Spacious 3 Bedroom Home inside a Beautiful Residence in Aruba

This fully fenced in, peach painted home is located close to the downtown area and not far from surf side beach in Oranjestad.

Built on 5652 square foot property area, this 1905 square foot home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, including a large indoor one car garage.

The house also a covered porch (veranda & patio), backyard, kitchen, living room and dining room.

Surrounding the house is a lush garden with tropical flowers, cacti and palm trees providing shade.

Inside the living room is spacious. High ceilings, including a large door connected to the veranda and patio.

Inside the master bedroom you’ll find a private bathroom, including a semi furnished closet. Want to see the rest of the house? Click here to see pictures, floor plan, additional information or make an appointment to view the house. 

Who’s selling?

The house is for sale by a popular vlogger in Aruba named Sam De Krijger.

Her asking price? US$279.500

Location in Aruba

The home is located in a quiet and private residence called San Barbola.

It’s located close to supermarkets and public parks. A new highway connects San Barbola easily with the airport, hotel area and other hot spots on the island.

3 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy a House in Aruba

  1. Aruba is one of the best islands in the Caribbean, if you’re planning a move to this region. Luckily, at the moment the price of land in Aruba is cheaper compared to other islands.
  2. A family of four or more travelers spends thousands of dollars on a 7 days trip to Aruba. If you visit the island every year, this cost can be high. Owning a vacation home in Aruba will save you money in the long run.
  1. Outside of your stay in Aruba, you can rent out your vacation home to other visitors.

According to AirBnb, home owners in Aruba that decided to rent out their house using their services, made an average of $9.200 in 2018. 

A house in this location could easily rent out between $150.00 – $200.00 a night.

AirBnb measured the average occupancy of Aruba vacation homes at 52%. At this rate, you can easily expect to make at least $30.000 or more a year renting the house to other visitors, when you’re not on the island.

Can Non-Aruban citizens to own real estate in Aruba?

Anyone can own real estate in Aruba, including visitors.

The Average Cost of Utilities in Aruba 

The average price for water supply in Aruba varies depending on your usage – one person can expect around $40, however a family of 4 can be around $100 or more with landscaping and pool.

Electricity also depends on your use, ranging from $80 to $200, the latter representing a larger family or more energy consumption compared to the average user.

Type of Ways To Buy a House or Land in Aruba

You only have two options when it comes to buying or building a house.

The first is when you buy a house, or build a home on freehold property land. This means you own the land, and will have a deed to show for it. 

If you’re not the outright owner of the land, you’re going to have to lease the land that belongs to the government. 

It’s normally a long term lease and paid every year, depending on the location of the land. The price is higher near the hotel area.

The annual lease fee usually increases after the lease is renewed after 60 years.

Is it your dream to live in the Caribbean?

Tell us your ideas and plans to relocate to Aruba, and inspire others to do the same.