent blisters if you plan to wear fins, or just a form of protection for your feet against when walking on rocks before going into the water. 

There’s different neoprene socks by different brand names.

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