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Aruba Newspaper Headlines

A lot happened on the island this week….

Coney Island Is Finally Open

Coney island (Interpark) finally opened its doors as of January 11, 2018.

The local authorities approved all the rides during the final inspection of the park last week.

Interpark will be open 7 days a week, for a one month long (any extended days will be announced).

There’s over 20 rides available for kids, teens and grown ups.

Entrance to the park will be $3.00 and rides have to be paid separately with purchase of tokens.

This is the largest park ever to visit Aruba. It’s located on L.G Smith Boulevard, close to the cruise port.

Watch Out For Fake 100 Aruban Guilder Bills

The central bank of Aruba confirmed the circulation of fake bills and has some tips to spot them.

Pay attention to the following details, the fake bills…

  1. Feel different, and the color isn’t the same as the real bills.
  2. They don’t have serial numbers.
  3. The CBA watermark doesn’t show when you hold it against the light.
  4. And the silver foil isn’t shiny and visible compared to the real bills.

Watch the image below to see the differences…

Watch out for false 100 Aruban Guilder bills.

Helicopter & Drones a Reality in Aruba

The minister of justice confirmed that helicopters and drones will be used to increase security on the island.

At the moment funds are being gathered to reintroduce the helicopter.

It will be used by the police department to help the coast guard control Aruba’s frontiers and for fast response emergency cases.

Funds for the drones are already available, they will be used around the beach area, downtown area, cruise port, hotel area and certain districts on the island.

The laws for using drones in Aruba will be adapted. Different aspects need to be considered, for example privacy and safety when flying drones.

According to the minister, helicopter and drones are essential and will optimize the security on our island.

Closing Parkietenbos Within 90 Days

The new minister of environment and infrastructure wants to close the landfill, better known as parkietenbos within 90 days.

He started a committee dedicated to find another solution to dispose of the islands waste.

Together with the government they issued a ministerial decree, which officially assigns an area near the district of seroe thijshi as the new location to deposit garbage.

Parkietenbos landfill will be sanitized and closed for entry.

Ecotech (the islands “waste to energy” company) is in charge of compacting the garbage into packages and delivering them at sero thijshi. Serlimar (waste collection and management company) will supervise the waste management process.

Diesel Prices Up, Gas Gets Cheaper.

Gasoline is now 2,1 cents cheaper as of January 10, 2018. One liter of gasoline costs 186,80 Aruban cents.

The price for diesel increased with 1,6 cents, one liter of diesel costs 161,9 Aruban cents.

Note the changes in gasoline price to calculate your budget for gasoline or diesel.

Don’t have a car yet for Aruba? Contact me for a car rental.

Venezuela Extends Ban Against ABC Islands

The president of Venezuela extended the ban of commercial communication (by air and sea) between ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao)

According to the president, their natural resources and products like copper are stolen and he wants to stop the trafficking of contraband.

He initially implement a ban for 72 hours, but the ban got extended until January 15, 2018.

The Aruban government wants to find common ground and open back the commercial connections between Venezuela.

Discussing The Future of Aruba’s Refinery

New leaders were appointed after the top officials of CITGO Venezuela were arrested about a month ago.

The incarceration of the top officials caused the funds required for the rehabilitation of the refinery never to reach the bank account of Refineria di Aruba (RDA), which supervises the project.  

The new leaders and president of CITGO Venezuela are currently on the island to discuss the progress and financing of the rehabilitation.

New Developments in San Nicolas

The government plans to introduce new projects to develop the main streets of San Nicolas.

An advisory board was created to manage the projects.

In the near future they will implement sound system and free wifi throughout the whole main streets of San Nicolas (and Oranjestad).

San Nicolas will be re-branded as the cultural and heritage city of Aruba.

There’s also plans of constructing two new hotels, but construction depends on the rehabilitation of the refinery.

Nicolas store will be restored into a cafe.

The project is a collaboration between a young local entrepreneur and foundation for Aruba’s museum.

Camping Season in Aruba

Locals on the island have many traditions, and camping is one of them.

Camping is a popular family activity for locals during semana santa, known as Easter holy week.

Beaches are dotted with tents and trailers, and a lot of fun – it’s a perfect opportunity to mingle with locals and catch a feel for life on the island.

Camping season starts on March 25, 2018 until April 8, 2018.

The beaches most likely to be occupied by campers are surfside beach, baby beach, a part of eagle beach, malmok and arashi.

breaking news from aruba

I’m enjoying the camping season.

Healthy Hour At Bucuti

Bucuti & Tara beach resort added a “healthy hour” to their wellness program.

During healthy hour (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM), guests can munch on complimentary healthy snacks.

Nutritious batidos and craft mock-tails will be half price at the bar.

Besides healthy drinks, you can also participate in yoga sessions, meditation, tai chi and wisdom walks on the beach.

Or learn more about nutrition during the demonstrations of healthy dishes prepared by the chef at Bucuti.

“Our mission is to keep expanding our services to promote a healthier lifestyle and to give our guests the best possible vacation” said the CEO of Bucuti resort.

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