Palm Beach Gets a High-Rise Makeover!

The Department of Public Works (DOW) in Aruba unveiled an exciting project set to unfold in the vibrant Palm Beach area.

This project comes alongside several others that are already in progress.

As per their announcement, the High Rise Upgrade project comprises three main phases.

The first phase involves the reconstruction of the road between Riu Antilla and South Beach. Additionally, new drainage and sewage systems will be installed beneath the roadway.

The second phase encompasses similar improvements as the first, but this time it extends from South Beach to the Holiday Inn hotel.

Finally, the third phase focuses on the reconstruction of the promenade and sidewalks from Riu Antilla to the Holiday Inn.

RIU – One Of Aruba’s High Rise Hotels

Considering the project’s location in the High Rise area, the need for imported materials, and potential weather-related delays, DOW decided to maintain public access this year and award the project to commence in 2024.

The plan is to keep public access uninterrupted throughout the reconstruction.

However, this timeline and plan can only be maintained if there are no weather-related delays or issues with the delivery of required materials from abroad.

Aruba’s High Rise Infrastructure: I’ts 2024 Reveal


Aruba’s Highrise Infrastructure

Expected that we are entering the hurricane season, where heavy rainfall can be expected, the Department of Public Works decided to postpone the start of these works to the following year, specifically after Carnival and Easter Season, in 2024.

Starting the project after the Easter season would provide ample time for the contracted construction team to secure the necessary materials from abroad, thus preventing material delays from impacting the project timeline.

The public closure for the project is scheduled for October 27th.  There will be various changes in routes as the project progresses to ensure hotel accessibility., and care will be taken to mitigate construction risks.

The complete project will have a duration of on average 75 working days.

So in 2024 when you visit Aruba, expect to see a whole new renovated high-rise main street, surroundings, and landscaping.

Ayo Park Revamped: A Breath of Fresh Air in Aruba

During a press conference by the Government of Aruba, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, along with Minister Xiomara Maduro, announced the completion of the first phase of the renovation works at Ayo Park.

The Prime Minister explained that this project began during the pandemic when the world realized, that to move beyond the pandemic and lead healthier lives, there was a need for more outdoor activities.

Thus, the government established the Aruba Amenities Commission, which, in collaboration with various government departments and semi-governmental organizations, worked on several projects, with Ayo Park being one of them.

The Prime Minister (Yellow) and government in Aruba

She further explained that a year and a half ago, they started the restoration work at Ayo Park.

The commission initially carried out urgent work to mitigate the main issues and then began planning and executing the renovation of different parts of the park.

The Prime Minister indicated that Phase 1 covered various aspects. They began by renovating the walking path, installing metal rails for safety along the route, renewing the roofs of the cabins, building a wooden bridge where the creek enters Ayo, painting the rails that protect the cave drawings, and managed to create two new park entrances.

Ayo + Casibari Rock Formations

The amenities commission is already preparing for phase 2, which will bring technology to enhance the visitor experience.

Also adding more parking space to expand the capacity to accommodate more visitors.

Soon visitors can use their phones with QR codes to access information at significant points along their walking route.

This new technology adds an educational value.

The educational value of the experience is increasing, and it covers aspects such as the historical and indigenous parts of the site, as well as geological information, history, the age of the stones, and valuable botanical and bird information,

Phase 3 will include an information center for visitors.

Parking Paradise on Horizon At Eagle Beach

In the enchanting realm of Eagle Beach, a remarkable transformation is currently underway.

The area is getting a fresh makeover, and the changes are already taking shape. These endeavors are made possible through the Tourism Product Enhancement Fund (TPEF) and the Ministry of Tourism.

What’s the objective you ask?

To revamp Eagle Beach completely and bring it into proper order.

Once upon a time, people would park their cars just about anywhere along the open stretches of the beach. Now, a solution is in the works to turn this into a well-organized parking paradise for everyone arriving at this sandy haven.

New Parking Lot Haven at Eagle Beach

The construction work is already in full swing, with contractors hard at work from early hours.

