Did you know it’s now possible to get handmade local arts and crafts close to the cruise port?

This article gives you a little taste of the unique things you can do at this new art gallery kiosk in Aruba.

New Art Gallery in Aruba

The new art gallery is owned by Cosecha and it’s located inside a kiosk on the welcome plaza, right in front of the cruise port in Oranjestad (open 7 days a week 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM). 

Cosecha is an organization that represents local artisans by displaying their arts and crafts in their art galleries in Aruba.

This new kiosk functions both as an art gallery and an information center for other art galleries in Oranjestad & San Nicolas.

Local certified arts & crafts near the cruise port.

The kiosk is located at the welcome plaza, in front of the cruise port.

Purely Aruban Artwork

You feel the genuine Aruban identity transmitted by the local arts & crafts as soon as you step inside the kiosk.

Cosecha represents almost 70 local artisans in different aspects of art including mosaic, photography, hand painting, jewelry, handmade bags, driftwood, plastic and so much more different type of arts and crafts.

All the arts and crafts sold by Cosecha are genuine and authentic that are certified by a national seal of craftsmanship called “Seya National”.


The seal of craftsmanship received with every purchase

The arts are unique and one of a kind. And the artwork is switched up in  the gallery once in a while to display different artisans.

Local Art in Aruba

Aruba’s artwork dates back to rock art and body painting performed by the native Indians inhabitants back then, way before tourism became a trend.

Today the tradition is carried on by native artisans that use raw ingredients found around the island to create unique crafts and colorful paintings.

Aruba is multicultural.

Different origins live on the island

Artisans with heritage from different countries around the world have taken their traditions and adapted these influences to reflect the “Aruba way of life”.

According to many artisans, Aruba is an island with magical places that inspires them to creatively to represent Aruba’s heritage in unique ways.

There’s a diverse range of undiscovered artwork and artists on the island.

Take a look at the following pictures that illustrate the local artistry…

Recycled bottles turned into artsy creations.

Scenic painting of the Alto Vista Chapel, a must visit spot!

A creative representation of traditional Aruban homes.

The traditional houses are also available as scale models made out of clay.

Sea bird on the beach, enjoying the island breeze and cruise ships.

Where To Buy Art in Aruba

There’s plenty of basic art pieces on the island, but if you want unique and handmade afts in Aruba look for art galleries from Cosecha.

Besides the new kiosk in front of the cruise port, you’ll find two art galleries by Cosecha in Oranjestad & San Nicolas.

The art gallery and store in Oranjestad is located on Zoutmanstraat #1. And the second art gallery and creative center is located in San Nicolas on Bernard van de Veen Zeppenfeldstraat #20.

Read this article to find out more about Cosecha art gallery store in Oranjestad here.

What To Bring Home from Aruba

Head over to one of Cosecha’s art galleries and shops if you’re in Aruba and want to get something handmade by local artisans.

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