Are you going to be in Aruba for Christmas and wondering what to do?

If you enjoy watching Christmas lights and decorations you should visit Cas di Luz.

Aruba for Christmas

Spending the holidays in Aruba means escaping the cold weather.

You’re going to be trading the snow for the beach and sunny weather.

You can expect to eat delicious local food. Like ayaca, keshi yena, coconut tart and ham. There is so much to eat you can’t help but to gain weight while in Aruba for Christmas.

It’s a tradition to drive around Aruba and admire all the decorated houses – especially at Cas di Luz.

Aruba for christmas

The beautiful decorated Cas di Luz.

What is Cas di Luz About?

Cas di Luz translates to House of Light. It’s a house decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. It’s not a real house where people live in, it’s been built specifically just to adorn with light during the holidays. 

It’s a tradition among locals to visit Cas du Luz during the Christmas holidays.

It all started over 30 years ago when the owners of the house decorated a few cardboard boxes and trees. The house started to become popular among the locals.

During the years the owners expanded the design of the house and the amount decorations. Today the Cas di Luz is a spectacular place to visit during the holidays on Aruba. Each year they choose different theme to decorate the house. 

Aruba for Christmas

Looks like the Home of Santa Claus

Where is Cas di Luz located?

Cas di Luz is located in Weg Seroe Preto, which is in the city of San Nicolas.

You can easily reach Cas di Luz with a rental car.

However, parking is very limited here.

Aruba for Christmas

Remember to take your own pictures of Cas di Luz

What is there to do at Cas di Luz?

Everyone goes to Cas di Luz to admire the lights. Take family pictures. Listen to live music by gaita groups. Gaita is a group of musicians that play local version of Christmas carols in Papiamento.

You can also go to eat all of the delicious local Christmas cuisine and snacks. Cas di Luz is always jam packed with people. The ambiance is really nice and a must experience if you’re in Aruba for Christmas.

Aruba for Christmas

Gaita group dancing and singing Christmas carols.

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