Your Health & Well Being is Priority in Aruba

Aruba Tourism Authority started an initiative to protect visitors and locals by introducing a Health & Happiness Certificate for businesses on the island.

The Health & Happiness Certificate assures visitors and locals that the business is implementing safety and health protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

108 businesses received their gold seal for health & happiness certificate, which is the highest recognition awarded for safety and health against the spread of coronavirus. And over 2000+ establishments will receive the health & happiness gold seal in the near future.

A business displaying health & happiness seal at the forefront of their establishment means that the department of public health has inspected and approved of their COVID-19 protocols. 

These COVID-19 protocols include, but are not limited to temperature checks and hand sanitizing at arrival, direction markers, staff training, face masks for staff, signs indicating social distancing, cleaning checklists & procedures, sanitizer dispensers around the property and cleaning logs.

Here’s a list of accommodations that have the health & happiness gold seal:


  • Amsterdam Manor
  • Aruba Beach Club Resort
  • Barcelo
  • Boardwalk Boutique Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Hotel
  • Marriott Aruba Surf Club
  • Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club
  • Renaissance Ocean Suites
  • The Ritz-Carlton Aruba


  • Alhambra Casino
  • Crystal/Wind Creek Casino
  • LIV Casino at Barcelo
  • The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton

Retail Shops

  • Adidas Aruba
  • AMC Unicon Megastore
  • Artistic Boutique
  • Aruba Aloe at Alhambra
  • Aruba Aloe at La Cabana
  • Aruba Aloe at The Village
  • Aruba Aloe Balm Hato
  • Aruba Aloe Renaissance Mall
  • Aruba Aloe Renaissance Marketplace
  • ASD Aruba Supplies
  • BENU Pharmacies
  • Best of Aruba
  • Boolchand
  • Botica Aloe (Pharmacy)
  • Botica di Servicios (Pharmacies)
  • Breitling
  • Caribbean Bakery Supplies
  • Carmen Steffens
  • City Fashion & Giftshop
  • Cosecha Oranjestad
  • Crown
  • DA Drogist
  • Dan’s Interior
  • Delta Blue
  • Dijtham Aruba
  • Dolce & Gabbana Aruba
  • Eva Boutique
  • Gucci
  • Guess
  • Home Fun Super
  • I Love Aruba Stores
  • Impex
  • Jolie Jewelry Boutique
  • Kok Optica
  • La Casa del Habano
  • Lindy Boutique
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Lucky Electronics
  • Lucky Super Store
  • Mango
  • Mario’s Sportshop
  • Monalisa
  • Mopa Mopa
  • My Gallery
  • Nature’s Discount
  • Nautica Store
  • Omega Boutique
  • Op=Op San Nicolas
  • Optica Leslie
  • Pandora Oranjestad
  • Penha (in Caya Betico Croes)
  • Pier Market
  • Prada
  • Price Smart
  • Rage
  • Ralph Lauren Aruba
  • Renaissance Mall
  • Sam’s Store
  • Season’s & Beyond
  • Setar Teleshops
  • Simon Square Foot Fit
  • Sport Caribe
  • Sun & Sand
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Varadero Caribe
  • Victoria Secret

Food & Beverage

  • Cafe The Plaza
  • Fresco Aruba
  • Haagen Dazs
  • Ricardo’s Bar & Restaurant
  • Solé
  • Starbucks Marketplace
  • Taste My Aruba
  • The Dutch Pankcasehouse


  • Food 99 Supermarket
  • Megastone Foodmart
  • New 88 Foodmart

You can be sure that your health and well-being is a priority in Aruba.

Business Closing Hours Under Review

The owners of restaurants, bars, casinos and other establishments are asking the government and local authorities to extend closing time, which is currently set at 11:00 PM. 

It’s hard for “nightlife & entertainment” businesses to operate and survive in the new circumstances.

Extending closing hours might be good for the economy, but is a threat for businesses who can’t maintain social distancing rules, and possibly increase the chance of spreading the virus, for example bars.

If businesses in the nightlife and entertainment industry can’t find a way to make a profit during current business hours, they might have to close their doors soon, unfortunately. 

Despite the request from business owners, closing hours still remain the same. Local authorities are evaluating possibilities to reach an agreement.

Until a new agreement is reached between the two parties, any business which does not comply with the current rules for closing hours risk being fined, or losing their license to do business. 

In case the closing times are extended for these establishments, businesses would have to keep in mind different COVID-19 protocols, including but not limited to social distancing.

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Hotels Are Operating at a Loss, but Still Operating

Tourism is restarting in Aruba, and around the world, but for hotels, it’s a money losing operation until tourism fully recovers again.

According to Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, the hotel occupancy in July 2020 is at 9%. Hotels are receiving cancelations from previous bookings, but on the other hand, new travelers are starting to book rooms.

The projected hotel occupancy rate in August 2020 is at 18%.

Most travelers in Aruba right now are repeat guests and timeshare owners, but there’s also first timers.

The recuperation period for hotels and the tourism industry is expected to be a long journey, which means running a business at a loss for the time being. 

You can help boost the island’s economy by visiting as soon as possible.

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The Movies @ Drive In Opens Officially

It’s finally time to reveal the renovated drive-in movie theater in Aruba. 

The plans to renovate the old drive-in was announced in May, and 8 weeks later, the movie theatre is ready to welcome its first visitors and play the first movie after being closed for 30+ years.

July 29, 2020 marks the day that the drive in will be open for business. 

It all starts with a grand opening concert by local artist Jeon and guest performances by several well known DJ’s on the island.

The event starts at 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm. 

Entrance is only 35 Aruban Guilders (equal to $20.00) per car. 

The movies @ Drive In is located at Balashi close to the new bridge, on the newly built green corridor highway.

All proceeds from the opening night will be donated to two local foundations.

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Renovations at Hooiberg Almost Complete

The steps at Hooiberg are currently being renovated, including the huts that provide shade next to the trail when climbing the hill.

Although constructions were halted for several months due to coronavirus, works are resumed and scheduled for completion within a few weeks. 

The renovations at Hooiberg is part of a tourism product enhancement fund to improve the hills infrastructure and to beautify the area. 

Approximately 165 meters high and over 650 steps to reach the top, Hooiberg is one of the highest elevations on the island.

Once on the highest point, you have a view from all over the island, from Noord until San Nicolas. And on a clear day you can even see Venezuela.

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Cosecha Starts With Online Workshops

Cosecha Aruba is well known for its creative workshops, and now you can follow online art workshops with Cosecha, because they are going virtual.

Cosecha is a retail art gallery that displays crafts, designs, and heritage inspired arts handmade by local artists. 

Now you can follow Cosecha’s art & craft workshops in the comfort of your own home. 

All participants will be notified which materials will be needed before the workshops start. 

Signing up is easy and simple on Cosecha’s Facebook Page: Aruba-Cosecha

For more information send an email to –

Key Points For Coronavirus in Aruba

Here are a list of key points according to the island’s Prime Minister during recent press conferences regarding coronavirus:

  • Aruba will not implement curfews or close the borders, because the current protocols at the airport to mitigate the importation of new coronavirus cases are working effectively (or until further notice).
  • Aruba will implement curfews or additional measures if required.
  • The number of infected visitors at the airport is low, this indicates that COVID cases are being intercepted at the airport, only when local transmissions are detected will stricter measures be implemented.
  • Masks will be required when local transmission is detected.
  • If you do not upload the correct coronavirus test when filling out your online ED-Card, you will be subject to a retest when arriving in Aruba.
  • If the results of your uploaded test are doubted by the department of public health, you will be subject for a retest at the airport in Aruba.

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