I’ve received beautiful pictures of Aruba from vacationers using Instagram.

I selected the best ones for your viewing pleasure and vacation ideas!

Let’s start with the first one.

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Beautiful Pictures of Aruba

It’s best to leave the hotel early to explore what Aruba has to offer.

But, before you hit the streets, fix yourself a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast with a beach view is priceless!

Aruba Beach Pictures

After you eat, you’re ready to explore Aruba.

Start your journey from the north-side of the island.

Turn on your camera and snap a few Aruba beach pictures.

Write Aruba in the soft sand.

While the crashing waves slowly erase your drawing.

Then walk alongside the shores of Boca Catalina and the sharp terrain of Tres Trapi.

Until you reach Malmok Beach area and see the I love Aruba sign.

Further up, close to Ritz Hotel, the beach is dotted with surf shacks.

If you’re interested, you can always book some lessons and catch some waves.

If your seeking relaxation and peace, book a yoga class near Palm Beach area.

However, it might not be what you expect, because it has a twist to it.

It’s yoga, standing up on a paddle board.

This is one of the new activities on the clear blue waters of Aruba.

If you want to take the road less traveled, visit Renaissance island.

It’s a private island near the coast of Sonesta Reef.

Maybe you’ve heard of it already, because it’s popular.

But what’s causing all the hype on this private island?

It’s because of the cutest flamingos you’ll ever see!

Take pictures of the flamingos to add to your gallery of beautiful pictures of Aruba.

Besides beautiful pink birds, Aruba has an amazing underwater life.

So, when you get a chance, go snorkeling and swim with yellow grunts.

At the end of the day, Aruba is one happy island, so have fun when you get here.

Have a drink, jump in the pool and stay cool!

This concludes the collection for Instagram pictures of Aruba July 2016 edition.

If these Aruba pictures don’t make you want to visit the island as soon as possible, you should keep looking for more on my Instagram page until one does. 😀

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