Arikok National Park Acquires The Fontein

Aruba’s national park announced it acquired Fontein, one of the islands most longstanding gems and plans to turn this into a new nature experience for park visitors.

Also known as Hofi Fontein, is an 180+ year old traditional home with fresh water ponds. This area is considered one of Aruba’s cultural and traditional monuments, because of the history it represents.

Stories going all the way back to the first inhabitants of the islands, the Indians. Until today you can still see the paintings left by the Indians inside of nearby limestone caves, known as the Fontein Caves.

Now that Fontein is acquired and under the parks protection, the primary task for Aruba’s national park is conservation of the freshwater ponds.

One of the highlights of visiting the area of Fontein inside of the National Park is discovering several small ponds with tiny fishes that are ready to nibble on your toes, if you wet your feet.

This natural pedicure is one of the experiences that you can’t miss out on while exploring the Arikok National Park.

Natural pond with fishes nibbling on your feet – Image Source (

About Arikok National Park

Founded in the 1980’s, Arikok National Park is an independent foundation responsible for the conservation and management of 20% of Aruba’s land. The park also protects many marine life around the island.

Arikok has many other iconic monuments, views from mountains overlooking the wild north coastlines of Aruba, interesting wildlife, limestone caves, beautiful flora and fauna and many other exiting attractions, including a natural rock formation pool, known as Natural Pool.

Locals refer to it as “Conchi” in Papiamento, the native language in Aruba.

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This is the natural pool in Aruba. Do you want to swim and snorkel here?

Standing on top of a giant rock at the natural pool.

Visit The Arikok National Park 

Arikok is one of the “must visit” places when in Aruba.

Visitors can explore the park on their own, or book a local hiking tour in Aruba, with a professional guide to show around the park.

Views of the Caribbean sea crashing against the coastlines in Arikok from the rugged hills are spectacular and worth the visit.

Next to the cultural monuments in the park, there’s also several hiking trails covering the national park entirely.

Here’s a list of tours I recommend if you want guided tour to Arikok.

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The New Cocktail Bar in Palm Beach!

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this new cocktail bar in Aruba are, flamingo’s!

Flamingo’s is the newest cocktail bar in Palm Beach for cocktails, cold beers and tasty bites to eat.

Newly opened on August 26, 2022 in Palm Beach at the Paseo Herencia Mall. 

Flamingo’s also serves Dutch inspired meals for breakfast, smoothies, fresh health juice, and for lunch a wide selection of tapas.  

One of the best drinks on their menu are Mojito’s, with a flamingo twist!

Flamingo’s is also a sports bar when big games are live including NFL, NBA, Soccer, MLB and Formula One.

Baby Beach Renovations

Aruba is getting closer to starting a major upgrade and enhancement of Baby Beach.

Baby beach is one of the most popular beaches for international visitors, because of its shallow blue waters and amazing snorkeling experience.

To maintain the beach’s quality standards for beachgoers, the government is moving forward with a environmentally sustainable renovation project aimed at improving the conditions of Baby Beach.

The renovation project is part of the Seroe Colorado Masterplan, which is a large- scale upgrade of beaches in San Nicolas. 

Renovation of Baby Beach will be funded by Aruba’s Tourism Enhancement Fund.

The existing parking lots will be renovated and improved. All parking lots will be designed to block cars from driving and parking on the beach sand, which is prohibited on all the beaches around the island.

There is a pathway that connects Baby Beach and Rodger’s Beach, which is currently not accessible, but road will be restored to its original glory.

Indigenous plants will also be planted to improve the flora, and large palm trees will also be added to provide natural shade for beachgoers. 

The existing tennis court will be restored and an additional multifunctional court will be constructed for beach sports.

Expect two new food and beverage kiosks with traditional Aruban food and refreshments, including a new restrooms.

This project is significant for the protection of the environment of this area and to guarantee excellent beach conditions for beachgoers.

Ling & Sons Supermarket Expands Its Bakery Department

Ling & Sons is expanding their bakery department with a new banquet assortment by Hendrickx the baker, a popular Belgian bread crafter brand.

The supermarket added the Hendrickx Baker concept to its bakery and plans to serve quality breads and banquet items from Europe.

Hendrickx the Baker is currently in Aruba with his team from Netherlands, Belgium and France. The team is setting up the bakery and training staff how to bake the Hendrickx banquet items in a stone ovens.

The new line of banquet products includes breads, croissants, pastries, homemade Belgian chocolates, cakes and other baked goods.

The official opening of the bakery will be held on September 10, 2022 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

You are invited to try the in store tastings of Hendrickx banquet products.

Ling and Sons is a well known supermarket in Aruba that visitors and locals go to shop, because it is close to the hotel area and they carry a lot of American brand products and Dutch Products.

Update On The New Roundabout at Palm Beach 

The new roundabout at Palm Beach was scheduled to open on September 1, 2022, but due to unforeseen construction delays the official opening date is now rescheduled.

The roundabout will be closed for vehicles as of September 7, 2022.

Traffic will be partially allowed on the outside lanes of the roundabout as of September 9, 2022, which allows construction works to continue to complete the infrastructure project. 

The roundabout will be officially opened on September 23, 2022. 

Check this cool drone picture of the roundabout…

Current state of the roundabout in Palm Beach – Image Source (

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