things you need to bring to the beach

When I go to the beach, I make sure to pack all the “items to bring to the beach” in my car and just drive to one of the many hidden gem oceans on the island.

It sounds so simple, but that’s because I live in Aruba….

But for you it’s different, before you come to Aruba, looking to enjoy some serious beach time, you’d like to know which “items to bring to the beach” you need to pack in your luggage!

I already own some of these items, and that’s why I recommend them. However, some of them are still on my to buy list!

Top 15 Items to Bring to the Beach in Aruba

Besides a bathing suit (or beach shorts), a book to read and alcoholic drinks – a lot of people don’t know which items to bring to the beach.

If you don’t know what to pack for Aruba, scan this list to find out what you’re missing for your upcoming beach getaway.

1 – Drink Water

First of all it’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you’re going to spend the day at the beach.

Don’t bother packing bottled water in your luggage, and don’t worry about buying water at the local supermarket.

Just skip the plastic bottle, because they can be dangerous to Aruba’s environment if they blow away  -so just Buy and fill your own durable bottle with the high quality tap water Aruba has.

The water in Aruba is very safe to drink.

Durable water bottle

2 – Don’t Forget Sunscreen

When you’re going to the beach, you have to make sure you’re protected against the sun. Because you don’t want to end up with a sunburn during your vacation.

I experienced sunburn once, and never again would I like to feel it, so remember to buy and pack your sunscreen.

things to bring to the beach

Ocean Potion Sunscreen

3 – Wear a Wide Brim Hat

If sunscreen isn’t enough for you, pack a wide brim beach hat in your luggage for extra protection against the sun.

You’re going to be looking fancy on the beach.

There’s different types of wide brim hats, here’s a wide brim hat with good reviews on Amazon for women.

things to bring to the beach

Hello Sunshine Beach Hat.

I can’t forget about the guys, so here’s a few top seller beach hats on Amazon for men.


things to bring to the beach

Beach hat for men.

4 – Beach Towel Clips

The trade winds in Aruba can be very hard, and could potentially blow things away.

Keep your towel from blowing away when you’re relaxing in your lounge chair with inexpensive beach towel clips.

things to bring to the beach

Beach towel clips.

5 – Umbrella Hooks

If you’re planning on renting an umbrella in Aruba, you can use these simple but effective umbrella hooks, to keep your personal belongings from off the ground (like keys, camera or towel).

things to bring to the beach

Umbrella hooks.

6 – Beach Sand Coasters

Do you like when beach sand sticks to your cup?

I think no one does….

It’s annoying and makes me want to replace my drink into another cup.

Keep the beach sand away from your cup with these colorful beach drink holders.

things to bring to the beach

Colorful beach cup holders.

7 – Soft Sided Folding Cooler

When at the beach, you need a cooler that is going to keep your drinks cold. Check out this economic collapsible cooler on Amazon, that folds and fits easily at the bottom of any suitcase.


things to bring to the beach

folding cooler available on Amazon.

8 – Water Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Why not bring a portable speaker to the beach in Aruba?

Music makes for good vibes in paradise.

Download some Aruban songs by our local artists and play them at the beach. 

Take a look at one of the best reviewed and inexpensive Bluetooth speaker on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Portable water proof speaker.

9 – Waterproof Portable Charger

While most people go to the beach to disconnect from everything, others just can’t help but to stay connected to the internet.

They can’t go without posting the most recent beach picture on social media – and checking the amount of likes during the day.

A low battery is definitely a no-no if you can’t go without your phone.

Portable chargers are indispensable nowadays for most people – that’s why it’s on the lists of items to bring to the beach in Aruba.

If you’re looking for a portable charger, check out this top reviewed water proof portable charger on Amazon.

It chargers all devices (Samsung, iPhone, iPad and all tablets).

things to bring to the beach

Water proof portable charger.

10 – Underwater Camera

If you like to make underwater pictures, you’re going to need a waterproof camera.

You may be used to buying a throw away camera to save money, but if you’re going to buy one each year you go on vacation it will cost you more in the end.

But you don’t need to buy an expensive underwater camera to get great quality footage, because there’s a lot of other decent priced underwater cameras available online that do the same job as the high end camera models like the Go Pro’s.

Here’s a moderately priced underwater camera that’s on the #1 spot for new releases on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

AKASO underwater camera.

11 – Water Proof Phone Case

If you rather use your phone instead of investing in a underwater camera, you can buy a waterproof phone case.

things to bring to the beach

Waterproof phone case.

12 – Snorkeling Equipment

Why rent snorkeling equipment that has been used by everyone at the hotel, when you can buy your own for less than they will charge you to rent one?

If you’re considering bringing your own snorkel gear, check out these inexpensive pro dive snorkeling equipment set on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Snorkeling equipment set.

13 – Stylish Round Beach Towels

Round towels are the new fashion accessories for the beach.

These beach towels are better known as “roundies”. They can be used to relax on, for yoga, for kids, or just to show off the colorful patterns at the beach.

Check out some of these colorful round beach towels on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Round beach towel.

14 – Over sized Beach Floats

You’ve seen your favorite celebrities post pictures of these over sized floats on social media.

I’ve seen a lot of them on Aruba, from donuts, to pink flamingo’s, and watermelons shaped floats.

Nowadays these over sized floats have become one of the must have items to bring to the beach. The great thing about them is, they fit nicely in your luggage.

Amazon has great prices for these over sized floats. 


things to bring to the beach

Over sized donuts beach float.

15 – Portable Combination Lock Safe

When you’re at the beach, you should leave all of your personal belongings (cash, jewelry, phone) at the hotel or hidden in your rental car.

Click here to see my car rental rates.

But if you have to bring your personal belongings with you at the beach, it’s best that you put them in a portable safe. Not just any safe, but one that you can hang on your palapa or lounge chair.

Which makes it very difficult for someone to take your personal belongings, because it’s locked against your lounge chair or palapa!

These portable combination lock safes are also available on Amazon.

things to bring to the beach

Portable beach safe.

More Items To Bring To The Beach

What are the “items to bring to the beach” that you would add to this list?

Write me a comment and let us all know what you think….

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