They’ve cleared away all the edges and are well on their way to completion, ensuring that both tourists and locals will soon have a designated parking area.

These transformations are happening just beyond the Driekiel roundabout, near Amsterdam Manor.

The New Driekiel Roundabout (Driekiel is Papiamento for Turtle).

The upcoming changes promise to enhance the experience for all who come to revel in the beauty of Eagle Beach.

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, you’ll soon have a convenient and organized spot to park your vehicle, making your beach days even more enjoyable.

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San Nicolas Water Tower: Restoration & Legacy

If you visit San Nicolas in the upcoming weeks, you will notice the Water Tower surrounded by scaffolding for maintenance work.

The maintenance project will be carried out by local construction companies and is expected to last approximately three months. The tasks involve painting the exterior of the monument, installing a lightning rod, and repairing certain sections of the walls within the building.

During this maintenance period, the Museum of Industry will remain open to the public, ensuring the safety of both visitors and workers.

In addition to the work commencing in October in San Nicolas, maintenance is also being performed on Casita Geel and Huisje Wild.

The work at Weststraat 15, known as Casita Geel, aims to adapt the building for a new tenant, which will be announced soon.

Water Tower in Sanicolas

San Nicolas Water Tower

In 1933, Aruba developed its water distillation plant in Balashi and created its water distribution network.

To address water pressure issues during peak usage hours, it was decided to build two water towers. The San Nicolas Tower was inaugurated on August 14, 1939, while the Oranjestad Tower followed suit on November 4, 1939.

The restoration of the San Nicolas Water Tower was completed in 2013, and in 2016, the Museum of Industry opened its doors within the tower on Bernhardstraat.

Look Out For Aruba Open Beach Tennis

Aruba Open Beach Tennis Championship, organized by Beach Tennis Aruba (BTA), is starting again in the month of November.

This marks a historic moment, as BTA, for the first time in many years, will be hosting a tournament that complies with international competition standards.

About The Tournament

The upcoming tournament promises to be a game-changer for both BTA and the island of Aruba.

The event will feature state-of-the-art facilities, international athletes, and world-class competition. Fans can expect an unforgettable experience that positions Aruba as a key player in the world of beach tennis.

Aruba Beach Tennis Championships.

About Beach Tennis Aruba

Beach Tennis Aruba is the leading organization for beach tennis on the island, dedicated to the advancement of the sport and the development of local athletes.

Are you going to be in Aruba in November?

The event takes place during November 12 – 19, 2023.

Make sure to visit this event filled with sports, food, music, and plenty of fun things to do – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

Aruba’s Hospitality Is Still Top Notch

Aruba celebrated the extraordinary journey of the hotel industry on our island during World Tourism Day on 27 September.

Tourism has not only strengthened our island’s economic stability, acting as a resilient shield during times of turmoil and crisis, but it has also successfully led to economic growth and prosperity.

So, how did we achieve such remarkable success? What is the essence of Aruba’s success?

“Our brand, ‘One Happy Island,’ is not just a slogan; it is engraved in our DNA,” said Ronella Croes, CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), at the start of her speech on the occasion of World Tourism Day.

Aruba’s One Of A Kind Scenery

Visitors can be drawn to Aruba’s clear seas, blue ocean, and perfect climate, but they return time and again mainly for the warmth and kindness of our people. A significant part of our success relies on customer service, the genuine hospitality of Arubans, and our human capital. Our visitors feel at home; they feel secure,” according to Ronella Croes.

Aruba consistently scores high in guest satisfaction, and Aruba ranks among the top destinations in the Caribbean in terms of guest experience, as measured by feedback and reviews from Aruba on over 100 platforms, with monthly reports.

The various accommodation projects currently under development require diligent management on Aruba’s behalf to optimally capitalize on the opportunities presented while also considering the possible social and environmental impact on our island.

Aruba’s heavy reliance on tourism requires that the tourism authorities’ decisions, even the most challenging ones, prioritize sustainability, which is one of the points brought forward by ATA’s executive.

What do you love about Aruba?

The warm-hearted local people and the happiness they express, right?

The beautiful beaches are just a plus!

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