Travel restrictions around the world are still in place as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

As we all dream of one day of going outside again, everyone is asking the same questions – when will it end? And how will travel look like when borders are reopened?

Truthfully, no one knows the definite answer to these questions. It all depends on how each country manages the crisis.

And even if borders are open again and health authorities give green light to travel again – you have to take safety concerns into your own hands.

Here’s how you can safely plan your travel after coronavirus outbreak ends.

Don’t Rush To Book Your Trip

Experts can only speculate, but no one knows when Coronavirus is going to end once and for all.

Even if the outbreak ends and the world slowly returns to normal – chances are that the virus can cause an unforeseen second wave of infections, that you should avoid at all cost.

If this turns out to be the case, it can ruin your travel plans.

It’s best to play it safe and keep your options open.

Booking way to early, and find out that borders and travel restrictions are still in place will ruin your travel plans and cost a lot of money, if you do not have proper trip insurance in place.

This counts for booking flights, hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and activities.

Only book when you’re certain that it’s really safe to travel again considering all aspects.

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Check Cancellation Options Before Booking

When booking your trip, look for free cancellation options – this counts for flights, hotels, villas, rental cars, restaurants and activities.

Many of tourism related companies made the cancellations flexible for travelers.

Certain hotels and airlines have a full refund or free cancellations until certain dates. Other companies even offered travelers the option to reschedule their vacation later in 2020 or 2021 without any additional fees.

Protect your travel investment by informing about cancellation policy before booking anything related to vacation.

Secure Your Trip With Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important aspect of vacations, even more now with coronavirus outbreak.

Insurance companies have adapted their coverage since the outbreak, and the fear of Coronavirus is not included in your travel insurance.

As we all know, travel insurance is divided into two separate groups – health insurance and trip insurance.

Health insurance covers any accident or illness that happens when you are abroad, but if you get sick with COVID-19, your travel insurance may not cover any of your medical expenses, depending on your insurance plan.

Fear of coronavirus is not a valid reason within trip insurance policies.

The best option when searching for travel insurance is to purchase “Cancellation for Any Reason Travel Insurance”.

As the name suggest, your expenses when canceling a trip will be covered, including if you fear Coronavirus.

If you do not have an insurance plan like this, you may lose money when cancelling your trip.

Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers everything you need when booking your vacation.

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Stay Safe When Traveling

Aruba will improve its tourism in aspects to cleanliness to provide a safety for its visitors.

But how can you take your health into your own hands while traveling?

Travel with certified masks that protect against coronavirus.

Use hand sanitizers and bring Lysol wipes to clean surfaces that you are going to be in frequent contact with at your hotel or vacation rental.

It’s also important to practice proper hygiene, this means washing your hands with soap because it’s the most effective compared to using hand sanitizers.

Try not to touch your face if you didn’t wash or sanitized your hands.

During your vacation use social distance as a way to protect yourself and others. If you notice someone coughing or sneezing, and has symptoms that look like the flu, keep away from them. Keeping a 1,5 meters distance is advised by health organizations, but removing yourself from their presence is the safest option.

To avoid food and beverage related infections, visit restaurants and bars that practice safe hygiene when preparing your food and drinks.

This includes restaurants and bars that have their employees that use masks, wash hands properly and frequently. And establishments that do not allow guests at full capacity, social distance is key!

Do you have additional travel tips? Leave a comment and share your travel tips during coronavirus outbreak for our fellow travelers…

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