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Groundbreaking Baby Beach Project & Hotel in San Nicolas

Tourism Minister announced during a press conference this week that the renovation project at Baby beach will start soon followed by a groundbreaking for Secrets Resort in San Nicolas.

According to the minister, a public tender is in process and renovations at Baby beach will start late August 2019.

With the renovation and upgrading of Baby beach and addition of a new hotel, more tours will be geared toward this side of the island. San Nicolas has a lot to offer, another view of Aruba, culture, arts, food and beautiful beaches. There’s truly a lot to do here, when in San Nicolas, visit the Tourist Information Center for guides on what to do.

The renovation project at Baby beach includes, but are not limited to – beach renovation, infrastructure upgrade, new beach huts, additional parking spaces, new courts for sports (volleyball, soccer and tennis), restaurants, bars and bathrooms.

Rodgers beach and the surrounding area will also be renovated, including renovating two piers.

Aruba Wins Favorite Honeymoon Destination

Aruba wins “Favorite Honeymoon Destination” for the second consecutive year, by Trazee Travel, a web publication for the traveling millennial’s.

This is the fifth year for the web publication’s awards, following its launch in September 2014. Reader votes for the best in travel across a range of categories were collected December 2018 –March 2019.

What makes Aruba the best honeymoon destination in the Caribbean region?

It has everything newlyweds are looking for to start their forever lasting love together.

Beautiful beaches. The sand can be swept away from beneath you by a wave caressing your feet as you walk hand in hand with your soulmate with a romantic sunset.

Endless activities for honeymooners. From relaxing at the spa, or enjoy a day at flamingo beach, sunset sail to more active excursions: island tours, snorkeling, and horse back riding. Nightlife. Food. Honeymooners find endless excitement on the island.

Aruba Ocean Villas Replant Mangroves & Revive Corals in Savaneta

The only over-water bungalow boutique hotel in Aruba (Aruba Ocean Villas) started a project to transplant live corals on top of existing damaged corals and replant mangroves.

According to the owner of the boutique hotel, Osyth Henriguez, the transplantation of nursery grown corals has already started and you can already notice the new corals growing on top of the damaged ones.

Located alongside the beach coast of Savaneta, the boutique hotel is surrounded by mangroves and corals.

The process they are using to transplant corals has been used to help restore damaged reefs for decades.

Marine biologist, Christiaan Pober, at the Institute for Tropical Ecology in Germany will visit the island to explore additional ways to regrow damaged corals and replant mangroves around the area.

Mangroves are essential to the coastline of Aruba, because they provide nurseries and habitats for fish and provide protection against storm surge.

Normally the corals and mangroves found near the reefs and lagoons in Aruba are left to recover naturally if they undergo any kind of damage, but because of world climate change and other factors, a hands on approach is needed in certain areas of Savaneta.

Warnings For Big Waves & Strong Winds

The department of meteorology recently announced a warning for “high seas and strong winds” to all beach goers.

A tropical disturbance, which is caused by the current Hurricane season (June – November) is drifting near the Caribbean region, it’s not a cause for concern to all the islands, but a warning according to local experts.

As expected on all islands in the Caribbean during hurricane season and minor tropical disturbances, the seas are going to be high. Winds are going to be strong. Steady winds can produce waves as high as 5 – 9 feet.

Swimming conditions may be affected at Arashi, and beaches near the high & low rise hotels.

According to weather forecast, the tropical disturbance will be out of the Caribbean by this week until further notice for other warnings.

American Airlines Extends Flights From LaGuardia to Aruba

The American airline company recently announced new route additions, flight extensions and expansions for travel to the Caribbean & Latin America for this winter.

So what’s the good news for travelers to Aruba that fly American?

American is extending their once weekly flight on Saturday between New York LaGuardia Airport and Aruba into next year 2020. They announced the flights out of LaGuardia on June 8, 2019 and were only destined for a short period. But extension was a good choice, because leisure flight routes to the Caribbean, particularly Aruba is attractive during the winter months – everyone’s looking for sunshine.

Flights from LaGuardia on American are made in a Boeing 737 with 160 seat capacity, book early so you don’t miss out!

Regatta Boat Racing in Aruba

Do you enjoy boats, especially watching small boats and yacht races?

If you answered yes, you don’t want to miss this year’s Regatta in Aruba. Regatta is a sporting contest where miniature boats (small rowed & powered boats) race against each other.

Aruba is hosting the 11th annual Regatta contest at Surfside beach in Oranjestad.

The boat racing event will be held on August 17-18 August, 2019. A challenging new course will be set up for the boats this year.

Regatta is not a boat racing contest only celebrated on the island, it’s something worldwide among sailors of the sea. In Aruba you will see miniature boats skimming their way through the blue waters, and some larger yacht racing against each other. The racing competition will also feature – sunfish races, beach cat races, optimists races and F11 races.

The boats in Aruba are beautiful. Colorful. Displaying the local fisherman’s craftsmanship. Besides watching racing boats, there’s also going to be a workshop on micro boat design at the Governors Bay on August 17, 2017 in the morning. Taking part is an opportunity to learn the skills to build a boat from the fisherman tradition in Aruba.

More Events in Aruba (in August 2019)
Aruba Hosts Vow Renewal Ceremony on Eagle Beach.

If you’ve been doing your research on Aruba, you’d agree with me that it’s one of the most revisited islands in the Caribbean, and the go to place for love birds!

Why is it the go to place for romance?

Everything adds up to love.

The sunsets. Late night dinners on the beach. Countless romantic hot spots, and lots of things to do on the island for couples.

Here’s a video recap of the vow renewals on Eagle beach in 2018.

This year is no different.

Eagle beach is going to be the host of the 3rd vowel renewal ceremony in Aruba. It’s the biggest wedding memory event in the Caribbean region.

The ceremony will be held on August 21, 2019.

What is the vow renewal ceremony all about?

Of Course renewing your wedding vows, but in a special way, the Aruban way!

With your feet in the sand on Eagle beach, as the sun makes it way down the horizon. You and your loved one will recommit your wedding vows and promise each other to stick besides one another.

Champagne and local hors d’oeuvres will be available during the event.

Are you going to be in Aruba during this event?

You can pre-register to attend the vow renewal ceremony by visiting here.

This years event has a surprise for a lucky couple.

One lucky couple can win a free trip to Aruba. All you have to do is send a written essay between 200 – 500 words, including video or images showcasing you two, and why you want to renew your wedding views on Eagle beach. 

Explore Aruba At The Island Festival

There’s a new reason to visit San Nicolas besides the stunning mural arts, display of culture, and beautiful beaches – a new street festival.

This month is going to be the 3rd edition of Island Festival.

It’s a 3 street festival in the promenade of San Nicolas. 

Each street will represent an island with its own theme: local island, multicultural island and historical island. 

Walk the trio streets and experience their local and multicultural food and drinks, music, ambience and vibe. 

Island festival will also have live shows. 

Local actors will illustrate the Aruban way of life back in the days and how the lifestyle developed until today. 

Two local bands will be playing live groovy Aruban music.

There’s also going to be different kiosks with local arts and crafts for sale made by Aruban artists. 

Island Festival will be organized once a month in San Nicolas. 

The next edition of island fest will be on August 28, 2019. 

Locals will be there. You are also invited to visit San Nicolas. 

Come and eat our food, taste our drinks, mingle with locals and experience the Aruban way of life! 

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