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Four New Possible Ramsar Sites in Aruba

Nature in Aruba gets another win after four new areas on the island were signaled for possibly being officially claimed as ramsar sites.

What is a ramsar site?

Ramsar sites are protected wetlands that have a high biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Aruba only has one official ramsar site which is the Spaans Lagoon.

The four locations which can possibly be ramsar sites are:

  • Bubali Plas
  • Isla Di Oro (Mangel Halto)
  • Reefs in Oranjestad
  • Reefs in San Nicolas.

Why is it important to protect these areas as ramsar sites?

Because experts indicated that these areas are important to feed the animals that live in this habitat. To put it in perspective, there’s over 200 bird species living in Bubali Plas (great place for bird watching). All over the island you will find more species of animals, so protecting them is very important. 

Talks About Marine Park

Aruba is surrounded by amazing blue oceans and a marine environment that’s unique around the world.

To protect the island’s unique underwater environment, the government wants to implement a marine park.

What’s a marine park?

A marine park is a new law that will help conserve Aruba’s ocean and the marine species (including corals) that lives within and rely on these habitats.

The new marine park will be implemented soon in Aruba, it’s almost official.

The law to officially make this happen is now at the government advisory board which is in charge of the legislative process, according to the minister of environment.

At least three zones were already mentioned to be protected:

  • Druif beach
  • Boca grandi
  • Rodgers beach
  • Mangel halto
  • Isla di oro.

Of course a the list of protected fora and fauna will be updated with new species.

New Farming Project In Aruba

Aruba is making the first step in revolutionizing the farming industry in the Caribbean.

The minister of primary sector held a press conference this week to announce they have approved Vertical Designs Aruba (VDA) to build a vertical farming project in Aruba, using Affinor Growers company’s vertical farming technology.

Who is Affinor Growers?

Affinor is the only vertical farming technology company offering solutions for both indoor controlled growing and the greenhouse agriculture industry.

They are going to build a farm using vertical growing technologies. This will allow them to produce crops (romaine lettuce, spinach, strawberries and other local procuce) year around on land that, previously, could not be utilized for farming (considering the islands climate).

This project moves Aruba a step closer to producing its own fruits and vegetables, and not be depend on importation anymore.

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More Details About The Fast Ferry Project

It looks like we will be able to visit our neighbouring islands (Bonaire & Curacao) in the near future, because the stakeholders for the fast ferry project are pushing for it be possible.

Price wise the fast ferry is interesting. According to stakeholders the cost of the ferry can be almost half the cost of what the airlines charge to fly between the islands. 

If the price really comes down to half the price this will make it affordable if you have a big group wanting to visit Bonaire or Curacao (which is going to be a different experience, very unique mode of transportation).

It’s estimated that the fast ferry will be in service by the end of 2019.

Maybe thinking about extending your vacation days in Aruba is a good thing for next year if you want to take a trip on the ferry.

Tony Roma’s in Aruba Closing Down

Did you hear the news? I’m shocked also.

It’s true.

Tony Roma’s in Palm Beach will be closing down after 25+ years of service.

Their last serving will be on August 31, 2018 at 11:00 PM.

It’s sad to see this place go, but there are other local places on the island that serve delicious BBQ, especially on Sundays.

New Gas Price

If you plan on renting a car and cruise around the island take note of the new gas prices.

As of August 8, 2018 the prices are now:

  • Gasoline 217.1 Aruban cents for one liter (+2.3 cent) ($4.58 per gallon)
  • Diesel 184.6 Aruban cents for one liter (-0.1 cent) ($3.91 per gallon)

Don’t know who to rent a car from? Use one of my personal car rental recommendations

Pro Am Golf Tournament in Aruba

One of Aruba’s premier golfing tournament is about to start!

The idea of the pro-am tournament is to partner up professional and amateur golfers into teams to compete in a 36-hole tournament.

The event will be held at the Tierra del Sol golf course that has a jaw dropping view of the rugged northern coast of the island.

Date of the event – August 24 – 26, 2018

Even if you don’t plan on playing, this tournament is entertaining to watch and socialize on the island.

There’s going to be brunch buffets on each of the tournament days, BBQ party and open bar.

Aruba’s Annual Culinary Week

It’s almost time again to enjoy delicious three course menus from the top restaurants on the island for a special price!

Experience fine dining without spending hundreds of dollars

Restaurant week in Aruba will take place on August 29 – September 5, 2018.

Nine restaurants will be participating at this event and all of them offer something special:

  • Tango Argentine Grill
  • Café the Plaza
  • Fishes & More
  • Qué Pasa
  • Moomba Beach
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Dragonfly
  • Nos Clubhuis
  • Hadicurari

The 3 course menus are priced at $20.00 and $26.00.

This years rataurant week is special, because part of the profits will go to an elderly home in Aruba (Maris Stella).

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