According to travel studies worldwide, travelers are more likely to stay local when traveling, before deciding to visit other countries.

This decision to stay close to home is based on the fear of coronavirus.

As the fear for coronavirus slowly eases away, and travelers make plans for travel outside of their own countries, which destination are you visiting first?

Aruba’s Tourism Authority has been supporting the island’s travel industry by promoting the island’s culture, heritage, and food in the hopes of inspiring travelers to visit Aruba.

 If you’ve never been to Aruba before, or if the island is your go-to spot in the Caribbean, here’s 5 reasons why you should visit Aruba as soon as lockdowns are lifted.

1 – New “Health & Happiness Code” Makes Aruba Safe

I understand it, you’re probably scared or worried about coronavirus. It’s on everyone’s mind. 

But when it comes to Aruba, your fears should melt away. Because Aruba is one of the islands in the Caribbean that is ahead of the pack when it comes to flattening the coronavirus curve.

Slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and having zero active cases at the moment, Aruba’s taking additional safety measures to get back to the new normal.

One of these safety measures is the island’s new Health & Happiness certification program developed by the Aruba Tourism Authority.

The Health & Happiness certification is a program to elevate hygiene, health, and sanitation protocols to a level travelers and locals demand as a part of the new normal lifestyle due to coronavirus.

This certification program is important because it focuses on protecting your health and safety. 

You should feel safe that businesses displaying this “Health and Happiness” gold seal sticker at the forefront of their business are implementing health, hygiene, and sanitation protocols designed to keep the establishment coronavirus free. 

Restaurants, hotels, and attractions are slowly starting to open with strict application of safety measures. There are over 300 businesses on the island that already received their health & happiness code.

These businesses include accommodations, retail, supermarkets tour operators, activities, transport, spa, casinos, food trucks, food & beverage.

The Golden Safety Sticker You Should Look Out For…

2 – Business Are Upgrading Their Service & Products

During the downtime, businesses in the tourism sector are upgrading their establishment and upgrading their services for visitors in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Restaurants are updating their menus, reducing crowd sizes. Hotel staff received additional training on safety and health guidelines. Taxis have new protocols to transport visitors. Casinos are protecting their players by separating machines with Plexiglas and social distancing and implementing smoke-free game rooms. Supermarkets are guiding visitors with direction markers. 

These new safety measures and upgrades to the business means visitors will experience a superior quality of service.

I Love Aruba, Do You?

3 – Aruba Depends on Tourism

Aruba has an official population of over 113,000 people and 58.000 people work in the island’s labor force, but the entire island’s economy and main source of income depends on tourism.

Without visitors, the economy isn’t much on the island.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, tourism accounted for 98.3% of Aruba’s GDP of $2.9 billion and generated 99% of all employment in 2019.

How many visitors does Aruba get? 

In 2019 a total of 1.113.840 stopover visitors and 832.001 cruise visitors enjoyed one happy island.

The majority of visitors in 2019 came from USA (75%). Four percent of visitors were from Canada, another four percent came from The Netherlands and 17% came from the rest of the world. 

The Central Bank of Aruba estimated that visitors in 2019 generated a total of $2.1 billion in tourism credits. This includes tourism sales and timeshare maintenance fees.

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Continue to Support Local & Small Business.

4 – Nature Restored Itself

The absence of people in the environment during lock-down had a positive effect on nature around the world and in Aruba. 

Human pressure is less and nature has responded positively.

Changes can be sensed in a clearer sky above our heads. The trees are greener. You can smell the fresh air when outside. The beaches are bluer than usual and even the beach sand we walk on feels different. 

The environment in Aruba will continue to restore itself with the help of new Government policies, including but not limited to the regulation of ATV & UTV vehicles on protected natural areas and the National Park Arikok.

Nature will continue to restore itself, waiting to be admired by you, Aruba’s loyal visitors.

Beaches are shining like diamonds…

5 – Aruba Misses You

The people of Aruba love its visitors as much as visitors love Aruba and the people.

Long-lasting friendships were made since the island opened its door to tourism for the first time.

Friends that have become family.

Simply said, we miss our visitors.

Not having our friends to share the one happy island with means we miss you and can’t wait for you to return.

I Love You As Much As Friends & Family, Can’t Wait To See You Back…

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