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Aruba is the ideal place to expand your culinary horizon, because the amount of dining choices one will find is practically endless. 

On my latest culinary quest to find the best creative cuisines, I stumbled on a local restaurant in Palm beach known as “Sweet Peppers”. They serve local Caribbean and international dishes that will leave any foodies taste buds craving for more.

You’ve probably researched new restaurant menus online before your trip to Aruba, but if you’re still looking for recommendations, follow the trails by foodies like me. 

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Hors d’oeuvre

To whet my appetite I started with bread and tapenade sauce as Hors d’oeuvre (pronounced “or-derv”), which according to Wikipedia is a small dish before a main course. 

Tasty tapenade and garlic butter sauce on bread.

Spread the home made garlic butter and black olive tapenade sauce on the bread and voila – delicious to the last bite! Tapenade is a green sauce puréed or finely-chopped with black olives, capers and olive oil.

3 of a Kind Ceviche’s

To further prepare my taste palette before the main course, the savvy chefs at Sweet Peppers suggested to try their new appetizer – Trio Ceviche. 

Gone are the days of serving only fish ceviche’s, because Sweet Peppers is one of the only restaurants on the island that offers beef, shrimp, mediterranean and vegetable ceviche.

Trio Ceviche: Fish, Beef & Shrimps

The first ceviche; marinated pieces of grouper filet in lime juice and sea salt with onions and sliced boiled potatoes.

Then the beef ceviche, prepared with sautéed chopped tenderloin in light soy sauce, sesame oil, mustard and lime juice with red onions and mixed bell peppers. The third ceviche in the trio dish is marinated jumbo shrimps in lime and orange juice with red onions, bell peppers and cilantro. 

Trio Ceviche is accompanied with corn or plantain chips.

Aren’t your taste buds beginning to tingle?!

Aruban Seafood Soup

If you’re taste buds aren’t tingling yet, Sweet Peppers serves a traditional Aruban seafood soup that will do the trick.

Rich and creamy Aruba seafood soup.

The Aruban seafood soup is a rich cream based soup, with Aruban peppers that gives the dish a local flare.

Every scoop of the Aruban seafood soup was full of big chunks of grouper, shrimp, calamari, mussels and scallops – yummy!

14 OZ Argentinean Churrasco

Churrasco is a term for grilled meat, and the chefs at Sweet Peppers know how to prepare a well done steak on a charcoal grill. 

The steak is served with mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots. And although it’s hard to improve on a well grilled steak, the chimichuri and garlic sauce add more zest to the dish!

Charcoal grilled steak simply delicious!

Chimichuri sauce doubles as a marinade and an accompaniment for all grilled meats.

If you enjoy a great Argentinean steak, order the 14 OZ!

Lasagna Bolognese

Sweet Peppers has their own traditional home made version of the classic Italian Lasagna Bolognese.

It’s arguably the world’s most favorite Italian dish filled with ground beef, garlic, fresh herbs, creamy tomato and béchamel sauce.

Lasagna Bolognese for pasta lovers.

The lasagna bolognese is the ultimate comfort food for any pasta lover.

Location & Opening Hours

Sweet Peppers is located in Palm beach, on the second floor of Paseo Herencia Mall. It’s in the in the middle of the tourist action, a great place to dine on the outside patio and watch people move around the high rise hotel strip.

You can visit Sweet Pepper anytime, because their open 7 days a week, from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Remember to claim your Sweet Peppers Special “Free Glass of Wine” – If you book online, you get a free glass of wine – click here to make your reservations.

I’ll be heading to sweet peppers tonight again, meet me there?

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