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Aruba News Reports

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The Beach Between Playa Linda & Moomba Will Be Restored

Aruba will  start a big project soon to revitalize and restore the beaches between Playa Linda Beach Resort and Moomba Beach.

The contractor in charge of this is Varadero Aruba.

Varadero is a local market leader in dredging. Their activities include the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, coastal defense and land reclamation. They also provide related engineering and other specialist services, such as, soil improvement and land remediation.

The project is one that has been in the planification stage for nearly 2 years.

The beach has been damaged a little bit by hurricane Matthew back in 2016 and will be restored.

Revitalize and restoring of the beach means taking away the built up mud like sand in certain locations and pumping new fresh sand.

This will be done with the help of a dredging machine.

The entire beach area to be restored will be divided by 6 areas. During the dredging of each section, it will be closed off by gates and signs to warn beach goers of works going on.

Construction works will be done efficiently.and safely not to disturb the beach experience for visitors and locals in this area (and safe for the marine life).

Varadero Aruba has experience in dredging.

About a year ago they completed dredging the surfside beach and did a great job.

The dredging between playa linda beach resort amd moomba beach should be completed within 6 months.

Maritime Border Between Venezuela and Aruba Reopens June 7, 2018

Prime minister of Aruba confirmed that the border between Venezuela and Aruba will be reopened for boats on June 7 (only for importation of certain products).

It’s been almost 6 months since the President of Venezuela closed the border between the ABC islands for commercial transport for air and sea.

The prime minister sent a group of representatives to discuss the possibilities to open the maritime border. And they managed to come to an agreement with the authorities from Venezuela to reopen the border only for the importation of fruits, vegetables and fish.

Both countries will implement stricter controls for importation of goods from Venezuela from now on.

Only boats made for import that has the proper documentation for goods and passengers will be allowed in Aruba.

Aruba Birdlife Conservation Saves Wetland Near Divi Phoenix in Court Case

This week the court ruled in favor of Aruba Birdlife Conservation against Island Estate Reality which wanted to build a mall including parking lot near eagle beach.

The real estate company intended to create a mall including parking lot in front of the Divi Phoenix, however the location is a protected wetland.

Even though the previous minister of infrastructure approved of the project, the court denied the petition for island estate reality to continue with developments in this area.

It’s Still Not Allowed To Use Harpoons

Minister of justice wants to introduce an electronic permit to allow fishing with harpoon.

However, the law can’t yet be implemented, because its not approved yet by different government departments.

Investigations are still going on to decide under which conditions fishermen can use harpoons. All of these requirements still need to be decided upon before approving electronic permit for harpoons.

According to the director of department of nature and environment , it’s still not allowed to use harpoons or spearfish in Aruba.

There’s no specific date to implement the new electronic permits.

You Can Now Rate Service Given By Family Doctors

Minister of public health announced that a app will be launched that rates the quality of service that family doctors give their patients.

This app gives the community the ability to rate on their service and in turn forcing a better quality rendered by their family doctor.

It will be launched on June 14.

The health minister also announced that as of July 1, 2018. The emergency family doctor office located on Eagle will be relocated in the new hospital building close to the ER (with extended opening hours).

Moving the departments together allows for better communication between the doctors, reduces the waiting time and better service for patients.

The Start of Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season started June 1.

The hurricane season didn’t start out yet properly and there’s already a few hurricanes that are predicted.

The peak season for hurricane is between August – October.

Aruba rarely is hit directly by hurricane, because the island is located outside of the hurricane paths.

2018 Atlantic hurricane names on the way – Alberto, beryl, Chris, Debby. Ernesto. Florence, gordon, Helence, Issac, Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sara, Tony, valerie and William.

Winds Starting To Pick Up

If you’ve been to Aruba before, you know about the islands tradewinds. But expect the winds to be a little stronger during hurricane season.

Beach goers are advised to stay alert for strong winds and currents. Strap any loose object and personal belongings that can easily blow away.

Island Tips – Use these handy beach towel clips to keep your towel from flying away.

Now You Can Fly Winair in Aruba to St.Maarten

Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) confirmed the news that Windward Islands Airways Intl. N.V. (Winair) will start to fly Aruba – St.Maarten as of  July 2018.

Winair is the official airline from St.Maarten.

They will fly from St.Maarten to Aruba via Curacao on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

From Aruba to St.Maarten  via Curaçao on ,Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

All flights will be in a small plane with a capacity of 48 passengers.

Surinam Airways Introduces New Aircraft

Surinam Airways now has a new airplane (737-700).

The new plane has a capacity of 128 passengers, including 8 business class seats and 120 economy seats.

Suriname Airways operates in 6 destinations -Aruba, Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago, Belem (Brazil), Guyana (Georgetown) and Miami.

Flights in the new airplane are scheduled for October 2018.

Aruba’s Youth Honored With Excellence

This week the two brothers (Lacle) and Mishally wever who journeyed the from Netherlands to Singapore by bike were awarded and recognized as “Hobennan Di Excelencia” by the prime minister of Aruba.

They promoted Aruba by having the flag with them the entire way from europe to asia.
The prime minister also awarded a teenager “Haischel Dabian” who managed to win a international blockchain competition 2 times in a row.

New Place To Try Patisserie in The Morning

A new place you should visit when in Aruba just opened on May 25, 2018.

It’s called Aruba Experience Cafe – Patisserie.

A cultural cafe situated in a beautiful cucunu where you can enjoy an excellent coffee with a delicious homemade panini, pan dushi, cakes and more.

The shop is located in one of the oldest houses back then in Aruba (over 150 years old).

Aruba Experience Cafe is located in the downtown area (address – John G Emanstraat 37)

New Slot Machines at Stellaris

Stellaris Casino has 6 new slot machines.

According to the marketing supervisor they are the only Casino in the Caribbean region with this type of new machines.

The new slots are named star rise (3) and wild fury (3). Both machines have a progressive jackpot that pays big!

Are you going to be the one to win it all?

Not only does stellaris have new slot machines, but they also have a “feel good bingo” on Thursday,  Saturday and Sunday

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