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Breaking Aruba News

Staying up to date with what’s happening on the island means you need to read the local news. But that’s hard to do if you don’t understand what’s written in the newspaper.

The reason I started this Aruba news bulletin is to keep you up to date with what’s happening on the island, because I know how much it means to you to stay connected with your home away from home.

Where do I get the information for breaking news in Aruba?


I watch the news nearly every day on tv, read local newspapers (online and some in print) and occasionally listen to a radio station locals call to discuss what’s happening in Aruba.

I pick the most relevant news out of Aruba that you can relate to.

Aruba Police Capture Toronto Murder Suspect

A murder suspect, wanted by the police in Toronto, has been caught by the local police – after a car chase that ended with the suspects SUV upside down in a ditch.

A local newspaper in Canada (Toronto Sun) confirmed the suspected killer is Michael “Teddy” Gibson after seeing his picture online.

There were also 4 other people arrested (2 women and 2 men).

breaking news Aruba

Michael Gibson is in custody of Aruban police.

Murder in Jaburibari

He remains in custody in Aruba, because he may be possibly tied to a murder of a Canadian visitor in the district of Jaburibari.

The local police haven’t released any information yet regarding both the arrest and murder case in Jaburibari.

Canada has an extradition treaty with Aruba, but he can’t be transferred yet, because he’s a prime suspect now on the island for the murder in Jaburibari.

Good Job!

Thumbs up to Aruba’s police.

The police were very attent, noticing the suspects car driving irresponsibly, run a red sign and ignored stop signs from the authority.

Police Catch Thief Who Robbed Tourist

The police was called to attend a robbery case in the district of Noord.

They were informed that a security guard near the Ritz Carlton saw a man rob a tourist and was trying to get away on his bike. But luckily, the security managed to catch him.

When the police got there, they found the man sitting on the floor and just had to put him in the dog catcher (police car in Aruba).

breaking news Aruba

Thumbs up to the security.

New Squad Cars

The minister of justice (Arthur Dowers) is expanding his police car fleet with more vehicles.

A couple of months ago they received 2 Toyota RAV 4’s, but this time they’re adding 3 new 4×4 Hilux pick-ups.

The new pick-ups were funded by the Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation.

breaking news Aruba

New 4×4 pick up for the police.

Aruparking – No More Wheel Clamps

The prime minister announced that the wheel clamps are no longer going to be used, after a group of downtown area business owners manifested in Aruba’s parliament.

breaking news Aruba

Business owners protesting – no more wheel clamps!

According to the director of Aruparking, the removal of the wheel clamp doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay for parking. It is still required to pay for parking, if you don’t your car will be towed.

The government is working on new sanctions for offenders. One of the way the prime minister explained they can do this is by sending a fine home.

The Reason for Aruparking

Before paid parking, drivers used to park their cars irresponsibly in the downtown area – bringing other people in danger.

In an effort to regulate and maintain order in parking, the government introduced paid parking.

However, the business owners in the downtown area said they suffered greatly for it.

More than 50 shops had to close during this period.

It’s clear that the paid parking had an effect on business in the downtown area, but it’s not the only reason why the main street is doing bad – business wise.

There are many other factors contributing to the situation of the downtown area, like…

  • Malls that are being opened outside of the downtown area
  • People shop online now a days
  • Because of the decreasing purchasing power of money.

A Better Solution

Paid parking definitely stopped people from visiting the downtown area, because they simply don’t want to pay for parking.

A better solution is to eliminate the paid parking and only fine drivers who park irresponsible (on the side road, on a corner and etc). Or tow their car.

Situation at Aruparking

The situation at Aruparking is not clear, and employees are afraid that they will lose their job.

If Aruparking gets into financial trouble, the government will step in, because they own it.

I will keep you updated on the parking meter situation in Aruba as it unfolds.

Hotels Not Happy With Beach Policy

There’s a new beach policy in Aruba, and the hotels don’t like it.

The new policy states that they have to have a permit to be able to place lounge chairs and palapas on the beach.  

Hotels disagree with the rate calculation for the permits, which is about $310.00 for one beach chair – a year. According to the hotels, rates for permits should be lower.

The government issued a deadline for permit payments, which was May 1, 2017 – however, no information has been released since then yet.

First Come First Serve

The beaches in Aruba is public, why not offer palapa on a first come first serve basis?

If hotels don’t want to be charged, they shouldn’t charge visitors either.

Let’s end the “palapa wars” in paradise.

Quad Racer Accident at Natural Pool

The local authorities (ambulance and police) were notified of an accident with a quad racer at Natural Pool.

A couple got into an accident with a quad racer on the way to the natural pool. They lost control when making a turn and hit against a pole.

According to members of the ambulance, the couple didn’t want, and even denied medical assistance.

breaking news Aruba

Quad racer accident near natural pool.

Be Careful….

Accidents can be right around the corner, be careful when operating any kind of motorized vehicle while on the island. The last thing you want in paradise is to get in an accident.

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Archaeological Discover in Aruba

Archaeologist discover funeral attributes in a cave near Sero Colorado.

They found 3 graves with skeletons next to each other (two adults and one child).

These finds will be further inspected, and end up in Aruba’s museum for display one day.

More NewsClick here to read last weeks news recap.

Breaking news Aruba

Archaeologist by the caves in Sero Colorado.

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