The Wine Room

The Wine Room is one of the most prolific wine rooms in Aruba. 

Here is where you go to enjoy wine tasting and food pairing.

Owner of The Wine Room, Monrick Croes, is Aruba’s sommelier of the year in 2019 and shares his passion for wines inside a chic living room.

Over 200 boutique wine are displayed on the wine racks mounted on the walls. All of them are exclusively made in different wineries around the world including France, Chile, California and Argentina.

The food menu features a variety of tapas, including but not limited to cheese platters, snack platters, escargot, oven baked bread, pesto dip and Gorgonzola stuffed dates.

Steak dinners are also available including Angus rib eye, cowboy and filet steak.

Wine bottles sold separately or by case.