Restaurants in Aruba are always offering something new and unique to customers.

The competition in the food business is intense, but this is required because it produces plenty of alternatives when looking for a place to dine out.

I’ve found 5 new dining concept that you might like to try when in Aruba.

Fresh Catch of The Day

If you want to experience a new seafood experience visit Taste My Aruba. 

Owner of the restaurant, Nathaly De Mey, shops at the local fish market and handpicks between 100 – 300 kilograms of fresh catches of the day.

The fresh seafood is deliciously prepared into several dishes, including but not limited to ceviche, lobster towers, grouper fish cakes and lobster bisque. Also part of the menu are drunken shrimp linguine in creamy garlic sauce or lobster with truffle mash.

With a true passion and sustainability for cooking, details are important for every dish at Taste My Aruba.

Nothing goes to waste – when it comes to lobster dishes, the whole lobster is used, from head to tail.  The head is used to make a bisque and the tail is used for the lobster tower. Fishes such as groupers carry a lot of meat at their head and body, which goes into fish cakes and the rest is used for the main dishes – yummy!

Taste My Aruba is located in Oranjestad, right beside Padu Lampe Plaza, on a beautiful decorated courtyard.

Authentic Aruban & Caribbean Buffet

Elements Restaurants unveils their new Caribbean buffet.

The menu has everything from local cornbread to polenta sticks, plantains, corn patties, Aruban ceviche, seafood salad, sulz, pickled pork, blood sausage, cucumber and papaya stoba, beef or chicken stews, fish or chicken soup, jerk chicken, Caribbean seafood paella and a variety of pasta stations.


That’s also covered with flan, cashew cake, local fruit cake, and more delicious sweets.  

All dishes are prepared with seasonal ingredients that are locally produced in Aruba or from nearby regions.

This newly upgraded Caribbean buffet is one of the best, because the food is prepared by chefs from different Caribbean nationalities. Such as Aruba, Jamaica, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Colombia and Venezuela.

Visit Elements Restaurant for a dreamy beachfront dining experience – the buffet is available every Monday to Saturday 12.30 pm – 3.00 pm.

New Vegan Menu at Ike’s Bistro

Ike’s Bistro reveals a new variety of vegan dishes attracting all vegans, and those new to this trendy health food. 

As the world continues to change, people are more thoughtful about what they eat, and this menu is a must try if you’re a vegan, or just starting to taste the new way of eating. 

The new vegan menu starts with delicious appetizers: arugula jackfruit salad, mesclun salad, lemongrass carrot ginger soup, tomato basil soup, spicy buffalo cauliflower wings, vegetable tempura, and vegan fish taco.

All the main dishes on this vegan menu are a must try, including grilled fish filet & roasted cauliflower, sesame ginger duck, stuffed corn chips & avocado, or truffle porcini risotto & grilled tofu.

Dessert is simple and unique, a new creation named – Caribbean snickers. 

Visit the open air restaurant, Ike’s Bistro, located at Manchebo, and try their brand new vegan menu.

All New Gourmet Dinner Concept

This all new gourmet dinner concept is a combination of Caribbean and Peruvian fusion Cuisine that takes you on a culinary journey. 

Two restaurants, The Kitchen Table & Asi es Mi Peru are blending their culinary expertise into a perfect combination. 

What’s the new gourmet dinner concept?

It’s a 7 – 8 course dinner that reflects the best of the best when it comes to Caribbean, Peruvian and International cuisines. 

The gourmet dinner is available every Tuesday to Saturday.

Scrumptious Sunday Brunch at Corals Restaurant

What should the ideal Sunday brunch look like?

Besides a beautiful set up and decorations, the food should satisfy every palate, and your mimosa glass should be always full.

The chef at Corals Restaurant, Aldwin Donata, is the one responsible for the delicious brunch. The menu always changes every Sunday, keeping the public favorites. 

There’s a variety of food stations including, salad, soup, Asian, carving, Aruban, fruit, and bread. Dessert is complemented with delicacies, homemade pastries, cakes and a chocolate fountain.

Let’s do brunch at Corals, every Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at Holiday inn Resort. Adults 35$. Kids 6-12 – $17.50 under 5 is free.

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