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Baby Beach Resort in San Nicolas

Word around Aruba is that a hotel named Baby Beach Resort could possibly start construction within 6 months from now on.

Although this news was released by an anonymous stakeholder, this has yet to be confirmed by the tourism minister.

Here’s a layout of Baby beach resort.


Layout of the future Baby beach resort in Seroe Colorado

The resort will be built on a 105.000 square meter limestone are in Seroe Colorado, about 100 – 300 meters north of Baby beach. Baby beach resort includes a restaurant, casino and 900 rooms, which 600 will be all inclusive.

Malmok Boardwalk Begins Construction In Two Weeks

Tourism minister confirms that the new Boardwalk at Malmok will begin construction in less than 2 weeks.

Boardwalk project will be carried out in 2 phases. The first phase will be completed within 5 months.

malmok boardwalk project in Aruba

Malmok and Arashi will be transformed soon.

First phase includes construction works from Arashi until Malmok – installing the boardwalks hardwood and clinkers bricks. Light reflectors will also be installed to separate oncoming traffic and people on the boardwalk. A little wall will be build also to stop sea turtles from reaching the road from the beach. Besides the new boardwalk, different infrastructure upgrades are taking place at the moment near the high rise hotel area. 

Amuse Sunset Restaurant Closed Due To Fire

Unfortunately, one of the hidden gem restaurant on the island, Amuse sunset restaurant completely caught fire on February 3, 2019.

The entire restaurant burned down, including a docked boat on the pier.

It would have been 3 years this summer since they relocated closer to the beach side. Long time island revisiters know this location as the previous Marandi Restaurant, which used to operate on this same location years ago.

Dinner at Amuse was beautiful during sunset. I remember fish swimming under the deck as I’d throw bread into the water, and watch the fastest fish eat. Truly awesome.

If you visit their website, this important notice pops up.

“On behalf of Chef Patrick van der donk and his wife Ivette Benavides, owners of Amuse Sunset Restaurant, we would like to inform you that due to a terrible fire that started around midnight on Sunday February 3rd, we will be out of business and remain silent about that facts that cause this devastating accident under further notice. We would like to thank all of our friends and family for the support and we will be posting any news on this matter on our social media. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our dear guests”

Local authorities are investigating the cause of the fire, more information about this will be released by Amuse or local authorities in the coming weeks or months.

We’d all like to see Amuse sunset restaurant serving their French inspired and Aruban styled cuisines again.

Ling & Sons Renovation

Ling & Sons, which is one of the local and visitor favorite supermarket is expanding and renovating their store.

The supermarket is being transformed from the outside with a new entrance and inside will be completely redesigned.

The future for Ling & Sons includes new coolers for frozen items, new meat department, new liquor shop, expansion of fruit and vegetable section, new bakery, customer service and restrooms.

Ling & Sons is also known for having different specials like 20% on fruits and vegetables every Tuesday. And 20% on fresh meat products every Thursday.

Tropicana Resort Changes Name

Tropicana Aruba Resort & Casino will transition officially into a new brand name after Tropicana Entertainment officially sold all the properties and the name Tropicana in October of 2018.

The new name of the hotel will be – Eagle Aruba Resort & Casino.

Besides changing the resort name, the hotel is also in the process of room renovations.

And other than the name change there aren’t any changes to ownership or timeshare.

Mother’s Day Concert

Mother’s day is going to be special in Aruba as popular singer Ana Gabriel will be on the island for a concert dedicated to mothers.

Ana Gabriel is a Mexican singer and songwriter with numerous Latin hit singles including “Ay Amor”, “Es Demasiado Tarde”, and “Quién Como Tú”.

Concert will take place on May 11, 2019 (location, time and ticket price will be announced at a later date).

Ana Gabriel will feature her entire mariachi band during the concert. Besides performances by Ana Gabriel, other local artists and bands will also be on stage.

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