Aruba has the most returning visitors than any island in the Caribbean. Because of the high quality of Aruba tourism. But the plan is to make the quality of tourism in Aruba even more attractive than it already is!

If you’re an Aruba addict, you noticed the development of Aruba through the years.

But if you’re visiting Aruba for the first time you’re going to enjoy it!

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The Quality of Aruba Tourism

In the coming years more effort will be put into increasing the quality of Aruba’s tourism.

This will be done by…

Creating a New Cultural Heritage Center

The city of San Nicolas is going to be developed into a Cultural Heritage Center.

An art gallery will be added. Where local artist can show their talent. There’s going to be more events in the streets of San Nicolas. Like Carubbian Festival every Thursday night.

Read more about Carubbian Festival here.

San Nicolas is going to be a must visit place while in Aruba.

Renovating Aruba’s Landmarks

Aruba is small but packed with things to see and do.

Besides beautiful beaches there are must see landmarks. But some are in need of a renovation.

For example the California Lighthouse is popular among visitors and locals. But for years you couldn’t enter.

The lighthouse has been recently renovated.

Read more about the renovation here.

Our precious monuments will be protected by UNESCO.

More Choices To Stay While in Aruba

Aruba has luxurious hotels and resorts. However visitors are looking for other accommodation types. So more boutique hotels and villas are being built to satisfy those looking for something new.

More Security on the Island

Aruba is  one of safest islands in the Caribbean.

But the plan is to make it safer than it already is.

The Minister of Tourism has invested in security for the hotel sector. Giving the police and security guards more equipment to control around the hotel area.

You can vacation with peace of mind in Aruba.

Are you an Aruba addict? What changes have you seen in Aruba in the recent years.

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  1. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    We are 4 adult & 2 young children from USA & as we snorkled at Mangel Hallo, our van was stolen along w many of our personal property, cameras, iPhones, prescription glasses, toiletry bag with important medicine. A kind lady made call to authorities & Avis brought us another car. The thug took a pic of himself & it appeared in our photo stream. We want to share the photo to alert visitors & general public about this thief. I don’t have an email address to send it to. There was a fellow taking pictures with a blue shirt that had oress on the back. We need some of those pics for insurance & rental car company


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