With hundreds of fine dining establishments to choose from, making dinner plans in Aruba can be hard – but I’ll make it easier for  you, because I found a hidden gem!

To make your menu choices as simple as possible, I’m highlighting some of the most stellar dishes you should try, if you decide to visit.

Let me take you through a culinary journey at this spot: Ricardo’s.

Escargot & Ceviche For Starters

If you love seafood like me, you’ll be delighted with one of the chef’s favorite appetizers – escargot!

Half a dozen escargots swimming in delicious garlic butter sauce and white wine sauce.

Each one of these cooked edible land snails were tasted amazing.

The dish is accompanied with corn starch based polenta bread, known locally as funchi.

Fresh fish and seafood are plenty on the island!

Knowing this, another seafood dish was in front of me after indulging my first appetizer. This time a favorite on tropical island, especially in Aruba – Ceviche!

Chunks of grouper, marinated in lemon, sea salt and onions. Topped with herbs and bell peppers.

Every bite was tasty and refreshing, just as this Peruvian inspired dish is supposed to be prepared.

If you’re not a ceviche lover, this dish will convert you into one, once you take a bite.

Chef’s Pepper Steak

Beyond the endless meat options on Ricardo’s menu, I settled for the Chef’s Pepper Steak!

Juicy beef tenderloin accompanied with a peppery cognac sauce.

The top quality meat is grilled to perfection, served with delicious mashed potato and mixed vegetables.

This dish has an exquisite taste and surely will leave any meat lover wanting more!

Aruban Grouper Filet

If you’re looking for an authentic specialty during your vacation in Aruba, try the Aruban Grouper Filet!

Fish is a part of traditional Aruban dishes, and the chefs at Ricardo’s put a new spin on a classic cuisine with nice presentation.

Tantalize your taste buds with this crispy pan fried grouper with mango creole sauce.

It’s served with rice topped with herbs and mixed vegetables.

Chefs Recommendations

After my last dish, the hostess suggested I try lobster pasta with vodka creamy sauce on my next visit – which I will definitely do!

Drink & Wine Recommendations

Besides cocktails and mixed drinks, there’s plenty of wines available at Ricardo’s that compliment each dish perfectly.

According to the hostess, which is also a knowledgeable sommelier, suggests drinking red wine when eating steak, especially pinot noir.

When indulging in fish, salad or chicken, try a glass of white wine.

Location & Reservations At Ricardo’s

Ricardo’s is a restaurant & bar located at the Aruba Beach Club.

It’s a open restaurant with two dining options: on deck or on the beach!

Their menu features the best Aruban cuisine and international dishes.

If you want to taste what Ricardo’s has to offer, place your reservation here in their online booking system.

Reservations at Ricardo’s are only accepted at least one day prior to your visit (not valid for same day reservations)

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