So your thinking about going kayaking in Aruba?

You’ve made a great choice, because it’s actually one of the most unique ways to see the island from another point of view.

Kayak The Southern Coast of Aruba

Aruba is surrounded by beautiful beaches, the most popular ones are located on the western coast (hotel area), but the beaches that are best for kayaking are at the southern coast of the island.

There’s different reasons the south coast is great for kayaking:

  • Quiet waters and lagoon
  • It has one of the largest mangrove forest on the island
  • Great for sightseeing
  • Plenty of “secret” beaches and reefs to swim and snorkel
  • Beautiful hidden coves along the route
  • Awesome underwater life

What’s it Like Kayaking in Aruba?

Imagine paddling with your friends and family, through a lagoon covered with mangroves.

You’ll “ooh and aah” while you point out to the sites along the kayak route to your fellow kayakers.

You’re going to feel up close and personal with nature as you kayak in this area of Aruba.

What Are You Going To See?

You will notice that the coast is dotted with beautiful green mangroves. These mangroves are important for the marine life.

There’s also a barrier reef  perfect for snorkeling. You’ll be amazed by the underwater life.

From colorful tropical fishes, to corals, sponges, manta rays, star fish, snails, squids, angel fish, parrot fish, zebra fish, trumpet fish, eels, and many other gorgeous underwater creatures.

The southern coast has reefs and secret snorkeling locations that will leave you amazed.

Perfect for underwater photography, don’t forget your underwater camera or waterproof phone cases.


This could be you….

How To Explore The Southern Coast of Aruba

Are you convinced you should go kayaking in Aruba?

If you’re staying near the low rise or high rise hotel area, you’re going to need:

  • a rental car (including trailer for the kayak)
  • Find and contact rental company
  • Know how to: drive to the south coast, kayak routes and must see spots (and snorkel).

It can be a hassle to transport or rent the kayak.  

All of this can take so much time away from actually going kayaking.

Booking a guided kayak tour is one of the best ways to explore the south coast of Aruba.

Guided Kayak Tours in Aruba

Consider a kayak tour if you’re a beginner at kayaking, don’t know how to get to the southern coast, unknown with the kayak trails or must see spots.

Aruba Kayak Adventure

I recommend booking a guided tour with an established and reputable company – Aruba Kayak Adventures.

They are one of the first kayak companies in Aruba and have many years of experience leading people of all abilities on kayaking.

Kayak Adventure Tour Explained

Aruba Kayak Adventures picks you up at your hotel (including drop off), and take you to the start point of the kayal tour.

After getting to know your guides, they will brief you with full instructions on safety, how to easily get in and out of the kayak, how to paddle and steer.

When you get the hang of it, off you go!

You’ll explore the mangroves at the Spanish Lagoon (legendary for pirate stories) and head out to open waters at Mangel Halto (most beautiful azure waters you’ll see) for a break.

After the break, your guide will take you for a swim and snorkeling at the barrier reef (amazing underwater life)

After you snorkel you will paddle your way back to the launch point and head out for lunch at the islands National Brewery Balashi Beer Gardens.


Mangel Halto is calling your name…

Rent a Kayak in Aruba

If you’re not that much interested in guided tours, but want to explore the southern coast of Aruba on your own than you should look consider kayak rental in Aruba. 

Aruba Kayak Adventure also rents out kayaks!

Other Places To Kayak When Renting

Besides exploring the southern coast of the island, you can also kayak the western coast beaches like: malmok, tres trapi, and boca catalina bay and arashi.

Kayaking near the western coast of the island,  watch out for boats and stronger currents (and winds).

Kayaking in Aruba can be challenging, basic physical & upper body strength are required.

Always make sure to wear a life vest when kayaking, even if you’re the best swimmer.

Places To Stay Near Southern Coast of Aruba

The southern coast of the island is different than the hotel area. In this part of the island, you’ll get a feeling of living among locals, and close to the beach (plus is more quaint and relaxing). Here’s a few accommodations in the southern coast of the island.

Serene By The Sea

Club Arias Bed & Breakfast

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