local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers

Are you looking for a new restaurant in Palm Beach Aruba to try on your upcoming trip? So are thousands of other travelers on the island. They are so many restaurants in Aruba, but not enough time to try them all (even for me that lives here).

In case you decide to hit Palm Beach in search of great food and good times, you’ll probably find Sweet Peppers restaurant if you’re around Paseo Herencia Mall.

Local Aruban Restaurant In Palm Beach Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers is a family owned and operated local Aruban restaurant.

It’s not a tourist trap, or a fancy high-end place, but a cozy and casual restaurants to eat.

If you’ve never heard of this place before, take a look as I show you what they offer and some recommendations for Aruban inspired dishes.

Sweet Peppers Restaurant Menu

You can expect international cuisine fused with Caribbean and Aruba flavors at Sweet Peppers.

Here’s some of the best dishes that everyone who’s ever been there raves about, and which I am going to try next!

If you have a appetite for fish, ask for the catch of the day (specialty grouper & garlic shrimp).

Aruban Grouper Fillet

Served with rice, fried plantains, sautéed mixed veggies and a mango-creole sauce, lemon or garlic butter sauce.

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers Aruban Grouper Filet

Grouper, Aruban Sweet Peppers Style!

Aruban Garlic Shrimp

Pan-fried shrimp with onions and red bell peppers in a garlic butter sauce.

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers Aruban Garlic Shrimp

Just the way you like it!

Argentinian Churrasco

If you love meat try the charcoal grilled Argentinian churrasco steak with chimichurri sauce. Or dip your steak in mushroom sauce, delicious!

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers Argentinian Churrasco

This is for you, bon apetit!

Ceviche Bar

If you’re a ceviche lover just like I am, this will be one of the first thing you order of the menu 🙂

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers ceviche

I can eat this ceviche like, right now!

Not only do they serve fish ceviche, but also vegetarian, meat, shrimp, mediterranean ceviches! All ceviches are served with corn chips on the side.

Are you suddenly getting an appetite for restaurants in Aruba?

3 Course Menu For $25.00

If you’re traveling on a budget try their 3 course menu for $25.00!

You get to choose between a soup or salad, one entree and a dessert.

This deal is available everyday from 5.00 PM – 7.00 PM.

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Special Theme Nights & Good Times

Depending on when you’re on the island, you can take advantage of their special theme nights.

Friday is all you can eat grouper night. Served with rice, or mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Only $23.95 per person!

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers all you can eat grouper

All you can eat grouper, yummy!

Sundays you can try to eat all the BBQ ribs you can for $23.95

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers bbq

Doesn’t this look finger licking good?

Good times at sweet peppers keep rolling on Wednesday during Karaoke Night (9.00 PM – 11.00 PM).

How’s your karaoke skills? Grab the mic! Let loose. You’re in Aruba!

Where Is Sweet Peppers Locations?

On palm beach, right across the street from the Holiday Inn. The restaurant is located on the second floor at Paseo Herencia Mall.

They have indoor and outdoor seating with an outdoor view.

The open-air balcony is great place to enjoy a meal while you overlook the beautiful Palm Beach strip.

Kids Are Allowed

Kids are welcome at Sweet Peppers!

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers kid friendly

Sweet Peppers is a kid friendly restaurant.

More Details About Sweet Peppers Restaurants

Here’s a few things you might want to know about sweet peppers.

  • They  accommodate big groups.
  • Vegetarian food options
  • Wheelchair accessible (elevator, seating, restroom)
  • Live music
  • Accept cash, debit cards, credit cards

Luckily there’s no reservations needed to enjoy a local Aruban meal at Sweet Peppers, but you can secure your spot if you want on their website!

Sweet Pepper Restaurant & Bar

Head Out For Good Food Or Good Times

If you’re looking for a new favorite place to eat in Aruba, visit Sweet Peppers.

Try any dish recommended by the staff or the Aruban inspired cuisines I mentioned.

There’s always good times and great food at Palm Beach!

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