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Latest Aruba News Update

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CITGO Promises To Continue Rehabilitation of Refinery

A few weeks ago, representatives of CITGO announced that they were slowing down the rehabilitation of the refinery due to sanctions by the US Government.

They were on the island this week to discuss a possible restart of the project.

During a meeting with the Prime Minister of Aruba, and the Director of RDA (refineria di Aruba), representatives of CITGO promised to continue the rehabilitation project.

This will be executed with a new plan and strategy.

A major issue for the project was financing, mainly because of the US sanctions imposed on the company. However, they promised to find financing to continue the rehabilitation of the refinery.

According to one of the contractors in charge of constructing a mancamp for expats, they haven’t received in arrear payments from CITGO yet.

They are not so sure about CITGO’s claim to continue with the refinery.

Marine Park Soon A Reality in Aruba

Minister of infrastructure announced that the long awaited Aruba Marine Park will be a reality soon.

The marine park is a selection of areas under water that are going to be protected by law, in order to conserve and protect its marine life. It will be runned by a foundation that is independent from the Aruban Government.

It’s a project that’s been in the pipeline for several years, according to the minister of tourism. But due to unfortunate circumstances, the marine park project was halted, until now.

The department of nature & environment, together with TNO are researching the required laws that need to be implemented in order to protect and conserve Aruba’s marine life.

According to the Minister, the project should be a reality very soon, before 2018 ends.

More Freedom & Flexibility for Medical Graduates in Aruba

Medical school graduates from the Caribbean, Latin America and other regions may soon practice medicine on the island.

This was confirmed by the minister of health during a press conference this week. However, before this becomes a reality, a change needs to take place within the BIG register in Aruba.

Better known as AruBIG, it’s a registration system, that prevents medics to work on the island if they are not registered in The Netherlands.

The BIG register functions as a way to guarantee a high quality of medical service on the island, compared to the Dutch medical standard. But, with the new changes that will take place within AruBIG, it will give the island more freedom and flexibility to employ medics.

This presents opportunities for those who practice medicine and always wanted to work in Aruba.

Official news will be announced by the health minister, after changes within AruBIG are complete.

Justice Minister Passes Law To Authorize Police To Control illegals

The Minister of Justice announced that a new decree will be implemented soon that will authorize the police to control illegals.

The police had the authorization to do this, however, it was stripped away by the previous Minister of Justice almost a decade ago.

Since then, controlling of illegals was in charge of the coast guard and Aruban customs.

According to the Minister of Justice, this is a necessary tool for the police, to control our borders, and protect the island from undesired visitors.

Compare Grocery Prices With New App

Minister of Finances introduced a new app to compare prices for groceries in the supermarket.

This was done in an effort to stop local Chinese supermarkets from jacking up the prices for basic need products, which have a fixed price by the Government.

The main basic goods that have a fixed price by the Government are: sugar, coffee, powdered milk, white bread, tea, rice, flour, baby food, butter, cooking oil and eggs.

More items will be added soon to the list of basic food by the Government.

Consumers can now report any supermarket for charging extra for basic food items.

Price for gasoline and diesel will also be available on the app.

The app will be officially rolled out to the public.

Gas Prices Heading Up

Minister of finances also announced an increase of gas prices.

Gasoline is now 2,3 cents more expensive (195,5 cent per liter). The price of diesel is now 0,4 cents cheaper (164,6 cents per liter).

Take note of the changes in gas prices, if you’re renting a car in Aruba.

Don’t have a car yet, or not sure if you need one? Ask me for a free car rental quotation.

Chipped Number Plates Soon in Aruba

Justice minister announced that he will introduce new number plates that include chips.

The new system will facilitate the control for traffic violations, pending road tax payments and other similar information.  

According to the Minister, the new chipped number plates will be available in November 2018.

Venezuela Opens Borders Between ABC Islands

The vice president of Venezuela opens border between ABC islands, after a meeting with the Minister of exterior relations in The Netherlands.

Venezuela closed its frontiers in the first week of January, after the President accused the neighboring islands for trafficking contraband like minerals, metals and other items.

Although the frontiers are open, it doesn’t mean “business can resume as usual”, according to the Prime Minister of Aruba.

Because as of now, there’s going to be stricter controls and conditions, for travellers, importation of fruits, vegetables and other products from Venezuela.

The Minister of Transportation announced, boats that are not registered in Venezuela can’t dock in Aruba.

He also mentioned that those who travel to or from Venezuela also need proper documentation, and all imported products need to be tagged correctly, by place of origin, including certificates.

Alert For Strong Winds

The department of meteorology warns for strong winds as of April 14.

According to forecasts, the winds will be stronger than usual, which will result in rougher beach conditions and bigger waves.

Rain is not expected, as the weather will be fairly dry, but windy.

The beaches on the east, north and northwest coast of the island will be affected by the strong winds.

Temperatures on the island will fluctuate between 26 – 32 degrees celsius.

Flip Flop Festival

It’s almost time for one of the best beach festivals on Aruba.

Flip flop is a 3 day consecutive event, with a welcome party at emotions nightclub on April 28. Followed by a pool party at renaissance hotel on April 29 and ending with the main event on April 30, 2018!

The main event will take place at bushiri beach arena, with performances by:

  • Fat Joe
  • KaRoL G
  • Alborosie
  • Beenie Man
  • Jeon

General tickets and weekend passes are available at all CITGO stations: palm beach, boulevard, santa cruz and essoville.

VIP gold weekend pass $675.00 – 3 day access for 6 people, vip table (and 1 premium bottle) for main event.

General admission for main event $41.50

Early bird VIP single weekend pass $70.00 (limited amount) – 3 day access to all events & vip standing area on main event.

Soul Beach Music Festival

Are you ready to visit Aruba during memorial day weekend?

It’s going to be one of a kind experience, with performances by Alicia Keys, Maxwell and comedian Marlon Wayans

SBMF will take place during May 23 – 29, did you already book your tickets?

More information about the Caribbean’s biggest soul music festival will be released soon.

Aruba Summer Music Festival

Summer is going to be hot in Aruba!

The party keeps going during ASMF l, featuring artist like Ozuna, Nacho, Victor Manuelle, Fonseca, Eddy Herrera and Felipe Pelaez.

The event will take place on June 29 – 30, 2018 at the harbour arena.

More information about ticket prices will be released soon.

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