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Aruba Newsletter Recap

Let’s get started with the recap of current Aruba news for this week.

Gateway 2030 Will Revamp Aruba Airport

Aruba airport authority announced a major renovation project.

It’s called the “Gateway 2030 Project”.

The airport will be renovated into a more modern and expanded facility, with an emphasis on sustainability.

In 2015 about over 2.9 million travelers made use of Aruba’s airport.

The amount of visitors is still increasing, with the growth still expected to continue for the coming years the airport has to expand to accommodate the amount of travelers.

After the renovation, Aruba’s airport will have…

  • A centralized and expanded check in hall
  • New security & immigrations procedures
  • Three additional gates
  • Upgraded US preclearance facility
  • New Baggage handling system

This is just a few of the changes that will take place during the Gateway 2030 Project.

There’s so much more that’s going to change during the renovations than I mentioned above – the airport won’t look the same anymore.

Aruba Named Safest Island For Your Next Winter Escape

It’s hard to say which island is the safest island in the Caribbean, because of many factors one needs to consider.

Despite all the other popular islands one can choose from, a popular lifestyle blog “Culture Cheat Sheet” named Aruba among the safest islands to visit for your next winter escape.

They added Aruba to the list of safe islands to visit, because its outside the hurricane belt and the overall high safety in regards to crime on the island.

Come and visit the island…

Aruba news recap

Visit Aruba in 2018!

Coney Island Missing Final Inspection Before Opening in Aruba

Coney island is almost open for the public.

The park is just missing one final inspection by the local authorities.

They already approved the first set of rides during previous inspections

However, more containers arrived this week with extra attractions, which also need to be installed and inspected before the park opens.

If the local authorities approve of the rides during the final inspection, coney island will officially obtain their permit and will open their doors on January 2, 2018.

Coney island has over 28 attractions, a perfect family friendly park with entertainment for kids, teens and grown ups.

The price for entry to the park hasn’t been mentioned officially yet, but word around town is that the general entrance is $4.

The attractions will cost between $1 – $4, depending which ride.

Coney island is located on LG Smith boulevard, close to the cruise port.

Removing Parking Meters & Allowing Cars in Mainstreet

A few weeks ago the minister of transport announced that he wanted to remove the parking meters and allow cars to drive through the mainstreet during certain hours.

Before any official decision was made, the minister had to reunite with all the stakeholders like AruParking in the downtown area.

He didn’t release any official information yet since his initial announcement.

But the prime minister of Aruba did mention the situation during a weekly government press conference.

According to her,  they will take the decision to reopen the mainstreet for cars and remove parking meters within 90 days into 2018.

Venezuela To Close Commercial Communication Between ABC Islands

The president of Venezuela threatened to stop all means of commercial communication between Venezuela and ABC islands (and the Caribbean).

He wants to end trafficking of contraband merchandise from the ABC islands and Caribbean to Venezuela.

“I am seriously considering closing all means of commercial communications, by air and sea with Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire at any moment” said the president during a press conference last week.  

The prime minister of Aruba took note of the presidents expression and also shared her concerns with the community.

“If the president breaks all commercial ties with the ABC and the Caribbean, it could have a negative impact for us” said the prime minister of Aruba during a weekly government press conference.

The president of Venezuela didn’t take any measures yet.

Aruba Weather Forecast

The meteorological department of Aruba issued a warning for “bad weather” during a public service announcement this week.

According to the meteo department, we can expect clouds and rain showers in certain areas of the island.

They also warned for rough beach conditions, especially in the north coast of the island.

Be careful when swimming.

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Carnival in Aruba – Torch Parade

Aruba kicks off the carnival season on January 6, 2018 with a torch parade.

This is the 64th edition of Carnival.

The torch parade passes through the LG Smith boulevard.

You can see the parade by standing along the roadside of the strip from the cruise port, or royal plaza.

One of the best places to see the parade is near renaissance resort or the parliament building.

Carnival is one of the most popular seasons in Aruba, because of the events, parades and festivals with decorated floats, music, groups with colorful designed costumes and a great ambiance.

Torch parade begins at 8:00 PM until 1:00 AM.

The route starts from Aruba Entertainment Center and ends at the cruise port.

New Years Eve in Aruba

The tradition in Aruba is to light the sky with fireworks just as we go into the new year.

In Aruba we call fireworks, klapchi!

And lighting fireworks has the meaning of getting rid of all the bad and negative vibes from our lives, and starting a blessed and prosperous new year!

Can you imagine nearly every house in Aruba lighting up fireworks at 12.00 AM?

The whole island will be lit from above with colorful fireworks and cracking sounds.

It’s really a must see when on the island.

But what about new years celebrations?

There’s lot to do on the island after the firework display.

If you’re on the island and are looking for a new years party to join, here’s some suggestions….

  • Buleria at Seaport Conference Center (gala party)
  • Bars at South Beach
  • Emotions Nightclub near Sasaki Highway
  • Moomba Beach
  • Bugaloe
  • Gusto

If you’re on the island, enjoy the fireworks and new year parties!

It’s been a pleasure to share what’s been happening in Aruba with you in 2017 – looking forward to 2018 and your next trip to paradise!

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I appreciate your readership!

I want to wish you a happy new year and all the best in 2018 – See you in Aruba!

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