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Eagle is Top 3 Beach in the World 2019

TripAdvisor recently ranked Eagle the 3rd best beach in the world for 2019.

They ranked 25 picturesque spots around the world based on travelers reviews and ratings.

Despite the tough competition, Aruba being one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean still made it high on the list in the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards for beaches.

Miles of beach sands…

Eagle was described as “private, quiet, serene and amazing” by many reviewers.

Why do so many visitors like Eagle?

It’s bright turquoise waters are inviting, and offers a one of a kind welcoming and relaxing vibe compared to other beaches around the world.

There’s also a charming fofoti tree on Eagle that’s garnered so much praise by millions of visitors.

If you’re want to face sunnier days instead of the cold weather, this might be a sign to book a trip to Aruba without looking back.

Savaneta Nominated Top District in Caribbean

More than 300 travel writers for TravelMag, a popular online travel magazine, were asked to pick the most charming beach towns and villages in the Caribbean.

While there are plenty of nominations, one of Aruba’s oldest towns, Savaneta, is high on the list.

Where is Savaneta actually?

If you venture beyond the beaches and resorts on Palm and Eagle, you’re going to find Savaneta and the local vibe it has to offer.

Savaneta was the former Capital city of Aruba until 1797, now the capital is Oranjestad.

There is so much history in Savaneta – it’s one of the oldest fisherman village on the island. The oldest mud home is still here, which is over 150 years old.

The beaches in Savaneta are equally beautiful compared to Palm and Eagle. And one of the most beautiful ones are Mangel Halto and Santo Largo – several miles long of white beach covered by mangroves, calm waters and barriers reefs.

It’s a perfect place to snorkel and kayak. Read this article – How To Discover The Southern Coast of Aruba by kayak.

Savaneta is also the city where the famous Zeerovers is located. Here’s where you’ll find fresh fish and shrimps.

Staying in Savaneta, instead of the hotel area is a laid back feeling with a local touch.If you never venture out the resorts arae, you may never discover the charm and character Savaneta has to offer.

Ground Breaking At Malmok Boardwalk

The start of the Malmok boardwalk project started on February 27, 2019.

According to the minister, the new boardwalk will provide safety for visitors and locals from traffic close to the beach.

It will also have a turtle wall to protect sea turtles from crossing the road and risk getting hurt during mating season.

Constructions are still in phase 1, which is projected to take 5 months to complete and includes the construction of a new bicycle path and a walkway made out of hardwood and clinker blocks.

According to contractors it’s going to be a sustainable project, because all forms of heavy construction will be avoided leaving the nature and environment as intact as possible.

The boardwalk start at the Fishermans Hut (next to Ritz Carlton) and it ends at Boca Catalina, right before Arashi beach.

Master Plan For Tourism in Seroe Colorado

Tourism minister revealed the master plan to transform tourism in Seroe Colorado this week during a press conference.

The master plan includes a possible hotel in Seroe Colorado and also the redevelopment of the entire infrastructure of Rodgers beach and Baby beach.

This includes new recreational areas and courts to play basketball, tennis and volleyball. The piers on Rodgers beach will be rebuilt.

Another important part of the master plan is to create a harbor for the fast ferry service between the ABC islands.

According to the minister, the hotel in Seroe Colorado is not an ad hoc project following the previous government, but a vision that’s in the development for over 20 years.


Layout of the future Baby beach resort in Seroe Colorado

He also emphasized that the hotel at baby beach is only a possible option, because the government did not approve it completely yet, pending for completion of requirements by investors.

Experts and authorities are advising the government to invest in several locally owned boutique hotels instead of one resort.

Renovations Start At Movie Theater in San Nicolas

San Nicolas continues to develop and some of the buildings are coming back to life, as a new spin is put on an old time classic movie theater.

The former “Teatro Principal” closed since 1992 will reopen, this was confirmed by the owner and CEO of “De Veer Chain Theaters”.

Construction crews already started renovations to up-fit the old movie theater.

Teatro Principal will have 3 rooms, all with stadium seating, high definition digital Dolby 7.1 surround sound, super large screens and a main concession stand for food and drinks.

According to the CEO, the investment is timely as San Nicolas is developing for the future.

Oranjestad enjoys a great number of modern theaters, including a new IMAX theater under construction near Sasaki weg, close to Palm beach.

San Nicolas is looking forward to the glitz and glamour with this new movie theater project.

Contractor did not mention when exactly Teatro Principal will open its doors.

Leatherback Sea Turtle Season Starts

Leatherback sea turtle season has started in Aruba as of March and it ends in July.

It’s the time you notice giant sea turtles coming ashore to nest their eggs on the beaches of Aruba during nighttime.

The leatherback sea turtles seen in Aruba don’t live anywhere near the Caribbean, but journey all the way here from the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, close to Nova Scotia, Canada.

Believe it or not, they were born in Aruba and return several decades later to their natal beach to nest during the season.

It’s a spectacular to watch a sea turtle nest, but it can also be dangerous for the sea turtles, because when they see people they may retreat from coming ashore and nesting their eggs.

breaking news about Aruba

The famous driekiel., also known as leather-back turtle.

Here’s a few rules you can follow in order to leave the turtles nest their eggs at night without disturbing or scaring them away:

  • Limit any sounds and movements that might stop the sea turtles to come ashore
  • Light can make a sea turtle turn back and not nest, no flash lights or camera flashes
  • Do not drive on the beaches with any type of vehicle, because the eggs can get crushed, and the compacted sand makes it harder for turtles to come out
  • No littering, because plastic materials can resemble a sea turtle’s favorite food, jellyfish
  • Do not disturb a nesting sea turtle, by trying to touch it, keep a safe distance at least 10 meters or more.
  • If you notice crawl marks on the beach on your morning beach stroll, tell the front desk at your resort to notify Turtugaruba (+297 5929393), the islands local foundation that protects sea turtles

All species of sea turtles are endangered and need our protection in Aruba.

Mobile Boarding Pass

You can now make use of the digital boarding pass if you’re traveling to the US or making use of the US Pre Clearance as of March 1, 2019.

This means you can check in online and receive your boarding pass digitally. No need for papers anymore, your boarding pass information is stored in your phone.

Ask your airline service center how you can make use of this service in Aruba.

Prime Minister Wants US To Lift Bans on CITGO Aruba

The Aruban Prime Minister wants the US Government to lift the sanctions on CITGO Aruba that is affecting financing for the renovation of the refinery.

According to the Prime Minister, a total of 20 million dollars is required to continue with renovations into a upgrader for that processes over 209 barrels of crude oil daily.

Aruba signed a 15 year contract to lease the refinery to CITGO, but renovations are halted until sanctions are temporarily lifted by US government.

Venezuela Closes Border Between ABC Islands

The Venezuelan regime closed the border between the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) and neighboring countries during the ongoing political tension.

This was confirmed by the president of Aruba and Venezuelan consulate on the island last week during a press conference.

How long the border will remain closed is unknown.

It’s the second time the Venezuelan regime closed the border between the ABC islands, after the first time for several weeks in January 2018.

After Curacao announced it will become a hub for humanitarian aid for Venezuela, the countries president denied all help, anxious that it could be a political show that will lead to invasion into the country.

What does this mean for the ABC islands?

Most fruits and vegetables are imported from Venezuela, and with the recent closure, they will have to be imported from elsewhere.

No shipping or aerial transport will be allowed between the islands and Venezuela until further notice.

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