Thousands of visitors and locals crowded the downtown area craving to taste the best street cuisine during food truck festival in Aruba (April 28 – 29, 2018).

What Is Food Truck Festival in Aruba About?

Food truck festival is all about bringing locals and tourists together to enjoy the best street cuisine from food trucks on the island.

Not only food, but also live music and a kids corner.

It’s one of those perfect island get together for families looking to enjoy an evening out.

Food truck festival takes place once a year in April (2018 was the 2nd edition).

You’ve probably missed it this year.

But keep reading to find out more about the event and what you should expect if you plan to visit next year.

You’ll have an appetite for food trucks in Aruba after reading this!

Food Truck Festival in Aruba 2018

The event was held right in the middle of the downtown area, on plaza daniel leo (in front of Zarra, behind Renaissance Resort & Casino).

All the food trucks were stationed around the plaza, with hungry customers waiting in line to taste new flavor cuisine.

All The Local Favorite Trucks Were On Site

There where a lot food trucks.

Not only food trucks, but also food stands by locals who do pop ups and private catering.

All the local favorites were on site – Eataly, El Mexicano, Candela, Pofferdorie, Nos Local, Burger Joint, Skina Crioyo Snack, E Sushi Hap, Piets, D’abaru, Lit, The Little One, Ice Cream, Gelatissimo, Aged Wine Bar – over 15 different food trucks and stands!

It’s All About Truck Food

The culinary scene in Aruba (including truck food) is influenced by over 75 different nationalities that live on the island.

Truck food offers traditional platters like funchi, carni stoba, oyster soup, seafood platters, BBQ and many more local dishes.

Next to local tradition, the food truck scene is also influenced by the Dutch pancake (poffertjes), fries with mayonnaise (and peanut sauce with onions) and haring.

There’s also wraps, tortillas tacos, burrito, quesadilla ,Tacos, burgers, sushi, various cuisines from different island in the Caribbean, Japanese dishes, Arabic food, and local ice cream.

These are just a few options of what’s available on the island for truck foods, but not limited to what’s mentioned either (so many choices, and many other food trucks weren’t on site).

Delicious steak platter at Piets Super Snack. Fries, steak, pink sauce and small salad on the side with dressing. Oyster soup from Piets was yummy!

Dutch fries with mayonnaise, ketchup or peanut sauce!

A few food stands offered vegetarian cuisine for non meat eaters.

Price For Food

You have to buy tokens to pay for the food.

1 token is 2,50 Aruban florins. (1 USD = 1.75 Aruban florins) – 3 dollars is worth 2 tokens and you get 25 cents back change.

The food at all trucks where minimum 2 tokens, and certain platters ranged up to 3, 4 even 6 tokens.

Soft drinks were 1 token, beers 2 tokens, wine and mixed drinks 3 tokens or more.

Admission to the food truck festival is free.

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Where Can You Find These Food Trucks Outside of Food Truck Festival?

We all have our moments when we crave a late night bite or a fast lunch run from the beach.

Food trucks come in real handy, but  where do you find them?

If you missed this year’s festival, you can still get a taste of Aruba’s street cuisine by visiting the food trucks on the island.

Here’s a few popular food trucks and where to find them.

  • Eataly (in front of Eagle Bowling on sasaki weg)
  • El Mexicano (in front of Lekker restaurant in Palm Beach)
  • Candela (in front of royal plaza in Oranjestad)
  • Burger Joint (located in ponton, close to wema hardware store)
  • Piets Super Snack (in front of Stadium Frans Figaroa in Noord)
  • Happy Appy’s Shoarma & Patat (located close to mangel halto beach)
  • E Sushi Shap (this restaurant is in Tanki Leendert)
  • Ice Cream (stationed at arashi beach)
  • All the other food stands either only do pop up events or private catering services.

What Type of Drinks were Available?

Food truck festival also had a variety of drinks available.

Soft drinks, wine, cocktails and various different types of craft beers.

There was also a stand called LIT that offered plant based drinks infused with locally made rum.

The drink called “kalamara” was refreshing and gets you lit – with hibiscus flower and white rum.

LIT was one of the food stands that had vegetarian options on their menu.

Dish called “crioyo maneuverz” fried okra, squash, pumpkin, black eyed peas, pâté and edible flowers.

Tips For Visiting Food Truck Festival

Your goal is to try as many food trucks as possible before the event ends.

Most likely you’re only going to make it to a few trucks because of the long waiting lines.

How can you get this advantage when hundreds of other people are also waiting in line to try street cuisines?

My tip to you is go early to buy tokens and be the first one in the row for your favorite trucks you want to try.

Or if you’re visiting with a group, split up and order everyone’s favorite separately and enjoy the culinary delights at the dining area.

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My Final Thoughts About Food Truck Festival

If you like to eat, you should plan your trip to Aruba around this event (which takes place in April).

If your trip to Aruba is not during food truck festival, you can still enjoy truck food by visiting their locations around the island.

Bon Appetit!

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