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Arashi Beach is considered to be one of Aruba’s hidden gems. Far away from the popular Eagle Beach and Palm Beach there is a lesser known Beach.

Arashi is a beach that those who know about want to keep for their self.

Many visitors choose to stop at this beach on their way to the California Lighthouse, but those who stay to swim or snorkel really get to experience what Arashi Beach is all about.

Arashi Beach Is Perfect For Snorkeling

Snorkeling at Arashi is good for the beginner and expert snorkelers alike.

The beach is ideal to swim in and snorkel due to the calm currents and water clarity.

Most of the tropical fishes will be found by those who dare to explore the deeper waters.

Arashi Beach Is The Ideal Beach To Be Alone

Because Arashi is hidden away from the Hotel area it’s usually very quiet.

It’s an ideal beach for those who seek to be alone, relaxing and enjoying a cocktail under a beach hut near turquoise waters that makes you think your in heaven.

However, you will find a lot of locals hanging out during the weekends.

Being on this stretch of beach with the view of the California Lighthouse makes for perfect holiday pictures that you can show off out once you get home.

4 replies
  1. Val
    Val says:

    Arashi Beach has been spoiled this year due to the chair rental vendor who uses bully tactics to get visitors to rent chairs and palapas on this “public” beach. I strongly suspect he’s not a properly government permitted vendor, yet continues to conduct business. And speaking of Arashi Beach, why are the bathhouse/restroom facilities kept locked, thus unusable?

  2. Angelo Limon
    Angelo Limon says:

    Hello Val,

    I am unaware about this chair rental vendor. I will ask for more information about this, if he is doing legit business or not. As far as bathhouse/restroom facilities, I know they have recently opened a bar. And I think it’s also possible to change clothes and use bathroom also now.

    When is your next trip to Aruba?



  3. Donna DuBrink
    Donna DuBrink says:

    There is a chair rental vendor there, which we are grateful for. I have never found him to be nasty. We are timeshare owners and don’t have chairs to bring with us. Arashi is my favorite beach, along with Rogers


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