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Updates on Infrastructure Developments in Aruba

The minister of infrastructure, director of public works of Aruba and owner from company in charge of construction of new watty vos boulevard (WvB) beltway reunited to discuss the roundabout near cumana, that used to overflood when it rains.

According to the  director of the public department, the flooding issue near the roundabout near cumana has been solved. However, the bigger part of construction is now taking place.

There’s over 150 contractors working on the WvB.

The construction of the roundabout near superfood is still not complete, but it’s running on schedule, the director of public works will be announcing new updates and deviations around this area soon.

Law To Increase Tax Discussed This Week

Members of the parliament discussed the law that has to be approved to increase tax as of July 1, 2018.

The prime minister called the tax “crisis ontheffing” and will increase from 3,5% to 6%.

Earthquake Felt in Aruba

Last week Sunday before sunset (around 18:40 PM), a lot of locals and tourist posted on Facebook that they felt the earth shake in certain parts of the island.

The department of meteorology and sources in venezuela confirmed seismic activity with a maginiture 3,1 that originated about 14 kilometers from the southeast coast of the island.

Late Start For Turtle Season This Year

Turtle season started in Aruba a few weeks ago.

However, the director of (tortuga Aruba) is concerned about the current turtle nesting season.

According to her, the Caribbean (including Aruba) is experiencing the slowest start to nesting season ever. Because people drive vehicles on the beach sand, destroying turtle nests, and this keeps the turtles from nesting.

According to the minister of environment, it’s illegal for all vehicles to drive on the beach or dunes, with the exception of local authorities in case of an emergency.

Turtle nest near grape field beach protected by baricade.

Have Respect For Our Beaches & Sand Dunes

According to the president of (tortuga foundation), there’s already 7 turtle nests around the island.

The baby turtles take about 2 months (60-70 days) before the eggs hatch.

Tortuga Aruba asks the locals and visitors to respect our beaches and sand dunes! It’s against the law to drive on them. When you drive on the beach or sand dunes, the vegetation gets disrupted, which endagares the local flora and fauna that depends on this habitat.

Instead of driving on the dunes, take the dirt roads and rocky trails in Aruba’s outback when offroading and stay of the beaches and sand dunes!

Please don’t drive on the beach or dunes, it’s illegal!

Airport Renovations gateway 2030

Construction works started to renovate and expand Aruba’s airport.

The project is called “Gateway 2030”.

According to the CEO of the airport, the construction works are executed by phases. Before the end of 2019, construction works will start on the new main terminal.

The first part of the project is scheduled to be completed within the next 5 years. However certain facilities will be completed within 18 months (3 additional airplane gates, new luggage system and central check in hall).

The project also includes a new preclearance for US visitors, with an improved security control system approved by the TSA.

The project promises shorter waiting times and faster check ins once finished.

It’s estimated that the project will costs around 160 million dollars and should be completed in 2022.

The airport will be renovated from top to bottom.

Balashi Beer Gets A New Look

The balashi beer brand was launched this week.

No changes were made to the taste of the beer. However, the green color of the bottle is more shiny than before, with balashi logo in a bold red color and a gold fofoti tree.

Two new balashi beer bottles

The beer cans also have a new style, finished with a dark green color, red balashi logo and fofoti tree (there’s also a lot of gold color incorporated also on the can).

The new beer can design.

Balashi is brewed locally on the island (barley and hop imported from Europe, and fresh water from Aruba) with a recipe that’s nearly two decades old.

Drink a balashi on Aruba, and taste how good it feels to be on the happiest island in the world.

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