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With everything going on right now in the world, everybody is dreaming about a Caribbean vacation in Aruba. This version of Aruba’s Newsletter brings the dreamy vacation right to you.

Life is changing around the world, but one thing that remains the same – Aruba is open for happiness.

Happiness is whatever makes you happy, and guess what – it’s here.

Guess how many people made the decision to pack their suitcase, and make the vacation they have been waiting 0n since the virus outbreak a dream come true.

30.000+ Visitors in February 2021

Tourism is expected to pick up this summer, according to the World Travel  & Tourism Council (WTTC).

Aruba’s tourism will get a much needed boost, because of this upward trend in travelers behavior.

The islands Tourism Authority is doing a great job at working towards increasing tourism numbers, after the global travel market took a hit, because of Coronavirus.

According to Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), 31.982 travelers set foot on the island in February 2021. Travelers from the USA make up 87% of the group, and the other 13% are visitors from Europe, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

Room occupancy in February 2021 was almost 70% lower compared to the same month in 2020.

ATA predicts that 42.000+ travelers will visit Aruba in March 2021.

When are you visiting Aruba?

The Return of Cruise Ships

It’s been a while since cruise ships docked onto the shores of Aruba – but if everything goes as planned, we’ll soon see the first cruise ship in the horizon, later this year in 2021. 

According to the CEO’s of Aruba Ports Authority (APA) and Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), chances are high that the first cruise ships will arrive in Aruba during the summer time.

This information was verified after a meeting between the CEO’s and members of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association. 

Cruise ships do not intend to visit every island in the region, due to coronavirus. But Aruba is one of the islands in the Caribbean that will receive cruise ships as soon as cruises restarts.

Welcome Radisson Blu to Aruba

It’s official. A new hotel will open soon in Aruba. 

The newest resort to open its doors will be Radisson Blu.

Reservations will start as of April 15th, 2021. 

The resort has over 133 suites – and is the second Radisson Blu in the Caribbean region (first one located in Punta Cana). 

Radisson Blu is located on the Palm Beach strip.

Look forward to a comfortable and luxurious stay, featuring swimming pools, gym, including a restaurant (Fire Lake Grill House & Cocktail Bar).

Gone Are The Cool Casino Days

Gambling is one of the best things to do in Aruba at night.

Unfortunately, one of the gambling spots on the island known as, Cool Casino, closed its doors. 

Cool Casino has been managed by ESF Gaming Company International NV since July 2010.

If you’re an avid gambler on the island, you know about Cool Casino. In any case you do not know about the gambling spot, it was located in the RIU Palace Resort. 

Why did the casino close?

It’s a long story – but in short: debt, rent, and not complying to rules and regulations imposed by local bankers. 

This is the 3rd casino to close its doors during this pandemic including Eagle Casino (Eagle Aruba Beach Resort) & Excelsior Casino (Holiday Inn)

There’s still good news for gamblers, the owners of Holiday Inn are planning to reopen the casino (Excelsior) on their own.

Renovations Started at Baby Beach

Baby Beach is a iconic stretch of white sandy beach that attracts visitors and locals to San Nicolas.

The beautiful sandy shores and surroundings of Baby Beach are being renovated at the moment. 

After renovations are completed, Baby Beach will have an improved infrastructure, more restaurants, kiosks, and a larger beach area to swim. 

Also a new layer of asphalt will be placed on the road towards Baby Beach, from Seroe Colorado.

Who Makes The Best Cocktails in Aruba?

Drinks are a part of a Caribbean vacation – and there’s plenty of it in Aruba.

Twelve well known bartenders in Aruba are battling it out in a mixology challenge to find out who makes the best cocktails.

Each bartender will be creating their special cocktail in their respective restaurant or bar they work at for you to give it a try and vote. 

Food and drinks are a must in Aruba, and the go-to places are participating for the power of claiming their bartender as the best cocktail creator on the island. 

Here are the participating restaurants:

  1. Cafe The Plaza
  2. Fishes & More
  3. Hadicurari
  4. Moomba Beach
  5. Nos Clubhuis
  6. Que Pasa
  7. Salt & Pepper
  8. Sopranos Piano Bar
  9. Surfside Beach Bar
  10. Tango Argentine Grill
  11. Willem’s Dutch Pancakes

The mixology competition starts march 19 until March 31, 2021. 

You get a 5$ discount if you mention “KING05” when you order any one of the special cocktails.

Here are the participating bartenders, and where you can find them to taste their special creation. 

  • Maryleen Ras – Cafe The Plaza
  • Yaya Helder – Fisher & More
  • Gerson Albay – Hadicurari
  • Teun van Duin – Moomba Beach
  • Danny Kock – Moomba Beach
  • Johan de Beer – Nos Clubhuis
  • Denilson Geerman – Que Pasa
  • Roy van de Heuvel – Salt & Pepper
  • Tatiana Villa – Sopranos Piano Bar
  • JP Nahar – Surfside Beach Bar
  • Brandon Montes – Tango Argentine Grill
  • Naomi ter Wal – Willem’s Dutch Pancakes

Visit www.cocktailsaruba.com for more details and information.

A New Adventure with Aruba Nature Explorers

Aruba Nature Explorer is a new tour company on the island that offers a discovery tour as never before. 

The tour primarily focuses on sustainable tourism with an ecologically friendly base. 

One of the most beautiful things in Aruba are the beaches, but nature around the island is also a gorgeous sight to see. The landscape on the island is a diverse blend of flora, fauna, and land – waiting to be discovered.

Join a tour with Aruba Nature Explorers and leave with a deeper understanding and respect for Aruba. 

Here are some of the most popular tours:

  • Follow The Gold at Bushiribana Gold Mills
  • Mindfulness Sunrise Hike & Beach Meditation
  • Bird Watching & Hiking
  • Seroe Colorado & San Nicolas Hiking
  • Spanish Lagoon

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