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Carubbian Festival is Back

After a few months of absence, one of the most loved festivals on the island is set to return.

I’m talking about Carubbian festival.

If you don’t know what Carubbian is, it’s a local event in the sun rise city of Aruba (San Nicolas). Locals set up their tents and sell their local food, arts, crafts and other souvenirs made by local artist. There’s also music by locals, dancing and carnival shows.

It’s a perfect way to experience the sunrise side of the island.

So what’s different about Carubbian than the previous one?

Well, there’s new board members (except for the president of the Carubbian foundation) – this means a fresh start, new idea’s and more fun during the festival.

Carubbian festival will kick off on the on August 24, 2017.

It’s a great hangout spot with the family in the evening with your family.


The blue building near the central bus station in the district of San Nicolas that used to function as the department of foreign affairs is currently being renovated and turned into a citgo desk – an office where locals can send in their cv to apply for job openings at the refinery.

The government is also preparing for a job fair for the refinery.

During the job fair, different contractors are going to be on site, talking to their prospective employees.

There’s many rumors that the rehabilitation of the refinery isn’t really happening, but those rumors are just not true.

At the moment there’s about 400 to 500 locals working in the refinery, at the end of 2017 this number is going to be around 800 to 900.

For next year the amount of workers in the refinery will surpass 1500.

If you have any experience in the refinery industry, maybe you can apply for a job opening and live on the island….

Animal Adoption Day

Animal health veterinary hospital organized an adoption day for cats and dogs.

It was a successful adoption day, because about 10 animals found a new home.

The number of animals adopted during the event may not sound much, but it is a good step toward solving the street dog issue here on the island.

All animals that were up for adoption had their proper documentation, vaccination and were sterilized.

The event was organized by different organisations like animal shelter, crioyo trappers, animal rights and bestial.

Members of all these organizations are planning a next adoption day in 2018.

However, if you would like to adopt a pet while in Aruba, you don’t have to wait until this adoption day comes around – just go to one of the animal shelters on the island to find your next best friend….

Mangrove Trees in Danger

The president of Aruba bird life conservation (ABC) is concerned about the mangrove trees located in the area of santo largo.

According to him the mangrove trees are dying due to the lack of supply of water to the trees, because of infrastructure developments in this area.

The works being done on the green corridor ( a new 4 lane highway in Aruba, including new bridge)have blocked the sea water to flow to the mangroves.

During an interview, the president of ABC, who also manages Aruba’s national park (Arikok) mentioned that the affected area of mangrove is among the 15 areas that is still in the process of being transferred by the government as a protected area.

Because Arikok doesn’t have full control over the mangrove in santo largo, they can’t really do nothing about it.

They have informed the department of public works, who is currently in charge of construction in that area to pay attention to the mangroves that are suffering from lack of water.

According to the president of Arikok they want the government to transfer the areas as soon as possible so they can maintain the mangroves.

Hot Season in Aruba

The months between June and September are typically the hottest months during the year in Aruba – which increases the chance for kids and grown ups to experience heat stroke or any other illness caused by being too much in the sun.

Dr. Wilmer Salazar, a member of the department of public health, advises everyone to be aware of the heat during the month of August and September.

The warning from Dr. Salazar is for everyone, especially for kids under the age of 4, elderly people and those that plan to spend a lot of time in the sun.

Symptoms that one should look out for is headache, dryness of throat and high heart rate.

If you don’t watch out for the sun you can experience symptoms like headache, dryness of throat or in the worse case even disorientation, hallucination and memory loss.

The department of public health advises everyone that is going to be in the sun for long periods of time to drink a lot of water, wear comfortable clothes and look for shade as often as possible.

If you plan on sunbathing, please use sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Rosario Bibo

The members of the alto vista chapel are organizing a “rosario bibo”.

Rosario bibo means that everyone prays about events in the history of our salvation and to thank and praise God for them.

The rosario bibo is organized once a month during a full moon.

It’s well visited by locals who are religious to pray for their families, friends, sick people and personal prayers.

If you are on the island and are religious, you should visit the alto vista chapel for this wonderful evening of prayers.

The rosario bibo will be held on August 7, 2017 – starting at 7.00 PM.

New Roundabout in Paradera

The intersection next to bright bakery (in the district of Paradera) has been replaced with a roundabout.

Many people are glad that a roundabout has been constructed at this intersection, because a lot of unnecessary accidents happened at this intersection.

The roundabout is a safer alternative to direct traffic at this section of the road.

Not only does the roundabout offer safety in traffic, but it will also solve the congestion in this area in the morning when kids go to school.

The roundabout was created by a local infrastructure company called BIC Aruba.

If you plan to drive on the island, you may take this road when going to Aruba’s national park Arikok.

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New Roundabout in Paradera

The Road To Election

Political parties submitted their list of members this week at the census bureau and the locals joined them in a parade to celebrate democracy on the island.

Locally this is known as “entregamento di lista” (submitting political list of members).

There’s a total of 10 different political parties, but a total of 9 lists, because two parties decided to join each other as one political party (UPP and PPA).

The list is a way for locals to get to know which members are joining which political party.

Big political parties submitted a list with 29 members and other small political parties had a list as small as 10 members.

One of the many surprises this election is the introduction of young professionals on the lists to appeal to the millennials (who aren’t really into politics), but their votes also count!

One thing is for sure, the island is looking for a change in the government.

The election date is September 22, 2017 – but before a new government is elected, there’s going to be another political debate to help locals decide who they are going to vote for.

Illegal Entry By Venezuelans

Three men from Venezuela decided to enter Aruba illegally through the north coasts of the island by swimming to shore (in the roughest waters of the island). But the plan didn’t go as successfully as they hoped, because one of them died along the way.

It was early in the morning when Arikok park rangers saw strange movements by these men and notified the police.

When the police arrived they found one of the three men without any signs of life near a cove.

One of them was badly injured and couldn’t move.

It appears that when they swam to shore the rough waves slammed them into to coves, injuring one and causing one to drown.

The police arrested the two of them and transported them to the hospital for medical assistance.

They also found 3 weapons and drugs hidden in a cove near by.

Aruba isn’t the only island that illegals are trying to enter – our neighboring island Bonaire and Curacao also suffer from this situation.

Students Gone To Study

This week students who finished high school in Aruba went abroad to continue their education.

These students are known as bursalen on the island.

Most students go to study in the Netherlands, but some of them pick destinations like America, Puerto Rico, Curacao and the UK to study.

I remember about 9 years ago when I was in this group of students on my way to the Netherlands to study Chemical Engineering (which I completed successfully).

My best wishes and success to all the students who went to study abroad.

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