Aruba Votes Coalition in 2021 Elections

The 2021 elections took place on June 25, 2021 and Aruba’s local community voted for a coalition. 

Winners of the elections were 5 different parties which are: MEP, AVP, RAIZ, MAS & Accion 21. 

The coalition has to be formed between these 5 political parties. 

Now it’s up to the Governor of Aruba to guide the leaders of the winning political parties with forming the new Government that will be in charge of the island for the next four years. 

Over 40.000 voters went out and voted. There were a total of 70.000 locals that were eligible to vote in this election 2021.

Aruban had a choice between 12 political parties and 176 politicians.

The results of the elections are clear, some leaders of traditional parties grew in votes, while the others lost supporters. And new political parties are getting more support.

No one knows yet which parties will form the Government, and which politicians will get a seat in Aruba’s Parliament.

Will it include one or both of the largest parties (MEP, AVP)? Or will the new and small parties (RAIZ, MAS & Accion 21) be the future of the island…

The New Vaccine Alternative: Johnson & Johnson

The department of public health is now offering Johnson & Johnson vaccine to locals who want to vaccinate.

At first, the vaccine of choice at the start of vaccination campaigns was Pfizer. 

It required locals to get 2 doses, with about 3 -4 weeks in between each jabs. Johnson & Johnson only requires one dose.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was developed in collaboration with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Belgium Based division of Johnson & Johnson.

It’s approved by the advisory committee on immunization practices, Center of Disease Control, Food Drugs Administration and Medicaments Association in Europe.

The Netherlands provides Aruba with thousands of Pfizer vaccinations by airplane (KLM), and helped the island with batch of 2.500 vaccines by Johnson & Johnson.

Health officials in Aruba continue their efforts to vaccinate as many locals as possible. Because the Governments goal is to vaccinate 85% of its population in order to reach herd immunity and recuperate the island economy and public health.

Pfizer remains the main vaccine in Aruba against the virus.

Over 67.605 vaccinations have been administered on the island as of July 1, 2021. 

Aruba Airport Awarded For Reducing Carbon Footprints

The airport in Aruba was awarded a new accreditation for its efforts to reduce carbon emissions. 

Reina Beatrix Airport entered the Airport Council International program for airport carbon accreditation in 2018. 

The Aruba airport has since then implemented several different steps to reduce its carbon emissions. Including but not limited to changing all the lights to LED, installing electrical timers inside and around the property, and invested into new environmental friendly air-conditioning systems.

A “Level 2 Accreditation” indicates that the airport is on the right way to reduce its carbon footprint and remaining a pioneer in the Caribbean region.

The “Airport Carbon Accreditation” is the only Global program specifically meant  for airports. It certifies them for their efforts to manage and reduce their carbon emissions.

All airports around the world need to strive to be inclusive, safe, resistant, and sustainable. 

Their are a total of 6 accreditation levels when it comes to the reduction of carbon footprint including:

  1. Mapping
  2. Reduction
  3. Optimization
  4. Neutrality 
  5. Transformation 
  6. Transition 

The carbon accreditation program was created in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly, and they aim to reach their goal by 2030.

recent news out of Aruba

125 Additional Flights to Aruba During Summer

Airlines that service Aruba announced they are adding additional flights during the summer of 2021.

A total of 125 seats are being added by all airlines combined.

The airport is currently receives 80% of its total flights compared to 2019, before the pandemic. And the passenger load for airplanes is at 70% compared to 85% in 2019. 

Tourism keeps growing in Aruba as the amount of visitors keeps growing monthly. The hospitality industry is blooming again, faster than expected. Maybe because the vaccination rate around the world is increasing, the confidence among travelers is increasing, and Aruba maintains strict health protocols.

Major airlines are keeping up with the new travel trends by adding more flights to Aruba’s schedules and revive old ones. 

Here’s a breakdown of the additional flights to Aruba by global airlines:

  • American Airlines is increasing its flights from Charlotte to Aruba in the summer.
  • The airline is also resuming one weekly flight service from LaGuardia as of June 12, 2021.
  • United Airlines increased its flights from Washington.
  • JetBlue increases its flights from JFK to Aruba as of July.
  • WestJet restarts flights to Aruba as of November 6, 2021 (tentative), 2 weekly flights from Toronto. 
  • Air Canada starts flights as of September 11, 2021 from Toronto.
  • Avianca plans to increase weekly flights from Bogota as of July until August, 2021.
  • KLM increases its daily flights from Amsterdam from July until August. 
  • TUI NL plans to increase flights as of July 6, 2021 through October 2021.
  • TUI UK plans to increase flights from Gatwick as of July 7, 2021 (subject to UK Government review of green list countries).

Flight schedules in Aruba are changing constantly and are subject to change at any time of the moment.

A Deeper Look Into Oranjestad Renovation Project

The Director of Public Works in Aruba announced more details about the new Oranjestad revamping project.

According to the Director, renovating Oranjestad has one goal – to make the city more vibrant!

It’s a large project that includes renovating existing buildings into new retail stores with options to live upstairs. And developing new establishments for food, beverage and hang out spots. 

Oranjestad Renovation Project is a collaboration between the Government, public works department, the public and private sector.

All stakeholders in this project want to attract more locals and visitors to experience the downtown’s retail shops, food and beverage. 

Different areas of the capital city will be beautified including welcome Plaza, Plaza Daniel Leo, and the fountains next to retail shop Penha, Nikki Habibi, and Chipi Chipi.

Aruba’s trolley will be the way of transport through the main streets for visitors to get to know the iconic spots, shops, food, beverage, history, culture of the island. 

Developing houses above retail shops in the downtown area will attract more locals and international university students to live in Oranjestad. 

Parking spaces are going to be expanded with new building parking lots around the downtown area. And the current paid parking system will be evaluated, according to the Director of the department of public works.


Aruba’s Sarah Quitah Dominates Israel Windsurfing Competition.

Sarah Quita Offringa, one of Aruba’s professional windsurfers won the 2021 Tiberias Israel PWA World Cup.

Members of the professional windsurfers association consider this competition as one of the most prestigious in the world.

The windsurfing competition was held in Israel on June 21 – 25, 2021.

It’s been 18 months since a windsurfing competition has taken place around the world due to the pandemic. Israel is the first country to host a windsurfing competition after the windsurfing world came to a halt. And it’s also the first time Israel is hosting a world cup windsurfers event.

The event had over 60 riders and tested their slalom windsurfing discipline.

Sarah lead the group of women at the start of the competition and earns gold medal at the end.

Aruba once again on the map, congratulations for the 5th time, Champ!

Celebrate Aruba Ariba & Natural Bridge Cocktails

Two bartenders in Aruba received recognition this week for creating two of the best drinks on the island – Aruba Ariba & Natural Bridge. 

These 2 signature drinks were created by Juan Nicodemus Tromp (Jockey), Aruba Aruba and Francisco Hyacinto Kelly (Frans), Natural Bridge.

These two bartenders were part of the island’s bartending competition organized during the old days that still make an impact on today’s bars.

Aruba Ariba & Natural Bridge are established cocktails in Aruba, but new concoctions being created everyday by modern skilled local bartenders.

Aruba Ariba is the most popular drink out of the two – if you’ve ever had one before, you know why…

Here’s the basic recipe for Aruba Ariba, which could be altered to your own taste:

  • Vodka
  • Rum
  • Passion fruit syrup
  • Creme de Banana
  • Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Crushed ice
  • Cherry grenadine syrup
  • Triple sec
  • Orange & pineapple slice
  • Maraschino Cherry

If you’ve never had the Aruba Aruba before, order one when you’re on the island.


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