Are the short, cold dark days making you dream about a winter trip to Aruba?

If so, you’re most probably suffering from the winter blues.

There’s plenty of remedies to treat your depression, but the best cure is a vacation in Aruba.

It’s the perfect winter escape, because the island is an oasis of sunshine, cool trade winds, baby blue seas and miles of fine white sand – way better than snow!

Enough daydreaming, it’s time for you to…

Book Your Winter Trip To Aruba

There’s a lot of airlines that offer flights to Aruba – far away from the cold weather.

Book a trip that lands your toes in the white soft beach sand before midday and start defrosting.

Even if you have a tight budget, you can still find great deals on flights and places to stay in Aruba.

Aruba vacation package deals! Click here to book flight + hotel vacations to beautiful Aruba!

If you’re still not convinced to visit Aruba this winter, here’s 5 reasons you should…

1. The Weather Is Better in Aruba

Anywhere with warm weather sounds more appealing than the freezing cold.

Did you know Aruba has the most sunny days through the year, compared to other islands in the Caribbean?

So if you’re looking for sunshine, there’s plenty of it here.

It’s the ultimate escape for thousands of visitors when the temperatures at home go below zero.

Ditch the coat and scarf for swimsuits, it’s always summer here!

2. The Beach Blue Beats The Winter Blues

Imagine waking up to a sun drenched sky and the beaches so close to you that you can smell the sea.

There’s over a dozen beaches and bays on the island.

It really doesn’t matter which beach you choose to visit, because all of them are beautiful, relaxing and better than the snow.

Whether you choose to the spend the whole day basking in the sun on palm beach, mangel halto or baby beach – a hot day is promised on the island.

Ditch the snow, come to Aruba!

3. Endless Activities For Adventure Seekers

You might think Aruba is small, and it can all be seen in one day. But don’t let the islands size fool you, because there’s plenty to do and see.

From low impact activities like yoga, massages, shopping, to snorkeling, off roading, and skydiving are a few of the different activities available in Aruba that will turn your winter depression into one happy island vibes.

If you love sightseeing, visit Aruba’s popular landmarks like the Alto Vista Chapel, Natural Bridge, Gold Mines, California Lighthouse, Casibari, Hooiberg and Grot Di Lourdes to name a few of the islands wonders worth seeing.

You can either book a island tour or rent a car in Aruba to explore the island.

The island is in constant development, one of the recent addition to Aruba’s list of popular beaches is Bushiri. It’s a new beach strip that just opened up after the government decided to dismantle one of the oldest hotels on the island.

There’s also a coney island in Aruba for this year’s winter 2018.

The park will be open from January 11, 2018 and remain on the island for a few months. Coney island features over 28 rides, for kids, teenagers and adults.

4. Participate in Carnival Parades & Festivals

Shake off those gloomy winter blues by participating in one of Aruba’s carnival parades. Carnival is one of the biggest traditional celebrations on the island.

The parades moves slowly through the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad and through the main streets of San Nicolas, which is considered to be the cultural heritage of the island.

Everyone is welcome to participate in these parades, however you do have to sign up in time before the groups get sold out.

You can also stand along the roadside and watch the parade go by while participants dance to locally produced music and colorfully decorated costumes.

Here’s the dates for Carnival in Aruba 2018.

Turn your back on the chilly winter and embrace a pleasurable warm summer weather during Aruba’s Carnival.

Experience carnival in Aruba.

5. Drink, Eat, Relax & Repeat

When most people are stuck in winters freezing grip, you can be relaxing under palm trees drinking a pina colada like there’s no tomorrow.

There’s plenty of restaurants in Aruba that offer exquisite meals that can’t be found anywhere else in the Caribbean. Enjoy the evening in Aruba’s at different lounges, bars, clubs and over a dozen casino’s.

Wake up in the morning and repeat it all over again, at the beach with a cold balashi!

Ice cold beer waiting for you in Aruba.

Escape The Cold

Escape the cold and book a winter trip to Aruba.

When you return home you will be rejuvenated and full of energy.

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