More Visitors Than Expected

About 7000 visitors were expected in July after Aruba restarted tourism, however almost 4000+ visitors entered the island in one weekend (July 10 – 12, 2020).  

The majority of travelers are repeat visitors, but first timers were also present among the group.

According to the amount of tourism received after the islands opened its borders, tourism might recover faster than we expected.

Businesses are starting up again. Restaurants are serving their best cuisines. Bars are entertaining people and mixing their best drinks. Casinos are giving out cash wins. The beaches are dotted with visitors again. And the best of all? The vibe on Aruba is positive, just like we’re used to from the one happy island.

If flights keep coming into the island at this rate, Aruba will definitely surpass the 7000 expected visitors for July, and possibly break records in the upcoming months.

When are you planning to visit Aruba and join in on the fun?

A Brave Story By a Loyal Aruban Guest

I was tagged a few days ago by a Facebook friend (Karen) who is a loyal visitor of Aruba (visiting the island 18 consecutive years). The post was a heartfelt story of her decision to visit Aruba, even though people around her told her not to go, for obvious reasons. 

But she followed her heart, like many of the thousands of visitors who already visited the island once it was open to visitors, and she’s happy she did. 

Read her story, and hopefully it encourages you to make a trip to your home away from home, because everything is alright on this side of paradise. 

Karen says…

Well let me start by saying I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical about traveling to Aruba this year. I have a timeshare at Divi Golf. My original date was July 4th and of course the borders were not open to the US. Sure not going to lie was disappointed let’s face it who wouldn’t be, we love Aruba and have been coming here for 18 years. 

Then Aruba announced they were opening to US on July 10th. 

Hopeful yet skeptical. 

My timeshare worked with me to change the date to the following week. 

A lot of nay sayers saying we shouldn’t be going, we were stupid for traveling even some family said it wasn’t a good idea, my coworkers even some that come here have chose not to do so this year. Many saying what if we got sick there, what if they don’t take it seriously down there, what if this what if that! 

Then visiting some Facebook sites and many people were calling us considering traveling here selfish. Putting things in your head and questioning yourself. 

I followed the prime minister of Aruba and saw how she was taking every precaution to keep her island safe. 

Well we obviously made the decision to come to Aruba. 

I’m so glad I followed my heart and my own mind and didn’t let the negative people or comments affect our decision. I have never felt so welcomed here by everyone, they were sincerely so happy to see us and couldn’t thank us enough for coming to Aruba.

We had the best time and we’re sad that it went by so fast. 

I felt very safe here and they take way more precaution than any place in Massachusetts that’s for sure. They have sanitizing stations everywhere, and you have to use them, someone is standing right there, they do temp checks when you enter many places. 

Any stores we went to, you had to sanitize before entering. The people working here all wear masks, however it isn’t required for us.

So I say to anyone skeptical about your trip or considering changing your mind until next year, you can only do you, you know what’s best for yourself but I’m telling you if you want my advice I say go for it and come back to Aruba you’ll be glad you did. We’ll be back in October and can’t wait.

Thank you to the Aruba people for being so nice to us and for making us feel so very welcomed. I love all of you and love this island.

Masha Danki.

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2 Fools & a Bull Opens Again

It’s official – 2 fools and a bull is opening its doors again. 

The gourmet studio is one of the truly great restaurants on the island.

They’re opening with a big bang – a 5 ½ course dinner served by a master chef in Aruba, while you will be entertained and served unique wine pairings (optional). 

If you want experience dining at 2 fools & a bull, call to make a reservation – +297 586 7177.

Watch the promotional video, and get a taste of their menu, wines, and ambiance. 

Deals & Specials in Aruba

There’s some awesome deals in Aruba, but only for a limited time. 

Red Sail Aruba

Sail to Mangel Halto with Red Sail Aruba, only on Sundays.

Enjoy a lunch buffet + open bar for only 75 florins ($43.00)

  • 4 hour trip – (12:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

This sailing trip is a perfect getaway to swim and snorkel the Mangel Halto bays, which is known to have beautiful underwater life. 

For reservations call +297 5231600 or email

New 16 Officially Protected Nature Reserves

The Minister of Territorial Development, Infrastructure & Environment announced an official decree to protect 16 nature reserves in Aruba.

It’s been a long journey to protect these nature reserves with the unwavering persistence by several nature organizations such as Aruba Birdlife Conservation (ABC).

These 16 areas around Aruba were carefully selected after evaluation and research, identifying regions that are of environmental importance to conserve in the future. 

Here’s a list of newly protected nature reserves in Aruba.

  • Spanish Lagoon (Ramsar Area)
  • Mangel Halto
  • Rooi Bringamosa
  • Rooi Taki
  • Red Manoonchi
  • Reefs near Oranjestad
  • California Dunes
  • Bubali Plas
  • Sero Teishi
  • Salina Malmok
  • Salina Serka
  • Salina Tierra del Sol
  • Salina Palm Beach
  • Sero Colorado beach strip

The nature reserves are now officially under management of Aruba’s National Park Arikok.

What does this mean for everyone? 

We all must respect the nature on the island, and always do our best to protect the flora and fauna living in it.

Carnival 2021 Could Face Major Changes

The schedule for Aruba’s carnival could be restricted due to coronavirus.

Carnival lovers are fearing they may not get the usual escape they are always looking for during one of the island’s largest cultural celebrations. 

According to the foundation for the management of Aruba’s Carnival (SMAC), it’s not definitive that Carnival will continue in January and February as usual (2021).

If carnival 2021 does continue, it will be scheduled in the summertime, says the President of SMAC.

The upcoming Carnival season will not only be hindered by coronavirus, but also the economic circumstances due to the pandemic. 

There are a number of factors that should be taken note of if coronavirus is not under control yet world wide. For example, limiting the crowd sized in groups, and how to social distance the crowds in the sidelines.

It’s still early to say what will happen next year, but we all know the island’s carnival is not intended to be cancelled.

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