Are you looking for the best snorkeling in Aruba? I advise you to check a popular snorkeling spot called Tres Trapi Aruba.

In this post you’re going to:

  • Learn how to find Tres Trapi.
  • See some pictures of Tres Trapi.
  • Learn a few Aruba snorkeling safety tips.

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Tres Trapi Aruba Location

Tres Trapi is located near Malmok Beach after the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Drive to the north side of the island, as if you’re going to the California Lighthouse.

Before you reach Arashi beach you will see a yellow house (picture below).

Tres Trapi is next to this yellow house.

The view from Tres Trapi.

Stairway to get into the beach from Tres Trapi.

Snorkeling at Tres Trapi Aruba Is A Dream Come True

The clear and shallow water makes Tres Trapi an easy place to snorkel in Aruba.

You’re guaranteed to encounter fascinating creatures like angel fish and star fish. And a varied amount of colored tropical fishes swimming in and out of coral reefs. 

If you’re lucky you will have the opportunity to swim besides schools of fishes.

Aruba Snorkeling Safety Tips

Snorkeling is fun. But you should do it safe.

Here are some snorkeling tips: Because we care about your safety we have some snorkeling tips for you.

  • There can be strong currents out in the open water. Don’t snorkel to far out if you’re not a good swimmer. Returning back to shore can be difficult.
  • Put on a long-sleeve shirt to provide protection from accidental scrapes against underwater rocks.
  • Wear snorkeling shoes.
  • Make sure you have a watch so you don’t lose track of time underwater.

These tips will make your snorkeling adventure in Aruba safer and enjoyable.

Don’t forget your underwater camera. Because there’s a lot of sea life you can take pictures of.

Here’s a little secret – There is a bicycle underwater at Tres Trapi.

So, if you like the idea of spending the day exploring the wonders beneath the water’s surface than Tres Trapi is a snorkeling spot you should definitely visit.

The Best Snorkeling Equipment

You’re going to need a snorkeling set that fits you perfectly if you plan to snorkel in Aruba.

So, if you don’t have a snorkeling set yet, should you buy one or rent one?

Well, here in Aruba, the average price for renting a snorkeling set is around $20-30, depending where you rent from (and if you ask for delivery, you need to pay at least $5 extra).

However, buying a new snorkeling set is a better deal. Because they are new and they cost the same (or less) than rentals and you get to use it again on your next vacation.

Here’s a selection of the best reviewed and reasonably priced snorkeling gear on Amazon for your upcoming vacation in Aruba.

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