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News Update in Aruba – Developments Near High Rise Hotel 2018

The minister of tourism announced new developments that will take place soon near the high rise hotel area, one of them is a newly renovated pier.

During a press conference, on palm beach, he officially inaugurated one of the most beloved piers on the island by locals and tourists.

This pier is part of memories to hundreds of thousands of people that have visited Aruba over the years. It’s better known as “toren” among locals.

Here’s how the toren looks like after renovation…

news updates in Aruba

Can you imagine yourself diving off the pier, into the sweet Caribbean waters?

The pier took about 1,5 months to restore into what will become now a popular landmark on the island (read more info and before and after pictures of the pier in last newsletter).

If you’re visiting Aruba soon, add diving off this pier on your to do list. It’s located on the beach between Divi Phoenix & RIU Antillas.  

Future Plans For The High Rise Hotel Area

The strip between Brickell Bay Hotel and Hostaria Di Vittorio will be renovated. Including a new boardwalk, additional parking spaces, and new kiosks with Aruba souvenirs.

The road between RIU Antillas & Holiday Inn will be completely renovated into a new upscale strip.  

The intersection near Wendy’s Palm Beach will also be reconstructed.

The first phase of the project will commence this year, after official announcement by the government and public works department.

Places To Stay Near Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is famous for its beautiful Caribbean waters, soft white sand and amazing views.

Staying at eagle beach is a dream come true (being so close to the beach).

Right across from Eagle, is a beachfront boutique style resort called Paradise Beach Villas that’s perfect if you’re looking for a place to stay in the eagle beach neighborhood.

The resort is conveniently located and affordable.

It’s close to the beach, there’s plenty of restaurants in the area, casino, public transportation and supermarkets are closeby.

Did you book your ticket to paradise yet?

Aruba is waiting on you!

New Taxi Rates in Aruba

New taxi fares just went in effect this week.

Why did they increase the fares? Because the taxi drivers have been waiting for a raise for over 9 years.

The taxi union didn’t publish the new list of rates as of yet, however one member confirmed that a trip from the airport to the high rise hotel will be now $31.00 (used to be $25.00 before).

Taxis in Aruba do not have meters since rates are based on destination rather than mileage and are set by the Aruba Department of Public Traffic (and the Government).

Prices are based on distance with a maximum capacity of five passengers per taxi.

There’s about 450 taxis on the island (some are independent / some are represented by taxi union).

Taxis in Aruba are known to be reliable, and less expensive than other islands in the Caribbean region.

The new fares are fixed for the next four years.

Despite set fares, it is best to agree on the price and currency (Aruban Florins or US Dollars) of the fare before getting into the vehicle. If you rather rent a car, ask me for my car rental rates (free pick up included – best rates on the island). 

Fast Ferry Moves Closer To Reality

The minister of transport gave an update on the fast ferry service after a town hall meeting with stakeholders last week in san nicolas.

All the stakeholders agree to this new fast ferry project, because it will diversify the islands tourism and economy.

Fast ferry will not only be for tourism, but also makes business between the two island possible and affect their economy in a positive way.

The next step is to to sign an agreement between Aruba, Curacao and the operator of the fast ferry.

According to the minister, at least 4 operators expressed their interested in in the project. The fast ferry will also not be a conventional or traditional ferry, it’s going to be a modern one (minimum 120 meters in length).

The ferry will have a capacity to board cars, trucks and busses (at least 300 automobiles) and a minimum of 800 passengers.

The fast ferry harbor will be constructed in San Nicolas.

If you’re always wanted to visit Curacao for a day or two during your vacation in Aruba, it’s going to be soon possible (and for a fraction of the price of airfare). Read more info about the fast ferry in my previous newsletters.

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