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Modern Kiosks Opening Within a Month!

A new modern shopping plaza just opened near the cruise port, on a newly created square called “Welcome Plaza”.

There are more than 20 different colorful little shops that will be used by kiosk owners that are currently stationed near the central bus station.

The facilities have public bathrooms (and for wheelchair users), different outlets to charge your devices and free wifi.

The plaza is connected to the electric tram that loops the entire main street. Which has been also completely renovated.

It’s looks beautiful!

Click here to read more about the electric tram in the downtown area.

breaking news in aruba

Modern looking kiosk.

“A part of the total vision has been realized” – were the exact words of the prime minister during the soft opening of the new kiosks.

All kiosks owners were informed that they could move in within a month!

If you collect local souvenirs, you should take a trip at this side of town soon….

Aruba Goes Zero Tolerance Against Animal Abuse

A dog act was adopted about two years ago unanimously by the Aruban parliament.

It was introduced as we locals know it as – “ley di cacho”.

Everyone understood that if you have a dog, it should be in your yard, with proper care and treatment. If the dog is outside of the yard and bites someone, or causes any type of accident, it will be the owner’s responsibility.

However, it hasn’t been effective since its introduction. Because there are still people who abuse their pets, and really don’t fear the consequences.

For a moment it seemed like the police didn’t care, but during an interview, police commissioner (Trudy Hassell) explained that they were secretly working on a new approach to enforce the dog act.

According to Trudy, the police is now giving out fines. Depending how severe the case is, the fine can reach up to six thousand dollars.

It looks like this time they mean business, because a couple of weeks ago, they already incarcerated someone.

More about “ley di cacho”

The law requires dog owners to give their pets proper treatment.

For example, giving the dog enough water to drink. Providing a proper place for shade against the sun (rain and wind).. Must take the dog to the veterinary for medical treatment if necessary.

If the dog is on a leash, it has to be at least ten meters long, allowing the dog space to move around. A kennel must be at least 2 meters high (for average sized dog) and at least 7 square meters.

If you’re an animal lover and want to know more about the dog act in Aruba, click here to read it.

Gasoline Just Got Cheaper in Aruba

The price of gasoline dropped 2 cents, since April 10, 2017.

Now you have to pay 1,768 cents for one liter of gasoline. The price for diesel also dropped considerably by 5.5 cent. A liter will now cost you 1,428 cents.

Last year in April (2016) one liter of gasoline was around 1,618 cents, about 15 cents cheaper. Diesel was also a lot cheaper a year ago in April, 1,239 cents per liter (a different of 19 cents).

Take these gas prices into consideration when calculating your budget for gas.

If you’re interested in renting a car, let me personally help you find a car in Aruba.

Click here to see my car rental rates and reserve yours today.

The Beach Policy Must Be Reinforced

Members of the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association (AHATA) are not happy with the implementation of the beach policy, because some permit holders are still breaking the rules.

This policy counts for watersport owners, hotels, shade providers and any other person that holds a permit to do business on the beach.

Some of them are using more space than they are allowed, which leads to many complaints from beach visitors.

During an interview the minister of justice (Arthur Dowers) explained that he had a meeting with members of the hotel association, the police and DIP (department of infrastructure and planning). The outcome of the meeting was clear – a new approach is necessary to regulate Aruba’s beaches.  

However, I haven’t heard the minister or members of DIP explain how they are going to manage and control permit holders on their compliance in regards to the beach policy.

Who’s going to stop the “palapa wars” on the beach?

One might think the police can solve the issue, but the truth is they can’t do nothing much about it. Their only function is to provide security around our beaches.  

DIP is the only one in charge of taking away a permit or removing any obstructions on the beach (they can ask the police for assistance).

If you want to read more about the beach policy click here.

Watch Out For Jellyfish

Aruba’s beaches attracts millions of visitors. But when visiting a tropical island, there’s underwater creatures that you should be aware of.

Because a couple of days ago two people got stinged by jellyfish near fisherman’s hut (next to the Ritz Carlton). Both victims reportedly had swelling and purple spots on their body.

Hopefully they are okay by now….

breaking news from aruba

One of the victims..

Jellyfishes are common around Easter time in Aruba, because the wind tends to be stronger during this season. So the current can bring jellyfishes around public beaches.

What should you do if you ever get stinged by a jellyfish?

Depending on the type of jellyfish, how bad the sting actually is, and your reaction to it, you should spray ammonia on the wound. You can also use vinegar or vodka.

But if you get a really bad reaction you should call the ambulance.

Just take this as an advisory and be careful and use common sense when swimming and snorkeling in Aruba during this season.

If you want to learn more about Aruba’s fishes, check out my fish identification guide.

Click here to read more about my fish ID Guide.

New Bar in Aruba

If you enjoy a drink or two during your vacation, you should put this new bar that just opened in renaissance marketplace on your list.

It’s a new bar for craft beer and wine lovers. It’s called Aged Wine Bar.

During an interview the owner of the place, Renzo Ruiz, explained that he also owns vapor lounge, and decided to expand his lounge into a wine bar.

breaking news in aruba

Aged Wine Bar in renaissance marketplace

Camping in Aruba

During Easter season in Aruba, many locals attend church, participate in egg hunts around the island, but the most fun thing to do during this season is camping!

Camping is a family tradition for many locals during the Easter season.

Eagle beach, Arashi, Surf-side and Baby Beach are packed with tents and trailers.

Even though it’s a public holiday and most places are closed, there’s is plenty to do during Easter Sunday and Monday in Aruba. From hotels that offer special brunch and dinner packages, egg hunts, and the local camping experience around the island.

I’m also camping with my family and friends at Baby Beach.

There’s nothing better right now than just enjoying family, friends and laughter on the beach right now….

breaking news from aruba

Me having some fun on baby beach on Easter Sunday.

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