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Aruba Stop Reporting Weekly Covid Numbers

The Public Health Department (DVG) in Aruba recently announced that it will no longer publish weekly covid numbers.

This decision came in after two years of daily reporting, which turned into weekly covid number updates.

Because the cases have dropped for several weeks already, and the situation on the island is stable, there is no need to report the latest cases. 

Public health is still a high priority for the department, and they will keep track of the coronavirus development internally, just like the case with any other infectious disease.

This doesn’t mean that covid doesn’t exist, so incase of any new outbreak or potentially dangerous situation, the public health department will send out an alert to the local community and visitors.

Aruba Cancels Weekly Covid Number Updates

Here’s a few frequently asked questions regarding traveling to Aruba as we finally put the pandemic behind us.

Are you required to show a negative test result or proof of vaccination upon arrival in Aruba?

No, it is not required.

Travellers are no longer required to show a negative test result or proof of vaccination for COVID-19 when entering the island.

Are you required to purchase the Aruba visitors insurance?

No, travellers are not required to purchase Aruba visitors insurance.

However, the visitor’s insurance is optional.

You can still purchase the insurance policy and you will be covered if you get COVID during your vacation.

Do you still have to complete the Embarkation/ Disembarkation Card?

Yes, all travellers are required to fill the online ED-card, before arrival in Aruba.

Are you required to wear a facemask in Aruba?

No, it is not mandatory to wear facemasks in Aruba. 

However, certain establishments can require you to wear a mask.

Prepare To Visit Aruba’s Art Fair Event in November

Did you know that San Nicolas, a district in Aruba, is known as the “Street Art Capital of the Caribbean”?

This year the city will make a big impact in the art scene, as preparations are made for the 5th edition of Art Fair in Aruba.

Art Fair in Aruba is a 3 day event featuring over +150 art exhibitions, mural paintings in the main streets of San Nicolas, and outdoor galleries. popup stores, restaurants, tours, food, drinks, and live music.

Aruba art fair will take place during November 4 – 6, 2022.

3 days in Aruba

Artistic murals in San Nicolas worth checking out!

This year’s art fair will be curated by local architectural design and fine art expert, Renwick Heronimo.

Art Fair in Aruba is organized by the foundation ArtisA (Art is Aruba).

ArtisA promotes art, culture and movement in Aruba, especially in San Nicolas.

A selection of talented artist will make this year’s Art Fair unforgettable. 

Over 15 local and international artists will come together and unite all elements of art and showcase them during the art fair.

International artists from Mexico, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Chile, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Bonaire and Curacao.

What can you expect from Art Fair Aruba?

You will get a view of the spectacular art scene in Aruba and a fun learning experience during the event, which will expand your heart for art.

Over 10.000 locals and visitors are known to visit art fair since the first ever event took place in 2015.

If you are in Aruba in November and you want to experience a different vibe on the island, visit the art fair for a unique look into Aruba’s art and what makes the city of San Nicolas the street Art Capital of the entire Caribbean.

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Aruba’s Port City Start Public Tender Process

The Prime Minister of Aruba recently announced the official public tender of the new Port City project in Aruba.

Port City is a new modern city, with residential area, retail shops and public parks that will be located on the former cargo terminal in Oranjestad.  

The project kicks off with a “public tendering” process to invite companies that are interested in constructing the city to submit their construction bid. 

Over 70 local and international companies have expressed interest in developing the new port city.

Port city is an investment of more than 500 million dollars.

The entire area for development is 187.000 square meters, but only 40% will be designated for the boutique hotels, condominiums, retail stores, and the rest of the land will be left to develop public areas and vegetation.

The Future Port City in Aruba, Near The Cruise Port.

The first phase of construction will start in 2023, this includes the area from Bushiri Beach until the roundabout on L.G Smith Boulevard (in front Wendy’s). 

Construction of the port city will create job opportunities for over 3000 locals. Which will not only improve the labor force in Aruba, but also positively affect the economy and public finances.

According to the Prime Minister, The project is very important for the economic development of the island, as Aruba is still on the path to recovery as a result of the pandemic.

The Roundabout at Palm Beach is Almost Complete

The roundabout at Palm Beach is now open for traffic, but not yet officially completed.

Construction works are still ongoing, mainly in the middle of the roundabout. This includes placing the top layer of asphalt and landscaping to beautify the area. 

Traffic is moving smoothly now and safety has increased, with the new roundabout. Pedestrians now have crosswalks at each section of the roundabout to walk safely across the street in this area.

According to the department of public works the roundabout will be completed on September 23, 2022.

The Roundabout at the Moment., still under construction in the middle part.

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