Lourdes grotto in Aruba is considered to be a “hidden gem” among religious monuments on the island. Because no one really goes there, it’s usually very quiet and peaceful.

So if you’re religious and want a place for private prayers or reflection you should definitely visit Lourdes grotto in Aruba.

Read this complete post to find out…

  • The story behind Lourdes grotto in Aruba
  • What you can do there
  • And how you can find it.

So how did this peaceful place come about…

The Story Behind Lourdes Grotto in Aruba

It all started in 1858 (in Lourdes, France)…

When the virgin Mary mysteriously appeared and revealed herself to a 14 year old girl and told her “I am the immaculate conception”.

After the little girl told a priest about the mysterious appearance, word got out about the encounter of the little girl and Virgin Mary. Since then a lot of people have visited the place where the apparition took place and many “cures” that have been reported after visitors started praying. 

This apparition and mentions of miracle cures attracts millions of visitors even to this day, making the grotto in Lourdes (France) one of the most beloved shrines for Catholics.

The Lourdes Grotto in Aruba is a remembrance of the popular landmark in France.

The Grotto in Aruba was formed naturally in the huge rocks. 

The statue of Virgin Mary was placed in 1958 by a local priest at that time named “Erkamp” and parishioners in to celebrate 150th year of the virgins appearance. 

Every 11th of February there is a walk organized for the Catholic community. They walk from the St. Theresita church in San Nicolas to the Lourdes Grotto where they pray and give a ceremony.

Lourdes grotto in Aruba

The statue of virgin Mary.

What Can You Do At The Lourdes Grotto in Aruba?

It is very quiet at the Lourdes Grotto in Aruba…

The peacefulness makes it a perfect place for you to leave prayers for friends and family.

Lourdes grotto in Aruba

Altar to leave your prayer card and candles.

Many people visit and leave prayer cards for loved ones who are going trough hard times. Or they visit to say thank you for any kind blessings they have just received.

Lourdes grotto in Aruba is a perfect place to reflect, if you’re looking to do so.

The Lourdes grotto in Aruba, is completely isolated by nature. There is no place nearby to buy food and drinks.  

You might see a few goats and donkeys roaming around. Or hear the sounds of humming birds in the far distance.

Lourdes grotto in Aruba

The view of the Lourdes grotto

Where is the Lourdes Grotto in Aruba Located?

The Lourdes Grotto is located in the city of San Nicolas. Drive from the airport as if you’re going to the south of the island to San Nicolas. When you’re entering the main streets of San Nicolas you will notice a police station, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Make left after KFC and keep going straight up the road and you will find the Lourdes grotto about a mile away.

If you pass by the grotto at night, the Statue of Virgin Mary may appear as an “apparition” to you.

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Other Things Near Lourdes Grotto Aruba

There is another natural grotto across the main Lourdes Grotto.

This grotto also features beautiful religious statues. 

Lourdes grotto Aruba

The second grotto

Every 11th of February there is a procession of people with Catholic faith that walk from a church in San Nicolas named St. Theresita to the Lourdes Grotto to celebrate the appearance of Virgin Mary.

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